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  1. I don't want to put words in Chris Taylor"s mouth, but I'm certain he was referring to the duels on the pitch and not any violence of any sort!
  2. Ray Dutton kicked us to death in the second half with the wind behind him and we couldn't get out of our own half.
  3. "We'll look forward to the underdogs from Featherstone going up against the big city-slickers in York!" Discuss.
  4. 1. Holmes 2. Bussey 3. Gale
  5. Perhaps if we need "Twelve Angry Men" we should be asking John Kear and a few Bulls fans!
  6. Enjoyed the article, although I think it was Jordan Lilley who kicked the golden point drop goal when the Bulls beat us in 2019.
  7. Really disappointed with this kick off time. After yesterdays performance I was really looking forward to seeing the lads play Batley but now with this kickoff time that is not possible as I will still be at work. I know of at least 10 others who work with me who also will miss out. It's very disappointing .
  8. I know what you mean, but please don't say this again or it will probably end up as one of the SL's criteria for promotion!
  9. But isn't that all we've ever asked for but for numerous years even that was denied us!
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