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  1. As far as I know Darren is not playing rugby now , i could be wrong here ? but he has taken up playing the great game of Crown Green Bowls. I know he has been playing for a team in Leeds, and he is good at it. Warren Wilson who played for Hunslet & Leeds is now one of the top Leeds Crown Green Bowlers as I see him playing in competitions for money. Knowing Darren being competitive that he is it won't be long before he gets to that standard.My dad used to say that Crown Green bowls is the old man's rugby , well that's what they used to say. Maybe that's why a lot of ex player's are good at it.
  2. Why not say get Kim Jong to help as well in England's world cup bid. And just like Jong Terry , he never won anything with England in any sport , and just as popular on the world stage.
  3. Hunslet should be promoted as we finished top of league 1 after 2 games LoLs. And why would we need to ground share with Leeds Utd or Leeds RL as someone posted earlier . We played in the Championship before . Unless they are meaning Hunslet in Super League, but to be honest no team should be promoted next season from any league as no team has deserved to be , so Super League should run with 11 teams.
  4. West Wales raiders , get Rangi Chase & Gavin Henson to dress up outside your ground as priests holding a bible and shouting there is a horror show going on in there don't go in ( like the priests who did that outside cinemas in the 1970s when The Exorcist was shown ) People did this then in the 70s queuing up outside to get into the film, and people will flock to the ground just to see what's going on , and they won't be disappointed with the live horror show. Sorry West Wales couldn't resist good luck next season.
  5. At the end of the day Ian Lenagan of Wigan will decide if he wants Toronto in Super League . As he did when he invited St Helens and Warrington and only these two clubs and his own club , to decide the outcome of no money from Sky going to the leagues below. He didn't even invite Leeds to that party.
  6. Only when wearing my Ramones t shirt which is most games while playing Mr Pedant.
  7. i hope so David , I love Crown Green Bowls as much as RL, so won't be too bad for me.
  8. Tommy your forgetting the 1960s . when Hunslet played Wigan in 65 , and finished above Leeds a few times in the 60s and in the top 5. Remember in 1999 Wakefield and Leeds voted against Hunslet entering Super League when we won promotion to it. I think any team would have fallen down in these circumstances , they did well to keep going. Anyway sorry for derailing this thread as the topic is about teams who used to be in the leagues.
  9. Yes me , the best book I think you should read is Communion by Whitley Streiber, based on a true story of his abduction, they made a film of this book it was not very good film but the book is an excellent read , I read this years ago having got it from my local library. The book was first published in 1987 and there is a follow up to it called Transformation and that was a great read too.
  10. Sorry should have said don't play that one , but wardance instead.
  11. Same here Mr Grey 1967 , could not have put it better. Bet your playing I am the virus by them , still a great song wrote a few years ago.
  12. Agree Fev 1983 , hopefully should be good game , looking forward to it.
  13. What he means by this is , We could not get Swinton to fold and become Manchester Lions RLFC , but we might be able to fool Rochdale with this con instead.
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