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  1. Josh Hodson had suspected broken collar bone but at A&E advised not broken just a bad bang then so hopefully not out too long.
  2. Kick off time will probably be 6.30pm. it certainly will not be 3pm.
  3. Just to clarify our position has never changed just maybe peoples interpretation. I have previously indicated that in my view SL is not the be all and end all such that we risk our financial stability to try to achieve that. That remains the position. i have never said we have no wish or ambition to go in SL. We do have that dream and ambition and have always had it but only if we can achieve it within our budget which clearly has been and will continue to be a big ask. That budget does not match the budgets of some other Clubs and there are two basic reasons. 1. I personally and nobody else at the Club has sufficient finance to put money in like for example Derek at Leigh. Putting money in is not an investment it is a gift that you are unlikely to ever get back by the way. 2. We do not get sufficient crowds to match teams in the Championship to create sufficient income. However the Club has a group of supporters that help us punch above our weight, a stable board that run it on a sound financial basis, pick great coaches and honest players who give of their best which together makes a superb Club and one which again I personally am very proud of. We always aim to be competitive and after that who knows what might happen! If it does happen we have plans in place to always protect the Club and give of our best in a way we want to do it without any fear of what anybody thinks. For now though we just want to play a game v Royal Navy and make it a memorable occasion next week.
  4. In case anyone missed it on another topic our attendance v York was 971. I often get asked for the attendance by a journalist when i often have not been in our office where the counter is so have no idea and unbelievably this is not one of my priorities. At the York game i was asked once and I didn’t know. If I don’t forget and have nothing else to do i will make it my new year’s resolution to check the attendance and get John to announce it during the game then journalists don’t have to ask to find out.
  5. The attendance at the York game was 971 for anyone who wants to know. I was asked once shortly after the match by one journalist and i was doing other things and also at the time didn’t know. I was never asked again and presumably neither was anyone else at the Club. Anyway people now know. It was disappointing as we expected many more than that but the weather played a big part in reducing the gate.
  6. Just to say the support at Newcastle was absolutely brilliant. Thankfully you were all rewarded with a great win. We have undoubtedly an absolutely great set of players and I personally feel so proud of this. Hopefully we get a good crowd this week to keep us on an even keel. These are potentially very special days so please spread the word, lets get a good crowd and all enjoy a special moment. It will undoubtedly be a great game to watch. See you there !! Bring a mate and help do your bit!!
  7. Disappointed that no comments on here about this event presumably because not present. I can confirm it was a superb event for Rugby League people. Anyone who did attend could not fail to be impressed by Robert Hicks and Arron Moore who came across as good people who do their best to get decisions right. They are not perfect so clearly can make a mistake a bit like players or you and me in everyday life. However they do prepare as best they possibly can both in full time and part time game. i can highly recommend it if we repeat the event later this season or next and i think anyone who went will be of the same opinion as the feedback we had was superb.
  8. The score was perhaps a bit harsh but i thought we looked promising apart from a few errors and it is better the week before our Big game that we are tested rather than play a team that is weaker than Fax will be and get a win. So despite score i thought it was a good game to watch.
  9. The Clubs were supportive of the Bash being at Headingley. It is easier to get to. It is an iconic Rugby League stadium and so money stays in our game. I personally think it will be a great event there where players will enjoy playing and also supporters will enjoy. You can go for a great day out or it’s possible to stay over I’m sure. Headingley Lodge is there as well so can look over the cricket field. A first class Test venue if we are ever allowed to have Tests!! Clearly you can never please everyone as i for one would also like to see it at York one year. Not too fussed if is an advantage for York City Knights.
  10. Just to clarify we have signed and announced 24 players but have just signed two further players who are young lads with no Championship experience who want a chance. They should be announced this week.
  11. Should we employ a Media person? Simple answer- No Should we even mildly criticise our media team? Simple answer- No Could we market the Club better? Simple answer- Maybe but look at our potential audience and what would it cost and what could be our return? So a marketing person says you’ll never know if don’t try which sounds a great response. Tell that same marketing person we are prepared to employ you and pay you on a results basis and they quickly disappear. The main marketing needs to be done by Rfl for the sport as a whole to be cost effective. As for Media then the Rfl moniter our performance and some of our money is based on that performance and bearing in mind our crowds and population our media team do pretty well. We have John, Joe & Dan doing their best for zero pay when also having jobs. Just as an example- our Facebook performance In year up to 30/9/20 our Facebook views were over 294,000 which was the highest in the Championship/ League1. That’s right No.1!! Our Facebook likes were 5th overall behind Widnes, Bulls, Barrow,& Featherstone . This year I expect us to be 6th behind Leigh with likes and not sure where we will stand with views. That may not get us 1st, 5th or 6th best gates but it does get us out there. Of course there is room for improvement eg. Our website or Instagram and there are other things we could do (other than letting everyone in for free) but with our resources and potential we are not doing too bad and we did finish 4th in League and have signed 26 players without knowing our finances next year and we have kept our best players so there is actually plenty to be positive about until we lose a game at least.
  12. Presentation Night will not include presentation to player sponsors. Do Forum & indeed Bissa wish to make any presentation? If someone could let me know. 07831230999
  13. Final push. We are so nearly there with our Pink target if anyone forgot or whatever please buy a ticket before draw tomorrow. Also thanks for offer of support to sponsor our Club draw and hope to announce another signing shortly. We are getting there as well.
  14. If not already got a ticket in draw please consider buying one. If we can reach our £1,000 target it will mean this years Pink Weekend will have raised £19,500 and our running total hits a staggering £150,000 which is why we have added this extra fundraiser. We expect to announce another signing shortly so all this will be a superb end to our season on and off the field. Only this week i heard of two ladies associated with the Club diagnosed with breast cancer. It does not go away in a pandemic!! The fact that in two seasons where we have been affected by a pandemic we hopefully will still have managed to raise £31,500 again is a remarkable achievement so thank you to anyone who has helped in any way.
  15. Perry can play centre or wing the same as Dale. Next year we expect to play more games and so will inevitably get injuries so players that can play in more than one position are vital. This is the first of our proposed new signings with 3 or possibly 4 more to come before we review the position and we still don’t know the monies we will receive but undoubtedly it will be significantly less than this year and even more significantly less than we would have got finishing 4th in previous years so there will be a shortfall and this is a calculated risk as we still don’t know if there will be a reduced Championship & SL of 10 next year. We like other Clubs are desperate to get in that 10 if it happens hence our strategy which is far more risky than previous years under our stewardship. We therefore need more support than ever.
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