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  1. Absolutely. We weren't diabolical at Hunslet like we were today. We'd have to be a very poor team for that to be our level as you describe it. I hope you're wrong on that and I believe we were much better than that when we beat Haven. Something has gone drastically wrong in the last two games coincidence or not, it certainly hasn't got better.
  2. What you on about? Marwood had his abilities but for whatever reason he doesn't play. Henson is a clever competitor however and him and Burns are a big miss. Disappointing comment from you. He was saying you can't have a solely homegrown side but we were winning when we did now were aren't. That's not their fault its just a fact that something has changed. Great effort by the club to bring them here and hopefully it pays off sooner rather than later.
  3. Are you being ironic? Of course it has, 4 wins on the bounce then 2 dire displays after bringing in 3 overseas players. We were rubbish before they came on the field but that's a fact its not negotiable.
  4. But it's gone to sh*t since we brought in overseas players.
  5. Yeah Burns and Henson are missing but what the h*ll is going on here?? We were terrible last time and now embarrassing today. Get it sorted!! The club are working hard to generate income so the players and coaches need to step up . Aweh !
  6. And when we beat them at ours their halves were injured. We aren't the same team without Burns so a win would be a pleasant surprise.
  7. You're thinking of Cian Tyrer played well for us at Newcastle then racked up 10 tries in his next couple of games.
  8. Good stuff. Can we also we some player interview type content?
  9. I knew this was a banana skin game and we looked down saw it and still slipped on it. What a dire performance, every way I look at it I come back to it being a mistake to play Walker who was awful. I believe he's been ill and his head wasn't in the game. I thought he was bringing Saunders on for him but brought Key off instead. Anyway that's enough on that. I thought maybe we could win ugly towards the end, then Tomposh knocks on playing the ball and that was that.
  10. Walker has been ill so might be doubtful. As long as Burns is at fullback i'll be quietly confident!
  11. I can' t see an obvious replacement for Stephenson, my choice would be Galea to centre and Mossop into the backrow. This is a banana skin game, we need to be on it.
  12. Tongia as well as Stephenson and Lightowler have been left out.
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