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  1. I thought it was a decent performance today. Playing uphill we looked a little more fluent after not quite clicking downhill.
  2. Nothings hopeless PD, opinions or otherwise. And we still have a decent chance of getting to the play-offs, which l always thought should be a realistic aim. On the reduced admission, it was initially introduced as a reaction to the cost of living crisis, which is why l think the sponsors supported it. I agree on the draw, but hated the name. It smacks of desperation. But whatever it as or is called, it worked during lockdown so why not now? Anyway, enough thread drift! I am confident of a win against 'haven. Us by 1.
  3. I know what you mean, but I think that this is applicable throughout all sports at all levels. For right or wrong, money is the deciding factor at every step of the way, and we have shown success despite this. It struck me recently how far we are behind the rest when I looked at Fev's admission prices for next season. Even if they are not promoted, it is £25 admission on the day. That is at least twice as much per spectator as we receive, and they get approximately twice as many watching as we do. The difference in revenue is huge even before commercial activities are taken into account. On the plus side, we must be better off financially after an extended losing run!
  4. Bickering? Where? I agree with KTF. These past few years have been great. Each game is worth winning, brings its own pleasure. Losing, especially at the moment is annoying and painful. But isn't that every supporter's lot?
  5. Just to be pedantic, did JC say he was retiring? I thought he had said he was finishing with us but I assume he might stay with Hunslet.
  6. Me neither. If the suggestion is he's leaving for better ££, well that's fair enough.
  7. Easily! I reckon 5 figures maybe!
  8. Hi all, just a belated update on the shirt sponsorship for Wembley. We raised the magnificent total of £360 which I handed over to Paul Harrison. Thank you everyone for your contributions. When further details on the shirts are released by the club, I will arrange the raffle for both the shirt and polo shirt. To be fair to everyone, I will be putting 1 ticket for every £5 donated by people, into the draw. So, if you donated £25, you will get 5 tickets, £20 = 4 tickets. Hope everyone finds that acceptable. One again, thank you for your generosity.
  9. No way. It was clearly a training move.
  10. Manning - for almost physically motivating the whole team when we were at our flattest, driving us forward to get us back into the fight. Morton - Had a mare against Bradford but this week was outstanding defensively and made the hard yards coming out of defence. Leak - Always looked dangerous, even in the flattest of moments in the first half when he came on. A special mention to the player who immediately ran over to Hooley after he had missed the kick. I think it was Josh Woods, showing exctly what it measn to be a member of this team.
  11. The game. Thought we were rushed and flustered in the first half and tried to be too ambitious too early in our sets. Halifax played it conservatively and just picked up points on our errors backed up with a really tight defence. The last 20 we got it right but sadly just too late. I thought our defence was strong but we seemed flat going forward for much of the time. But what a last 20 and both tries were exceptional, especially with the new 'Wembley's greatest try.' Saying that, what an experience. It was wonderful to see my team walk out at Wembley and regardless of the result it was such a memorable experience. It was an emotional time from start to finish, not just our game. Finally, if you haven't seen the video of KN reading out the names of those who could sadly not make the game, do. A simple, yet emotional and worthy tribute to past supporters, many of whom were prominent members of the club community when I first started watching 50 years ago. It proved to me how the past is recognised and how those supporters played a part in our present day successes. I have never been prouder of the team and the club!
  12. Nine ole. Ask Batley Bob or RogerT to point me out if you know them. I have a Tesco carrier bag, blue umbrella and a cayman Islands cap on
  13. Just an update on this! You may have noticed that I haven't asked for a specific amount of money for this. My intention was just to collect whatever I am given and hand it over to PH after the game on Sunday. If you can't get to the game, could you send me a message to say how much you might contribute - however small or large! I have already received contributions in excess of the £25 that we received from contributors for the regular shirt. If we don't receive enough to make £250 I will make up the shortfall. If we make in excess of the £250, I fully intend to just hand over however much we make to PH anyway. I will then work to ensure the subsequent shirt raffle fairly reflects the contributions made by people. Hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance.
  14. Yes, will be in the usual spot! Thank you.
  15. It does but effectively it's the same as the normal shirt sponsorship. Thank you!
  16. No, the £250 buys both the players shirt and the polo shirt.
  17. Contact Iro, I would have thought you should have received it. Direct quote 'So what we are planning on doing is making an exact replica second playing shirt and polo which nobody. other than the player, will have. It will have your players name and heritage number on, and with you being the current player sponsor we are offering you a special opportunity. For the cost of £250 you will hve first option to purchase your players playing shirt and polo shirt which you will be presented with at a later date.'
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