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Bradford 32, Hunslet 12

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So as many predicted the winning run came to end, but as I left Odsal yesterday I couldn't help feeling we could have got more out of the game, almost to the point that I was wondering if we'd held something back for the tough schedule to come. Seemed that by early in the second quarter the course of the game had been set; Bradford's mentality seemed to be "if we carry on like this we've no chance of losing", ours seemed to be "if we carry on like this we've no chance of copping a good hiding". Even the introduction of Flanagan from the Bulls' bench strangely failed to alter proceedings.

Bradford regularly sent their big props charging down the middle but despite hesitation from time to time, by and large we coped with them. But the nature of the tries we conceded - three from 2/3 yards out and the other three from kicks - shows exactly where we let ourselves down.

Watson and Foggin-Johnson were our best yesterday but too many in the middle of the field were quiet, and we needed somebody to take by the scruff of the neck and make something happen to alter the course of the game. It's also time to abandon the extended experiment of using Gibson on the wing. Then tighten that goal line defence up, and the rematch in the Cup could be interesting...

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Yes agree with Hawkwindbag on this one well put. I do think we need a leader now we lost George Flanagan , that was apparent yesterday , don't know who can or will do this now for us. Plus as you said we made costly silly mistakes , leading to Bradford tries,where as Bradford didn't make many , not important ones that is.

And it's a  shame we lost Duckworth who now is playing amateur  ,  he did play well  for us and Fev this last couple of years on the wing, Gibson needs to be back in the centre spot as he is not a winger.

Looking at Bradford yesterday , yes they played and look better than us , but they are not a patch on the last years Toronto team , and I see them getting beat at say one or two teams away this season, can see this happening at  Oldham , I think it's this coming Friday they go there, but most likely Bradford will win this league as they are mostly full time players and that matters playing part timers.

beating Keighley on Friday is vital now if we want to maintain chasing with the pack .

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