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  1. I was talking to Neil about this very game only a few weeks ago!
  2. At the start of the season , every club knew that to get promotion to Super Greed they had to finish in the top five. There was no mention as to how many wins or losses would be involved or by how many more points the team finishing top could have over the team finishing fifth. Who's to say if automatic promotion had been in place whether results of regular league games might have been different? TWP may have won ALL their games but they may have also lost more. It's a ridiculous argument as we all knew that promotion would be decided by a Grand Final, including Brian Mcdermott !
  3. 1. Fev v Leeds Challenge Cup 3rd round 1976 2. GB v Australia Wembley 1994 Ashes 1st test 3. Fev v Bradford N Wembley 1973 Challenge Cup Final 4. Fev 25 V 24 Hull KR (can't remember year, but what a game capped off with Jeff Townend kicking a touchline conversion on the hooter to win the game) 5. GB v Australia 1982 Boothferry Park. Max Krilich and his Aussies showing how the game could be played.
  4. which one Madred? Grab a granny?
  5. Sorry K'man, but you can't have had a very good view. Fev were in possession. Lussick accosted Bussey who was not in possession. Bussey pushed him away and Lussick just lost the plot. He landed at least 2 haymakers on the button and should have been red-carded immediately. Lussick will get a 2-3 match ban for this assault and someone else will benefit from his absence . Having said all that I will also be surprised if Josh Hardcastle doesn't end up with some form of ban for the shoulder charge on O'Brien. But that was much later in the game by which time TW should have played for more than 3/4 of the game with 12 men.
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