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  1. Just got back from the game. The crowd, although small, was really into the game and the atmosphere was good. Great turnout of support for Fiji who really got behind their team. The side opposite the tunnel was well populated and the other side was maybe half full . It was only behind the posts where there were very few people. Overall my pal and I really enjoyed the game and the atmosphere, and I am now looking forward to the next game I'm going to.
  2. I played friendly cricket with Eric in the early 80's. Always remember, when he'd had enough of batting, as no-one could get him out, he just retired not out! Lovely man.
  3. I once went to see Barcelona v Real Madrid at the Nou Camp that kicked off at 11pm. There was 93000 there and it was bouncing.
  4. Compared to Fev v Toulouse, Eagles/ Broncos IS a local derby!
  5. Is Bussey definitely leaving?
  6. Fevrover has learnt all he knows about the game from you, SOA!!!
  7. On your Cook Islands squad I think you've missed ex-Fev man Makahesi Makatoa, now of Parramatta.
  8. I've got tickets for the final, but that's all.
  9. Bussey's done full time at both Broncos and Toronto. He's now happily settled in a job, so why would he change at this time? Let's hope that the powers at Fev can get him signed up again for next year.
  10. Doing it this way PW71 will just gives us 50 names as there are so many different preferences across the fan base. There's only one preference that matters and that's Mr Campbell's. I'll leave it up to him and then get behind the new coach, whoever it is.
  11. He's not.........he's a troll!
  12. Assumed you were at a loose end so you made it up!
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