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Thank You

Kevin Nicholas

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Just watched our great win over Featherstone and later John Miller Live and in amongst it our second draw. What a great afternoon.

Just thought i would say thank you to everybody on here who bought a ticket in the draw and those who kindly agreed to sponsor the prize in a future draw.

This help will hopefully pay dividends in helping us come out the other end in a reasonable financial position. If so it will be thanks to everyone sticking together in troubling  times. That is what we want our team to do and you will see in the list of ticket purchasers all our players and coaches  are joining in which  looks good for the future in my eyes.

Try to spread the word and get more people to take part as £2 a ticket can make a big difference the more that take part.

Anyway everybody take care and think of others especially at this time Brendon Sheridan and his family.

Next game and draw is on Good Friday this week so don’t forget to get your tickets early and prepare for another memorable game. That i can guarantee!!

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Is the "memorable" game up for debate?

A few beauties around but also a few are already on you tube. The final from today at Leigh sports village v sheffield. Game was ours at half time. Cue the eagles speedsters.

Geoff grayshons forearm at the mount v donny for promotion in 94 I think.

The spanking from Wigan in challenge cup. Seemed like 30,000 rammed into the mount.

The national league promo/ relegation v dewsbury at Halton stadium 2005. Shillabear does a gordon tallis tackle. Lythsey and Eaton takes on chapman and sheridan.

The one that got away. Challenge cup home nail bitter versus huddersfield. Hicks yellow on manning stunted our closing time victory.

'Shaw cross juniors, Birkenshaw, Mirfield, Heckmondwike Panthers, Stainland Stags and then the Heavy woolen donkeys... WARDY, STOZZA, GT, KARL OR KEAR MUST OF DROPPED A DIGIT FROM MY MOBILE NUMBER! :clapping:

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