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On 03/12/2019 at 18:44, DavidFarrar said:

What would everyone say the Featherstone team of the decade is ? ( 2010-2019) 

  1. Ian Hardman
  2. Luke Briscoe
  3. Josh Hardcastle
  4. Greg Worthington
  5. Will Sharp
  6. Andy Kain
  7. Liam Finn
  8. Stuart Dickens
  9. Andy Ellis
  10. Tony Tonks
  11. John Davies
  12. Reni Maitua
  13. Tim Spears

On the bench

Cameron King, James Lockwood, Dane Chisholm, Steve Crossley

Very hard to choose, particularly in the halves but I've gone for Kain and Finn for their partnership

Reni Maitua only played 13 games but was real class. I've left out players who were only on loan or dual reg.


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