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  1. If London are fulltime that'll be the reason. Gutted but Chris'll find somebody, we move on as always.
  2. We play much better IMO when Dec is on the field, he'd be a big miss if it was true.
  3. 2022 Championship season will start on Sunday 30th January with the fixtures for each club due to be released early next month. The early start to the season is to facilitate the delayed 2021 Rugby League World Cup. The Summer Bash will take place in July.
  4. Ethan reads a game so well and that's half the battle, then all you need is some talent and bottle which he showed with that crunching tackle .
  5. You don't want to single players out but Fitzy and O'Brien although outsized totally outplayed their forwards and Jammer had a blinder, a real captain's knock. I loved at the end he came over to the fans and shouted that's for you..top man.
  6. Exactly. They couldn't have done much better than they did today. They only invited Donny up the field a couple of times and dealt with it. Performance rating 9.9 out of 10.
  7. Aye Barry , Skipper was looking down cheering the boys on no doubt. It was echoes of the early 90s where it felt like the whole of Workington came out to support the Town.
  8. I couldn't see it being Crashley but what a relief!
  9. I've watched them four times now and three times i've thought they were awful for long periods of the game and the other when they beat us at Donny they were average BUT they keep winning and they can score from anywhere against the run of play. I can't call it...our defense and kicking need to be solid. I feel for Keighley who have now been beaten after the hooter two weeks running!
  10. This is one for you Keith..when did we play Keighley in the final at Warrington. All i remember was Darren Holt flying back from holiday to play.
  11. And can somebody put the plug back in the scoreboard ?
  12. You took a bit of flak last week about lack of information from me included so well done on the build up to the Keighley game on Facebook and the media. It was great to see all the video messages from past players..top effort Graeme.
  13. The full game will be replayed on Our League.
  14. It shows how good Fitzy was when Caine didn't get the MOM. I hope Marcus can get his knee sorted for next year. Well done Keighley for bringing 4 busloads it was great to have the big game atmosphere back at DP. I've hardly got any voice left, well done lads only 80 minutes to go now! Town Town Town !!
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