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  1. Are you talking about Curtis? We were talking about Dec coming back from London.
  2. If only! I couldn't believe how easily he strode through off no more then a regulation pass. We now need somebody to come screaming up the middle to take the try scoring pass...somebody like a Dec O'Donnell
  3. It would be a bonus if he makes an appearance or two but Curtis has played at the highest level in the amateurs and some of them can step into championship rugby easily. The likes of John Allen, Stephen Holgate etc. just had it. We all crave big name signings but it's exciting when you see the likes of him and Ciaran playing like that so early in their pro careers.
  4. He's a tricky one to assess, i like having his size defensively and runs out strong enough but he's not going to beat anybody for pace twenty yards out. still our best option though. I can see Lee P getting more gametime at FB, he looks very assured.
  5. Did Chris do a post match interview? If so what was his verdict?
  6. I hope that's right, Dec is quality and hard as nails, and loves winning more than anybody I've seen!
  7. That no dickheads policy pays off doesn't it, all those lads have heart in abundance. At 10.0 down Jammer was trying to up the pace but every time we started to apply pressure the "ref" pinged us. Terrific effort to nick it with that little possession. At least the haven fans were first out of the car parks! Caine did a great job, Hutchings was good again and it's so good to have a running halfback. Fitzy is the only one who needs to up his game with two new forwards coming in soon.
  8. There's rumours but there always are. No names though.
  9. It takes more than 5 gàmes to get up to championship standard. You'll have noticed nobody is under any illusions how tough it's going to be. If we can avoid the 3 game wobble we had last year we'll have a right dig . Turning good performances into wins is the tricky bit.
  10. Was he the one with the strapping? You'd have to pick from 24 then.
  11. He's got a selection headache this week, he could have 23ish to choose from. All the lads except the trialists from last Sunday deserve to keep their spots.
  12. Cheers I found it just after I posted .
  13. Where do you get his interviews? Got a link ? Cheers
  14. Tomposh was MOM for me, his speed into the contact and footwork were superb and Hutchings did a good job propping too. Walker looks the tricky halfback we've needed, hopefully he'll be first choice. They just got round us a couple of times ..probably while Caine was propping and Pez was off as those two normally shut down the wide attacks.
  15. What positions do they play?
  16. He normally does them by Zoom.
  17. There's a lot of rain on the way between now and Sunday.
  18. I think we've got 27 signed on so i think it's unlikely we'll add to that, could be wrong.
  19. No doubt they'll ramp it up for next week but they haven't exactly generated any excitement for a new dawn, i'm looking forward to it and the players will be ready but it just feels a bit flat.
  20. Last i heard they were having talks as he was the highest earner so it would depend if he wanted to carry on trying to be fit and if he would accept a reduced deal. I hope he does as he's one of the best players outside SL for me.
  21. Merry christmas Townies. Championship rugby next year and only 2 weeks to the first game . Lots to look forward to Up The Town.
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