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  1. McDermot wants London, Toronto, Barcelona, New York etc. (big city clubs) to make up SL. When he eventually moved on from TWP would he accept a position at a Northern town club? Good to here players from both clubs mixing with fans after game. We move on.
  2. Fantastic effort in the last few weeks. Really proud of all the team (on and off the field) We go again.
  3. Just looked at the teams. Ay, on paper Toronto have assembled a pretty impressive squad. Head says they should win. However, games aren't played on paper. Think our best chance is to still be in contention with 10 to go. Injuries and all the travelling may have taken it out of the lads. But, if still in with a chance late on think we can do this. Oh what the hell, one last daft prediction for the season: TWP 24 - 26 Fev First try scorer - Hardcastle M.O.M - Chizzy
  4. Just got back from the clubhouse - might be one or two sore heads tomorrow. On way home walked past Junction, Trav's and The White House, might be one or two more! Big opportunity for the club next Saturday. Hope lads have one more performance in them. Looks like Connor Carey may be adding to the injury list? What has Locky got to do to get a M.O.M nomination?
  5. For me 1. Chissy 2. Golding 3. Locky Players reaction, on both sides, indicated last disallowed try should have stood - we move on.
  6. For me: 1. Walters 2. Carey 3. Locky
  7. Great effort - lots of positives to take from that. Be Surprised if Josh Walters doesn't feature in people's M.O.M nominations - having a good season!
  8. Great all round in tricky conditions, especially first half. 1. Tom Holmes - took us round park well and good strength to get his try. 2. Brad day - good go forward and one of the reason why defence was so good. 3. Ash Golding - solid! Lots of other good performances.
  9. Agree, Think should give it a go at Headingley. Perhaps alternate between Headingley and Blackpool?
  10. Really good performance. Thought out pack laid platform for Chisholm and Holmes. For me: 1. Chisholm 2. Holmes 3. Day / Hardcastle
  11. 1. Chisholm. 2. King. 3. Brad Day or Locky. If I had to pick between the 2, Brad. Lots of good performances. Agree Golding went well.
  12. Think we got an initial 500 tickets which are sold. 100 more tickets delivered. 60 left.
  13. Can't fault the effort. 1 Bussey - excellent all game. 2. Hardcastle - a lot of hard yards won today. 3. Chisholm - looked like carrying a knock most of 2nd half? Top player.
  14. Some very good performances. For me: 1. Chisholm- looks class. 2. Render - excellent today. 3. Hardcastle - last try was top draw. Looking forward to Monday.
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