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  1. It's that old even you told me at least 3 weeks ago!!!
  2. 1.Bussey 2.Ferres 3.Davies Big up for Fergy who was excellent considering he was not “match fit”!
  3. Was'nt "A Night to Remember" the film where the big favourite hit an iceberg and sank? I'd settle for that on Sunday night! Let's hope that iceberg is Featherstone Rovers!
  4. 1. Halton 2. Hardcastle 3. Jones
  5. Think Ben Black got the one pointer at Warrington. Danny Jones got the one pointer at Post Office Road in the NRC semi.
  6. It was so good that you needed to tell us 3 times!!!
  7. Gale was rested to enable him too recover from "busted ribs". Apparently the last two weeks he's only played with Painkilling injections.
  8. 1. Brown 2. Harrison 3. Hardcastle
  9. Perhaps fans from other clubs should mind their own business! If Fev fans want to help Fev, what concern is it to any other cubs?
  10. 1. Harrison 2. Hardcastle 3. Moors
  11. 1. Harrison 2. Lockwood 3. Halton
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