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  1. Enjoying life and fully deserved too BUT he certainly remains probably the best British RL coach available and in a different class than Agar
  2. I think the number of exciting games in RL has decreased in 2010. However, isn't it amazing that cheating Wigan bringing their mean and nasty NRL tactics and less interesting than watching paint dry have been involved n by far the greatest number of outstanding / classic games in 2010. RL needs a strong Wigan more than Wigan needs RL lol
  3. Wendall are you the Wire Casual who posts nonsense non stop on the Wigan Today site?
  4. Wigan Warriors will be at home in week two of the 2010 engage Super League Play-Offs against Hull KR. The game will take place at the DW Stadium on Friday 17th September with an 8pm kick off in a Preliminary Semi-Final http://www.wiganwarriors.com/WContent.aspx...5199&type=1
  5. it was never that was previously and if that is all we are why not bring back more competitions
  6. People won't pay because they do not care about the play offs. The season ended when the league ended. The Challenge Cup is struggling similarly So you have to ask is RL heading in the right direction? Are the RFL capable of marketing the sport / driving it forward or are two finals all we can manage? We had a sport where we were able to attract several / many large crowds, walk up pay on the day attenders. The RFL/SKY then told us Summer rugby, a salary cap, a play off system, a franchising system would lead to a boom in RL. Where the RFL / SKY wrong?
  7. Yes. However, I would prefer to identify who did the spear tackle. Normally when 2 are in the tackle one is guilt. If they are both guilty then send them both. Buderus similarly should have walked. You get fans saying awww nothibng happened, he didn't drive his head hard enough into the groung and crush his spine enough. Luckily the rules are clear cut, you spear a player, you walk. You are not even allowed to lift tham above the vertical now. Rightly so. If fans want to risk players in wheelchairs so be it. I just find a sport odd that accepts a punch as a justified automatic red but then fans defend players welfare being risked. The RFL benevolent fund better start raising money ASAP.
  8. The play offs are a failed marketing gimmick. You get all these posters on here saying oh everybody is in favour of the play offs look at the crowds blah blah blah. Those figure tell you people do not believe in the play offs and are not supporting them. If a Hull Derby cannot sell out what hope is there. Wigan's attendance was awful, Saints not impressive given they have the last games at KR as a booster to selling tickets and Huddersfield was the only one boosted by the one positive, Crusader away support. Stupid concept
  9. A spear tackle is an automatic red. The potential consequences are such that it has to be. Do you want players in wheelchairs.
  10. Jesus H Jones a man commits a tackle that could put another player in a wheelchair for life and you repeatedly create a thread about a half hearted kick to the shin. Totally pointless and a stupid thing to do but get a grip and talk some sense.
  11. The Crusaders fans came in decent numbers. No blaming them.
  12. Rained all night and still raining. Could be an ugly game and the weather is a great leveller.
  13. I am a Wigan fan and thought Manu should have been sent off.
  14. I don't buy into this Graham will burn out argument. He has a classic prop build and an amazing engine for one of such size. The reason I created this thread is yes I know they are set moves but in some recent games they must have been running the set move ad infinitum because that is all he seemed to do but as last night showed he is such a good carrier into contact that he should run it in at least 50% of his carries. Fantastic player and one I hope will go to the NRL before he is past his peak and test himself in the ultimate competition.
  15. Amazing effort by their fans. They lit up a very poor albeit exciting match.
  16. Huddersfield fans no it's not a my club has more fans than you but rather the town has a decent RL team, fairly successful in a great stadium and season tickets are virtually been given away yet the people of Huddersfield are seemingly too apathetic to support their team.
  17. Hallelujah, a team finally produces a completely professional game for 80 minutes. Well done Hull KR. I thought Murrel was excellent for the Robins whilst Briscoe did well for FC. Shame Bentham spoiled a good effort by not sending Manu off. How silly is RL under Cummings in 2010. Players being sent off for powder puff punches but simply a penalty for a bad high shot that could cause serious injury. You can never prove intent but I think Manu though oh its Cockayne who cares and gave him one in the face.
  18. He left a while back, probably a month + now. He should stop pretending. Assistant coach at the Penrith Panthers 2011
  19. Exciting game Awful standard of RL. Why are SL players so dumb? Game intelligence or rather the lack of it is crippling British RL. By far the biggest cause for celebration was the tremendous away following from the Crusaders. Surely it is time for the people of Huddersfield to stand and be counted. So called birthplace of RL. Time they showed it mattered and that they care about RL.
  20. Max and you want to talk about unfair comparisons 1995 to 1997 was one of the lowest ebbs in RL with a civil war tearing the game apart
  21. What I cannot fathom is that as far as I know newpapers struggle more than ever circulation wise YET none try to differentiate from their competitors. Surely, a paper that targets sports not catered for by its rivals could attract more readers by doing that. So a paper offering proper RL coverage, proper Angling coverage, proper Boxing coverage and so forth would get readers on that basis.
  22. Very true but at times he is 9 passes to 1 run which as you say is a shock but if that 1 run is close to the line does that not become predictable then. Prefer him to mix and match far more personally. Still the best prop in SL though.
  23. Is it right though? Fighting relaegation was / is exciting just as fighting for promotion was is. Is it better or worse for the top clubs. If you knew you had to win a fixture then would it not make that fixture better. Top clubs now rest players throw the odd game away because it simply does not matter. Fans are told it does not matter. Can you imagine any other sport saying come a watch our game, the players don't give a toss, they are only trying in the CC, WCC and at the end of the season. You could still have a Premiership competition to = 8 teams.
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