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  1. We are pleased to finally be able to make some positive announcements with regard to the delivery of kit, replicas and leisure wear.The club will be getting a delivery of the custom made red amber and black leisure wear in time for this Sunday. Polo shirts, hoodies and track suit tops will be available from the club shop in sizes S to 4XL on a first come first served basis. These are expected to be popular among supporters so we plan on having a re-order.The standard leisure wear product items as featured on the buysportskit.com web site will also be available at the club from next Friday.Replica shirts both home and away will be delivered to the club on Friday 27 January at the latest and it is anticipated that the new playing kit will be on show for our away pre-season game at Leigh Centurions.The club and Buysportskit.com fully understand and appreciate the frustration among supporters about the long lead time involved. Orders were placed in time for Christmas delivery but a longer than planned production time at the manufacturer has resulted in the delay. We didn't want to put out a statement until we were confident of the delivery dates but we have both been given 100% assurances that these dates will be met.We are sure that supporters will be delighted with this fan designed kit and it will be worth the wait!
  2. Seems as my light hearted 'joke' went way over your head!Anyway, I was one of the people behind your reinstatement on the forum my man ;-)
  3. Have you not worn the sarcastic wink out yet? There will be stern words if such winking continues.
  4. There will be news, when there is news. I can only tell you that will be shortly. I only work with what the club tell me and I have chased it up for you all. If I put a statement out it would say very little.
  5. Don't worry Andy news coming very shortly!
  6. Very nice man and amused myself and Tom in the control room during games. Will be missed.
  7. When the figure of 564 was announced I shouted out 'where!?'. Must have included the junior footballers and Sheffield Wednesday Ladies football team (who were quite good I might add ;-) )
  8. Well said. Mark is well open to talking to any fan who has ideas or opinions to share. He is very approachable, but if you are not able to I will take your ideas to him myself. I also would not release the names of any players I know who have resigned or signed for the club, until it has been released officially by the club as a press release. Carry on boys...
  9. Boxes, foremen, customers. Blimey. Some very intelligent discussion going on this evening.
  10. The half time draw is all above board. I hand the envelopes over personally to the winners. There are no back slaps or secret hand shakes. Most of the time both prizes are claimed. On the rare occasion it isn't it goes to the office for collection after the game. Then if it isn't claimed it gets puts out on social media etc.
  11. Details about the kit competition are now posted at the top of the forum.
  12. Conroy has been injured with a stress fracture of the foot. Sykes hurt his leg and couldn't put any weight on it. Muscle strain.
  13. BSJ there certainly is a way of looking at how many shirts and items of leisurewear are sold. Of course these figures can't be released.
  14. Id bring nothing back that Warren Jowitt did in his time coaching Dewsbury. I agree that we don't seem as fit as a lot of other teams in the league, but bringing back the Jowitt man management manual is not the way forward.
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