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BBC Hardtalk & Islam

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Currently watching this program. Zeinab Badawi is interviewing Iyad Ameen Madani, who is the head of a global Islamic organisation (Organisation of Islamic Communities? - can't remember).


I like ZB. She is usually well prepared and tenacious. Well, she's lost the tenacity! She asks why muslims are committing acts of terror across the world and he questions the use of the word "terror" and says there are similar acts all over the world. Okay, there are acts of terror in all countries, but not coordinated acts! In the States there have been isolated incidents like the Oklahoma bomber. In the UK, there have been a few acts of terror, but not a series of attacks. ZB let him off without challenge! She raised the fact that most people killed by muslim terror are muslims - in Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc. His response was to immediately raise Israel's attacks on Lebanon. FFS! The guy is denying that night follows day and trying to shift the emphasis. ZB did not stick the boot in. Hardtalk? Soft soap more like! Pathetic!


What happened to real journalism?


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