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In Topic: 25k for Wallabies last week, 14k today v Arg ... Ouch

20 October 2014 - 04:12 PM

How you can agree with TT on this is quite astonishing.  Have you read any of his posts over recent months?  He has become a mega-troll.  Your best approach would be to distance yourself from him, lest you get tarred with the same brush.



His best approach according to whom? Why do you think you are some sort of guardian of what is appropriate behaviour on this forum? This forum is very well moderated by CKN. I personally think it is the height of arrogance for someone other than the moderators to assume they know what sort of comments are appropriate or not and go around telling people. If you don't think someone is abiding by the rules complain about them otherwise you just come across as chippy and intolerant.

In Topic: 25k for Wallabies last week, 14k today v Arg ... Ouch

19 October 2014 - 07:37 PM

If you choose to get offended then that is your problem. The rules of this sub forum are quite clear and I generally do not stray from them as evidenced by the number of posts I have made and the length of time I have been posting for. Given that fact you can hardly call me a fly by night contributor.

In Topic: 25k for Wallabies last week, 14k today v Arg ... Ouch

19 October 2014 - 04:40 PM

 As you are fully aware, your comment about why you prefer union was intentionally provocative and unnecessary, hence Bearman's response.    Yes, it is a cross code forum but it's on a Rugby website so can you please refrain from the willy waggling or perhaps stick to planet onion if your intentions here are less than honest.

 With respect that is complete ######. My comments were in no way intentionally provocative. If I had been trying to be I would have stated that Saturday's Wallabies vs All Blacks match showed why Rugby Union is the better game. Instead I used it to explain why I preferred Rugby Union.


I fully understand and respect others have their own reasons why they like Rugby League over Rugby Union.  If people cannot deal with peoples different preferences being explained here then I'd suggest that shows a level of intolerance that Rugby Union was rightly criticised for in the past.

In Topic: 25k for Wallabies last week, 14k today v Arg ... Ouch

19 October 2014 - 10:12 AM

If this was the Rugby League part of this forum you would have a point. However this is the Cross code sub forum. As such you should expect a range of views on the topic from both a pro Rugby Union and pro Rugby league (and both) point of view. Unless you think the cross code forum should just entail people who prefer Rugby League stating how much better their game is to Rugby Union. In which case that would be rather boring and pointless in my view. You would essentially have someone making a post like this about Australian Rugby Union dying and everyone going - Yeah it is. It would be essentially a self reinforcing circle jerk.

In Topic: IRB unfazed by NRL move on Pacific

19 October 2014 - 09:42 AM

The new south wales cup will include Fiji next year, that's a full home and away season for Fiji's best domestic players against some teams that could exist at the bottom of super league. I'd say that's far more beneficial to fiji than an occasional kangaroos match.


Quite possibly so but if that is the best of the development effort it isn't as if Rugby League is offering something to the Pacific Islands that Rugby Union can't match or in fact is not already offering. That was the whole point of this thread as far as I can tell. It was as if Rugby League is going to provide a level of assistance that Rugby Union wasn't and the IRB had dropped the ball on supporting the game in the region. If anything you have acknowledged that Rugby Union is probably doing as much as it can to help the game.