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  1. He's always gonna get that cos of his size but he makes ground and can shift, the only thing he needs to work on is catching above his head.
  2. He must the fittest bloke in the lower divisions. I often see him out running he's a model pro and considering he doesn't get subbed I don't know how he does it.
  3. It wasn't pretty but you have to do whatever it takes to get the win and plenty of sides have done that to us in the past. Agreed that Marwood made a difference and Curwen was strong. Caine looks even better this year and Hanley Dawson is a handful. On the whole the defence was good but again there were a couple of lapses. It's gonna be a tight league .
  4. https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/sport/18250645.adam-ramsden-latest-addition-workington-towns-squad/
  5. Possibly three signings this week, presumably amateurs.
  6. We had them and I thought the buzz had gone out of them, then we got penalised for a shoulder charge which they scored off, then we didn't make ten with the kick off and they scored again suddenly it was game on and we're clock watching. Good job Fui did a stint. You can see how we're trying to play but we made too many errors and could do with a bit of cutting edge from our first choice centre's.
  7. CT sees Doran as a loose forward so I think they will sign him.
  8. Chris said there should be an announcement by the weekend.
  9. Her indoors loves it but doesn't analyse all the clever angles of running and deft passes etc. like I do watching SL she just enjoys it. Like most women she's doing something else at the same time though! Subject closed. Great draw and a winnable game , I just hope it's on this week , Ciara hasn't gone for good looking at the forecast.
  10. I'm not knocking you for liking it its personal preference and theres plenty who'll say the same about league but it bores me . Scraffle about in midfield , penalty, more scraffling ,boot downfield,boot it back the other way, a bit if trundling followed by a pushover try . I'm sure its all very technical but exciting it ain't...for me.
  11. I vaguely remember an interview with a Town player who said he was the toughest player he played with. The coach had identified their dangerman and Shaun said "don't worry about him boss" . Ten minutes into the game said player was staggering down the tunnel ! Or maybe I dreamt it
  12. Brilliant news. Obviously i want promotion but i also want to enjoy watching us and with the ball playing forwards and talented backs we have it should be entertaining. They may be in a higher league but i wouldn't be looking forward to watching Charlo's style of play.
  13. We've had two away games and two defeats but one against a championship team in the last minute and the other against the champ 1 favourites. I get the impression we won't be topping the table but there's quite a few positives . Given dryer grounds both wingers could be very useful and the centre's are up with the best in the league, weve played much bigger packs starting and benched but it hasn't been that obvious which is credit to the lads aggression in defence. When our centre's are fit and maybe Fui is back the signs are good that we'll create the space for them .
  14. O'Brien picked up a minor back injury on trading and Wellington a non-rugby related injury.
  15. Seeing as others have been taken off the squad page on the website and he hasn't I'd say probably but why no announcement?
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