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  1. Hunslet Squad Numbers 1. Jimmy Watson 2. Jack Render 3. Adam Ryder 4. Joe Burton 5. Kieron Lawton 6. Jake Sweeting 7. Nathan Conroy 8. Harvey Hallas 9. Sam Hallas 10. Steve Crossley 11. Josh Jordan Roberts 12. Aaron York 13. Michael Knowles 14. Daniel Barcoe 15. Nathan Newbound 17. Lewis Wray Numbers Unknown as yet. Brad Wheeler , Tyler Walton , Sam Croston, Dan Mc Grath , Morgan Punchard, Jordan Bull, Peter Ryan, Nico Rizelli. Jamie Greenwood, Fraser Stroud, Liam Carr, Jordan Syme, and Harvey Whiteley.
  2. You got a great signing in Duane Straugheir and a nice person too. I thought he had retired from playing, that's what I heard as he has been so unlucky with injuries this year , but glad for him to keep going , wish it was still with playing for Hunslet, but it's our loss and your gain. Always gives 100 % effort just hope he can remain injury free for you.
  3. Rangi was down at Hunslet's last home game to watch us.I heard we were close to signing him. Lets be honest Johnny Hunslet's not spent any money hardly this last 3 to 4 years and it showed on the pitch in our results, so they this year hopefully we are going for it especially when promotion matters even more now.
  4. Bet that was good. Yes they should have picked him to play would be better than boring football mad Kaiser Chiefs supporting the opening game. Still could do the usual RL supporters thing and get in 5 mins before kick off.
  5. Thankyou , it was a pretty good game , usually is at your place. And good luck at Rochdale in the next round.
  6. Maybe they just don't get it , obviously we do, reminds me a bit like Crown Green Bowls in that sense not enough people play that these days and they don't get that either unless they give it a go then they seem to love it.
  7. Like some other teams fans , they have moved over to facebook on their own rugby forums I would think. still they could still comment on here as well , shame that.
  8. As far as I know Darren is not playing rugby now , i could be wrong here ? but he has taken up playing the great game of Crown Green Bowls. I know he has been playing for a team in Leeds, and he is good at it. Warren Wilson who played for Hunslet & Leeds is now one of the top Leeds Crown Green Bowlers as I see him playing in competitions for money. Knowing Darren being competitive that he is it won't be long before he gets to that standard.My dad used to say that Crown Green bowls is the old man's rugby , well that's what they used to say. Maybe that's why a lot of ex player's are good at it.
  9. Yes me , the best book I think you should read is Communion by Whitley Streiber, based on a true story of his abduction, they made a film of this book it was not very good film but the book is an excellent read , I read this years ago having got it from my local library. The book was first published in 1987 and there is a follow up to it called Transformation and that was a great read too.
  10. Sorry should have said don't play that one , but wardance instead.
  11. Same here Mr Grey 1967 , could not have put it better. Bet your playing I am the virus by them , still a great song wrote a few years ago.
  12. Great stuff Johnoco, have to go see this band if they come to England.
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