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  1. Quite a few stand outs in a good team performance. For me: 1. Hellewell 2. Smith 3. Gale
  2. Happy Birthday Colin! Rovers fan and gentleman - 88 years young!
  3. Watched it back this morning and yes they are bigger etc. But too many mistakes cost us dear for mine. 1. Khierella 2. Lockwood 3. Hall Though Leighs No. 21 stood out. You live and learn.
  4. A quality player with a very good big match temperament.
  5. Really good performance. For me; 1. Jacks 2. Jones 3. Briscoe. Good to see some of our young forwards getting some game time.
  6. 1. Cuthbertson. 2. Smith. 3. Briscoe.
  7. Looking forward to Sunday, a month since we had a home game. Might be Thackery's last time at POR. Think he retires at end of year? Was good for us and although a little older still needs watching.
  8. Strength in depth essential. Would only take 2 or 3 new injuries to make situation look a lot different. Last year Minns, Bussey, Harrison, Chissy and Day all had long term injuries. Threat of Covid and picking up a ban still here too! Welcome Mark.
  9. Watched at Fev Lions n all. Played very well and Lielua's 2nd try best of the game. Proud of effort - we went to one of toughest places with strong team who put a proper shift in. Great atmosphere at Lions Den, around 400 / 500 there? Weather perfect- think the bar did very well.
  10. 1. Leilua - think he had his best game for us so far! 2. Pickersgill - very consistent. 3. Hardcastle - always shows up. Thanks to club/ Fev Lions. Had a good day at the Lions den!
  11. 1. Briscoe. Carried ball well. 2. Hardcastle. Carried ball well too. 4. Hall.
  12. Lockwood Cuthbertson Moors Couple of try's uphill were top draw. Great forward drives, offloads and backing up!
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