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  1. I hope we can keep Hewitt at least til the end of the season. He doesn't look out of place when he plays for Huddersfield and gives his all for us. Good to have Caine back too, I like watching him tackle he plants his feet and slams the into the turf. They looked hungry yesterday and they'll need to be famished in a fortnight.
  2. Some of them want to be the next PSE judging by the singing!
  3. It was good to see how much it meant to them.
  4. It isn't run by reds it's an ex player who organises it .
  5. I heard it's true from what I consider a reliable source.
  6. It's pretty much the same squad as last year but without the same snap. The three who went up the road were hardly star performers for us. The lack of go forward is the biggest area for me, last year Ollie was on form, Fui was busting the line , Dickinson was charging forward, Olstrum doing his thing and Caine in his proper position..that hasn't happened this year. Add to that an unfit looking Doran and Penky not being able to jump out of dummy half like he was it's easy to see why it hasn't clicked. Then take Miller , Fieldhouse and Mellor out for long spells and it all adds up to a rank bad season. Having said that there's no excuses for the appalling handling and sloppy defence of the last two weeks.
  7. How was he ever identified as a potential semi-professional ? He's utter garbage.
  8. Ryan's two tries were top drawer but I'm more impressed with Perry every time I see him. Give him any kind of space and he breaks or scores. Excellent kicking game today , next week should be good.
  9. Is that the Aussie half back?
  10. We've done well to get Hewitt he's a cracking young player. The backline is very inexperienced but at least they're all promising and they're all backs!
  11. I know player videos can be misleading but watching I was thinking "where's the catch?" He made Regan Grace look good
  12. And importantly he's a big lad which is something we've lacked out wide. How many Welshman have we had? I'll kick off with Rowland Phillips...
  13. The tackle by Bolton after the interception and follow up tackle looked like a match saver at the time. He's not big but he cut him down quickly so he could be a useful player.
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