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  1. If they get to Wembley I am sure that they will push SBW as the main focus for any marketing. It could actually fill the ground and make all stakeholders some decent money.
  2. Widdop kills any momentum GB build up, Hodgson is far to slow. GB need to play a much more open Super League style game, and not the robotic ###### served up by the NRL.
  3. Bennet should be stood down straight after this match. The performance of GB lands at his feet and no one else’s. and Sinfield.
  4. More gorilla marketing, the games needs more of it.
  5. So we have set back all of the brand awareness that has been built up by England by a dinosaur of the game? That in itself should be a sacking offence for Bennett.
  6. Do you get the feeling that the forward don’t trust the half backs?
  7. I predict that Toronto will get a constant crowd of 30K+ very soon. The flat cappers will be besides themselves.
  8. Whoever organised this tour needs sacking, to say that it has been ‘halve arsed’ would be a compliment.
  9. Time to reignite this thread. Mother Care have gone into admin, with Mamas and Papas closing stores in order to save money. Add to the fact York has pretty much given up on retail and has handed the city centre over to drinking establishments. When will the media admit that without the Financial sector’s (which mainly affects wealth in the SE) figures the economy is shrinking at a rate of nots
  10. Great news. Toronto might just make me fall in love with the game again. My love was starting to slip.
  11. Go quote Donald Trump, ‘this is yuge, so big, so so big’.
  12. That’s the Christmas Party paid for.
  13. This performance is down to Bennett, he has taken all of the flair out of the SL players. He needs to go after this game and let Ian Watson finish the tour as head coach.
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