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  1. Are there any games to watch from this season and last?
  2. And one of those who did it on the world stage like Peacock.
  3. Class player but injury prone. I thought he played standoff for our academy at one point.
  4. He said he wouldn't know cos he never went to training! ? Big Les must've been a formidable sight coming at you at full pelt.
  5. That's the one I meant. I can see it now...Buffer to Hanley, back to Buffer, Buffer to Fitzy, Fitzy to Caine through the gap and the tryscoring pass to Miller !
  6. Great stuff today, well done Gary . Most ex players say how much they enjoyed their time at Town and how good the fans are. Proud to be a Townie.
  7. Let's hope so, there's been a few false dawns like last year, but it looks really promising. I like his no d*ckheads policy and he doesn't stifle their natural ability. We think Stevie does a great job but CT can see a lot of improvements he can make, we'll have a he'll of a player if they can improve his game.
  8. It's always a surprise when Forber misses but he wouldn't have kicked the goals Corky kicked in that final.
  9. Hopkins Drummond Penrice Fawcett Cocker Byrne Walker Pickering Jenkins Fui Armstrong Williams Pattinson Kitchin W Nixon Okesene Hepi
  10. I listened to the Forber interview and the guy said it was.
  11. Full match on Radio Cumbria apparently.
  12. I think he gave a pen but there was a forward pass so he couldn't give the try. I've just watched the second half of the Bulls v Sheffield and they were poor. It's still a very tall order.
  13. What you just said. What we do have is a bunch of lads who graft and a coach who wants them to play open rugby..that's going to pay dividends over the season. I can tell you he's a perfectionist cos we were pressing there line second half and MB put a grubber in and he went ballistic. They collected it went up field and scored. Ryan Wilson looks at home at that level ,Scholey was superb , Hall was targeted and took the bombs brilliantly apart from one and Wellington looked dangerous. It was a great game and with a better start it should've been a great win.
  14. So was I wrong about Cocker and Lowden? The Barrow game was a night match.
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