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  1. Sorry forgot “ Website visits” are also part of the data category. So everybody needs to visit our website as often as possible, make sure they are a member of OuRLeague with Bulldogs as their Club, follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, and get on our database. If you want an email before each home game of our matchday mag then need to get on our database- Just send an email to kevin@batleybulldogs.co.uk stating your name and tel.no and will sort it. Guarantee we will not bombard you with emails!
  2. A big thank you to everybody who has or will donate. This is brilliant by Wardy and the Pink Weekend is looking magnificent at moment. As Beverley often said” People are so kind”
  3. It has not been claimed yet.
  4. Funding is based on league position in a table for each category. Putting it simple from our perspective we need to finish in top 10 in each category not to lose funding we would otherwise get. The amount of funding based on this increases each year so it becomes more important. OuRLeague membership is part of the “Data” section which includes, twitter followers, facebook llikes, and database. We have done well recently on OuRLeague so we are pushing it to do that bit better to go one position higher in table to 8th. We need another 27 members to to that at moment assuming other Clubs don’t do the same! Please HELP by getting friends and family to join and put Bulldogs as their Club. You need an email address and a password to join. It is actually good content on there anyway including streaming of matches, interviews etc. It costs nothing!! If we don’t achieve we get left behind as a Club! Once we get to 8th in table as long as we maintain that position we are fine. Then we will emphasise other things eg. Our database . We need to just think that this will help us indirectly to improve our team hopefully. If we are in the top 10 teams in the part time game then we should be in the top 10 Clubs off the field as well. In the future if we are not we could lose up to 40% of our funding( if we have funding after 2021!)
  5. I am back from hols in time for Bash. we will take tickets to game to sell to Bulldogs fans who are having any problems. Anybody just email me with requirements and a mobile number and i will sort when i get back. Sorry again. kevin@nicholasandpartners.co.uk
  6. I am presently on hols. i get frustrated big time by inadequacies of technology. Is the problem with our site in which case need to know to try to rectify it? if it is sorry. Just turn up and pay on gate if all else fails. Not the perfect solution i know!
  7. Congrats to both Steve and Clare who are both good rugby league people. Steve is now absolutely magnificent in the job he does for the Benevelent Fund. He did a great job in his tenure at Batley and after Peter Fox and of course Ron he is now the third person with Batley connections to get this honour. A proud Club.
  8. We always need more members in our War Chest so here is an offer which begins now and expires midnight on 30/3. If you agree to become a new member in our War Chest by paying £100 for season or £5 everytime we win a game then if we are relegated you get whatever money you have put in back and win the same again. So if you have put in £100 you get that back and another £100. If eg. you pay in £25 for 5 wins and we get relegated you get your £25 back and another £25. If we are not relegated then whatever you have put in helps the Club pay any winning pay and each win you have a chance yourself of winning £100 in our members free draw and get 50p a pint off in Rons lounge before each game whether or not we win. It is a win win situation surely? Please no sarcastic comments but either agree to join or don’t. No issue either way. There are no other conditions just a straight join or don’t. i will let you know if we manage to get any new members on Sunday. You don’t even need to be a Bulldogs supporter to join! Trying to turn a negative into a potential positive. If you wish to join then email me and i will confirm your membership number to go in the draw. Indicate whether you wish to pay £100 or £5 per win. My email is- kevin@batleybulldogs.co.uk
  9. Thats good Roger as i am happy to talk to you whether i agree with you or not as long as i have got time and on Saturday don’t think it will be that busy.. Same goes for anybody else. I have rarely agreed with a coaches choice of team 100% for example and i have often spoke to them and they can always explain their decisions and i still don’t always agree but as they say” it’s good to talk”. i dont offer to talk to be in some way confrontational and it is easier than typing on here.
  10. A totally unfair comment and attempt at a put down. We may not have the resources to ensure we publish our 19 man squad first but if you check it is out there on the Friday generally or early Saturday before game on Sunday and Rob kindly puts it on here. Also for home games we have our matchday magazine with that and more info in it if people sign up for it. This is the best we can do as simple as that and we will continue to try to do our best in all areas but sometimes it will not be good enough.
  11. There has been some shall we say harsh criticism of Matt Diskin by a few people on here. Obviously calling for him to be sacked. In the first half v Toronto the criticism continued and looking at the score whilst I don’t agree with the criticism I can understand how it came about. However after a halftime team talk from Matt we drew the second half against a very good full time team yet the same people then go silent and cannot give a little bit of credit or muster a glimmer of positivity going forward. I am not for one minute saying all our problems are suddenly solved but whilst I wouldn’t expect a sudden change of heart surely a supporter who wants the best for the Club could try to show a little bit of a balanced view and acknowledge that Matt has overseen at least a small improvement if nothing else. I appreciate they still believe we should sack him but a bit of fairness wouldn’t go amiss. It is all about looking at it with a bit of balance which the BOD try to do knowing that we can’t please everybody but trying to run the Club in a stable way . After all in the time we have run the Club this is not the first time there have been calls to sack a coach. There were calls to sack John Kear , we didn’t and he got us to a Grand Final in 2013 and Qualifiers In 2016 which shows that there are other ways to address problems other than sacking people. Sorry if that is cut and paste but you either have principles that you try to stick to or you don’t and much to the obvious annoyance of some we do. Lets just all try to get behind the team against Toulouse and you never know we might continue to improve a bit more. They are another good team with full time players and far more resources than us but we can give it a go! We are fully aware of their budget as we tried to sign Ford a few years ago and failed miserably as indeed did Featherstone but that doesn’t stop us trying and possibly our best performance of last season was our win at home to Toulouse so it could be a great contest. If people are not persuaded to come to the game so be it but we can only hope they will.
  12. I read your comments and insults. I have no bull to add and no cut and paste and no excuses. if you wish to discuss come and speak to me but if you dont want to then dont. Against advice from good people i will probably still read your comments but there is little point me posting any attempt at positivety as i appear to have no credibility certainly on here. The Board headed by myself will continue to do what we think is best for the Club which will not be good enough for posters on here. I wish that was not the case but it is .
  13. Lewis is likely play 20 mins in Hull reserves to improve his match fitness. It has been agreed between the coaches and at our suggestion. This is Hull helping us and the player and we are happy with this.
  14. Anybody who is saying that the Board are asking for big money for the privilege of playing at our ground needs a massive reality check. If anybody has connections with Huddersfield Giants or indeed Dewsbury perhaps they could enquire of chances of playing at their ground and if so the cost of doing so then perhaps the smell of coffee would drift under their noses. Please don’t pursue this and just enjoy Batley Boys starting a new era in NCL.
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