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  1. He was superb before the injury.
  2. And it's not just brute force with him but that helps. He's a leader.
  3. That's a shocking result today and as a whole it's been an ok season on the field but off the field seems to be where the improvement has been made. With that gametime under their belts i can see a lot of the squad improving next year but it'll come down to adding some quality experience and keeping the likes of Caine and JJ fit. We're quite a bit off what's needed now .
  4. He's fast but not Stuart Cocker fast. He's been outpaced a few times, still been good to have him here.
  5. His trouble on Sunday was that Jake was set up as the attack weapon on his side...successfully.
  6. Yeah i meant Brad though mate.
  7. Yeah he played centre at Barrow in pre season as well which was a tough first game for him. Hopefully he can kick on next year when his work/training balance is more settled.
  8. I was told he'd signed for Haven but they maybe meant on loan.
  9. We've lost a lot of games by other teams having an old head to control games. Buffer is an old head but doesn't really take control. I agree, unless Max steps up we need two centres. Has Eccleston been signed to replace Sean?
  10. I think Oldham were feeling the effects of three games in a week so should be close. Not getting carried away with that win good as it was but apart from Caine we've a strong squad to pick from , the next test is to beat a top 4 team away as long as we don't slip up on Sunday.
  11. What do we want from these playoffs? I don't for a minute think we will go up but stranger things have happened. So would losing the final be the best result as we know what happens when you go up unprepared? At least finally we beat a team above us.
  12. We saved the best for last. Great performance today in every sense, and did well not to react to the terrible decisions against us. With all the possession they got to restrict them to one solo effort was heroic. Big games from Stephenson and Bradley but the whole team were on the same page. I think that showed that having two games in a week is an advantage, but Oldham showed that three isn't. Gutted i'll miss next week.
  13. Any news on the date for the Oldham game Graeme?
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