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  1. I agree but can you have two scrum halves? and i'd personally like a regular at this level or an overseas player. Surely Forber will be retiring. Thanks but it's time for a change.
  2. Scrum half is crucial. IMO we also need a full backline , all five of them.
  3. It's bound to be the cheapest option in the circumstances which is Gus. That's not necessarily a bad thing, he's a Workington lad and knows the position the club is in at first hand so will know what's required. I don't know the lad but I'd guess he's well liked and respected in the area. I've had enough of these SL assistant coaches trying to bring their professional ways it just doesn't work and the brand of rugby they coach is low percentage and boring. The best way to win games is to do something the opposition don't expect and remember you're in the entertainment industry so entertain!
  4. Yeah and you said people say stick with locals then want Sammut. He said she said went like this... Get rid of the "current" travellers and replace them with a mix of locals and quality travellers. What i didn't say was we shouldn't have any travellers. You can't do it with only locals i agree but look what someone like FFMM brought , we were crying out for that mix of quality and experience from a similar player this year.
  5. I know i said get shot of all the travellers but i think Lightowler has a lot of potential . It's hard for players who miss pre-season but Weetman was garbage. We might see a better Scholey next season for that reason.
  6. Where did I say either of those things? Replace them with a mix of locals and decent travellers who the new coach wants not signed by the previous coach. If Fitzy and Caine go we'll need some quality.
  7. He did some very odd things this year and I've never been less interested as I have the second half of this season. I was reminded of past seasons when we've been so predictable, it must've been boring for the players too. Clean slate yet again and get rid of all the travellers, who you replace them with is not my job thankfully!
  8. Hardly played for us because we had 7 hookers already, so we never saw if he was any good. If you were a club needing a hooker i'm sure he'd be decent. We were looking for some size in the pack and ended up with him and his brother who were both small, both signings were non-sensical. The only good signing we made was Curtis Teare ahem.
  9. Or watch it on Our League.
  10. Same here. I was going to away games but I stopped after Batley. I was desperate for us to go up and ecstatic when we did, I thought we were competing early on and with a couple of decent additions maybe we could stay up, but they didn't materialise (Davies brothers really?) then the truth started to show and be accepted that we're a league 1 team out of our depth and our supercoach can't even get us to score a try never mind enough to win a game! Boring to watch and every result is predictable. For somebody who's been blue n white to my core I only have a passing interest and might even by my ticket and not go to the next home game...I never thought I'd ever say that
  11. I'd pick out Fitzy and Simons as our best on the day, i like Doran at loose if we had any decent halfbacks, Terrill did well but i could pick out 3 or 4 that are just hopeless and add nothing. That's one of the reasons we are where we are.
  12. I don't think this is even coming from the board, it's the supporters club.
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