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  1. It's ok if he takes a step to attract a defender but i know what you mean. Players with his speed are rare at this level so surely he's got a role in the squad somewhere. I'd be more concerned about what we do with Simpson and Mallinson when Forber's back.
  2. Marwood had a blinder at fullback a while back at Newcastle, not that i'm saying that's his position..or am i ?
  3. Looks like Muzza agrees with you dkw , but then you both could be wrong!
  4. It can't be form cos i thought he sparked us up last week .
  5. It's more having been there done that at a higher level.
  6. I don't mind losing these games, we're not going up this year . I'm gonna keep saying it cos it's a genuine excuse ..we're lacking the experience these other teams have but i'd like to think Forber will be back soon and the go forward is there that wasn't last year, it just needs a bit of fine tuning.
  7. All three give us good go forward which is their job and lacking last year, it's what follows on from there that needs working on and the rotation maybe could be tweaked a bit. They've all been good signings. I didn't think i'd miss Forber but his combination with Walker could be really good, hope so anyway.
  8. And he's always looking to offload, it is risky and has backfired on us but if you stop doing everything because it's risky you become one dimensional and easy to defend against. It's a difficult balance because coaches are employed to win games but they're also in the entertainment business and the most entertaining teams to watch generally win more games.
  9. It wasn't all awful but when it was good we let them off the hook with a high shot. Agree with above we were best when Blaine was on, Henson comes back on and makes an error, pressure gone. That was the story of the game.
  10. From the last six halves we've played 2 well and 4 poorly so i've no idea about this one. We didn't look like scoring at Donny so as long as that doesn't continue i'll be happy enough whatever the result.
  11. You don't need to be quick if you can create gaps for people who are.
  12. I'm not denying that we have a largely amateur squad because that's not what i said did i? I said there weren't any positives , you think one was them not giving in and that's your opinion ..fair enough. Not giving in i would say is the most basic role of any team and should be a given, Donny did play well and we didn't. It's one game, bad day at the office and it was whatever you say, we move on and show we're better than that, rough with the smooth n all that. I'd prefer it if expectations were high of returning to the championship, but i agree with you this an inexperienced squad and that's not going to happen this season .
  13. Just saying what i see in the words of Roy Walker that Mallinson doesn't seem to be what we need, you don't notice him most of the time which isn't good for a halfback. We were just flat in all areas and we all know that when you're being out enthused there's not a lot the halves can do so it's not relevant in terms of yesterday but longer term yeah of course experience counts for a lot.
  14. How could you get anything positive out of it ? If you did you're easily pleased. I spent 6 hours in a car and a tank of fuel to watch rubbish..i've done it before and i'll do it again. Pleased you enjoyed your day.
  15. Well absolutely zero positives to give from that game, hopeless in attack , effort but not enough and paper thin defence. Why after we ran them close last time? We just looked half hearted in the warm up and it extended into the game. We missed Caine of course .
  16. Wasn't it Mallinson's first game so we'll be more cohesive and with Bradley and the new/old boys to bring in it should be good. I'm gonna say the obvious which might help... don't go 18 points behind before we start !
  17. Yeah we nearly had a future international
  18. https://www.townrlfc.com/article/709/town-sign-catalan-duo-&-21-man-squad-for-thunder Vailhen playing for France today.
  19. We've got a sign in the changing room at DP that says " we never give up" and this lot must all have tattoos with it on. What somebody else said about big lads on the bench gives us a mixed bag, we only start to dominate when they come on and today that wasnt til the second half..Key and Reid made the difference and Kirkup will learn from his errors. As for Bradley he was at fault through a defensive miscommunication once maybe twice not sure but going forward was very good. Good game to watch even though i was disappointed not to see a Sabutey hatrick. Possibly the highlight was their number 33 getting sinbinned and laughing at us for giving him stick then he was back on and got sinbinned again ,he wasn't laughing then. He then went back on did something wrong and got subbed.
  20. Joe Westerman and Cameron Smith still play a similar role to a proper loose forward.
  21. I'd go for Hepi as the best allround loose forward i've seen in a Town shirt. Obviously the tackling is legendary but was quick and elusive but most of all he linked brilliantly with the halfbacks so the centre was always coming onto a short pass off him when on the front foot with space to run at. Much cleverer than he was given credit for. Gary Nixon was great to watch as an old-fashioned LF with that little burst of speed and soft hands, pity he was in such a bad team at the time.
  22. And JJ Key very close behind him.
  23. You must have better players though if he's not getting in?
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