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  1. Thank you Roger and all othets who have confirmed donations to Club. We have now sent out all emails and letters where no email address. If you are a ST holder and have not had a communication then please email me or text/ call me and we will rectify it. You may have changed your email/ address and we don’t know or may have deliberately or accidentally previously indicated you don’t want to receive emails. Whatever the reason if you have not heard from us then contact me. Tel. 07831230999 Email- kevin@nicholasandpartners.co.uk Thank you again for your support
  2. Jodie scored 5 tries in 4 games for Halifax. Hope he’s as unnoticeable for us!!
  3. I thought i had indicated the position on my update but just to clarify- On Friday we submitted forms to the Rfl indicating we were in a position to take part in the Cup competition and wished to do so. We are prepared to give up furlough monies to enable this to happen and thanks to help from Kirklees Council we can have weekly testing. We believe the stadium can operate with social distancing and therefore reduced capacity. We have a Rfl -Club meeting this Friday when clearly it will be discussed. I am only aware of 4 possibly 5 teams willing to take part. I am also aware of increased restrictions in Kirklees at the moment limiting gatherings. I am also aware of difficulties in SLwith people at Hull testing positive for Covid.So whether it takes place at all. Who knows? We are not keeping people in the dark on this issue but all along i have updated you on what we know but like everyone else we often don’t know much. The only things we have not announced are comings and goings of players at the Club..We will have a Club meeting this week about the Cup and announcing signings for 2021 which we have been on with over last month or so. If players leave the Club it is the decision of the player and the new Club about announcing it but we can i suppose confirm and wish them well thanking them for their service to our Club. So we will address that this week as well Thank you to Forum memmbers for again agreeing to sponsor a draw. Please buy tickets each week to make sure we are strong in 2021 and beyond
  4. Just looked on Rfl twitter in World Cup of Stadia. With less than 3 hours to go it’s nip and tick. We need your vote NOW. Please go on and vote urgently if we are to have a chance of winning.
  5. Apparently we have a problem with the website and the host has had to take it down until try to resolve next week. That means cant get tickets through website link so please go through social media links. Sorry.
  6. Can I just say Steve from GoMedia is doing his best to sort out issues with ticketing at no extra cost to the Club. Clearly we would prefer no problems for anybody but if you have a problem if you communicate with him he will try to resolve it and hopefully going forward there will be no further issues for anybody when trying to buy on our site. This is frustrating for people it affects and I apologise. Regrettably I am clueless on such issues( any many more) so I can’t help other than ask you to please go through Steve at GoMedia. We do really need as many supporters as possible to buy draw tickets.
  7. Just been asked about this. It is utter nonsense. Maybe on somebody’s wish list I have no idea but it is not happening. There is no suggestion that I am aware of that the government wants us to merge and cut teams. We should become a more efficient and cost effective sport maybe and the unification of SL with RFL would be a magnificent start. All of us probably will have to cut our cloth but matching expenditure with income is commonsense anyway so nothing new there. We need to all emerge in 2021 in a stable financial condition. That is the simple aim. If we can keep the draw going that is a big plus for us and in 2021 the name BatleyBulldogs will be amongst the teams in the Championship we can guarantee.
  8. Just to say thank you to the Forum for sponsoring today’s draw and to those that bought tickets. Sales totalled £956 which was up on the previous week which also means we have reached our £5k in 5 draws target which is brilliant. No idea when we will be back playing but we can guarantee if we can we can continue at this rate we will beable to return in a strong position. By 31/5 we will be on draw 10 all of which are sponsored so can we get to £10k? That is our target. Anyway for now thank you everybody for your support.
  9. Stephen Barry Senior was your cousin on the facts you have stated. He continued to live in Batley until his passing and remained an avid Bulldogs supporter watching us every game home and away. At home games he did help out on turnstiles. His ashes are in our Memorial garden. i was a friend of Steve’s for many years and so if you want any more information i will try to assist if you ring me 07831230999. Kevin Nicholas
  10. Just watched our great win over Featherstone and later John Miller Live and in amongst it our second draw. What a great afternoon. Just thought i would say thank you to everybody on here who bought a ticket in the draw and those who kindly agreed to sponsor the prize in a future draw. This help will hopefully pay dividends in helping us come out the other end in a reasonable financial position. If so it will be thanks to everyone sticking together in troubling times. That is what we want our team to do and you will see in the list of ticket purchasers all our players and coaches are joining in which looks good for the future in my eyes. Try to spread the word and get more people to take part as £2 a ticket can make a big difference the more that take part. Anyway everybody take care and think of others especially at this time Brendon Sheridan and his family. Next game and draw is on Good Friday this week so don’t forget to get your tickets early and prepare for another memorable game. That i can guarantee!!
  11. Sorry forgot “ Website visits” are also part of the data category. So everybody needs to visit our website as often as possible, make sure they are a member of OuRLeague with Bulldogs as their Club, follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, and get on our database. If you want an email before each home game of our matchday mag then need to get on our database- Just send an email to kevin@batleybulldogs.co.uk stating your name and tel.no and will sort it. Guarantee we will not bombard you with emails!
  12. A big thank you to everybody who has or will donate. This is brilliant by Wardy and the Pink Weekend is looking magnificent at moment. As Beverley often said” People are so kind”
  13. It has not been claimed yet.
  14. Funding is based on league position in a table for each category. Putting it simple from our perspective we need to finish in top 10 in each category not to lose funding we would otherwise get. The amount of funding based on this increases each year so it becomes more important. OuRLeague membership is part of the “Data” section which includes, twitter followers, facebook llikes, and database. We have done well recently on OuRLeague so we are pushing it to do that bit better to go one position higher in table to 8th. We need another 27 members to to that at moment assuming other Clubs don’t do the same! Please HELP by getting friends and family to join and put Bulldogs as their Club. You need an email address and a password to join. It is actually good content on there anyway including streaming of matches, interviews etc. It costs nothing!! If we don’t achieve we get left behind as a Club! Once we get to 8th in table as long as we maintain that position we are fine. Then we will emphasise other things eg. Our database . We need to just think that this will help us indirectly to improve our team hopefully. If we are in the top 10 teams in the part time game then we should be in the top 10 Clubs off the field as well. In the future if we are not we could lose up to 40% of our funding( if we have funding after 2021!)
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