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  1. Sorry should have said don't play that one , but wardance instead.
  2. Same here Mr Grey 1967 , could not have put it better. Bet your playing I am the virus by them , still a great song wrote a few years ago.
  3. Agree Fev 1983 , hopefully should be good game , looking forward to it.
  4. What he means by this is , We could not get Swinton to fold and become Manchester Lions RLFC , but we might be able to fool Rochdale with this con instead.
  5. Japan and Canada as have had holidays there. well it qualify's a lot of sportsmen these days by the look of things in lots of sports.
  6. And Hunslet beat Oldham and Doncaster and Newcastle for that matter away , but we have been shocking at home against the better teams . Back to the discussion , I do think Doncaster are the form team and with that will win this game not by many , should be a good game though.
  7. If you change the name to from Swinton to Manchester as far as i am concerned it's just not Swinton anymore, and I would not support the new Manchester club . Swinton supporters might as well support Salford instead , and they are not going to do that. At Hunslet a few years ago had an idea to change our name to South Leeds , that was quickly squashed by our supporters , it just wouldn't be our club anymore with our great history just like Swinton have. Yes I know we don't get a great support but if you are a real fan you follow your team for years , not any other.
  8. It is 3pm same as usual , was told it could have been a later time this Sunday but it's 3pm.
  9. I think it's because the stadium has been booked for some event earlier in the day , so the kick off could well be 4pm or later.
  10. Agree with you here Bleep 1673 be nothing in this game as it's the one that matters now to both teams.
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