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  1. I think there is an issue with it being on land owned by Darrington Quarries, it is also right on the border between Wakefield and Doncaster at Barnsdale Bar.
  2. When I see the pile of fly tipped waste that Doncaster Council haven’t bothered to clean up since January.
  3. Why have Sky for a Leeds fan in the studio? Isn’t having 2 of them in the commentary teal enough?
  4. Sky really need to get rid of Mcdermmot and O’Connor. They are embarrassing.
  5. Also get Rory Sutherland from Ogilvy in, a very smart bloke who can see things from very different angles. His example of not having a make a train journey shorter, just a more pleasurable experience is valid.
  6. Phenomenal achievement. I hope she has a good support network though. She will be a media darling until they turn on her, Meghan Markle style.
  7. 3 established Leeds players with some shocking defence for the Welsby try.
  8. Hopefully they will give Hetherington the wrong address for the first meeting.
  9. We could pay too money and get Kings of Leon or The Killers and the fans would still moan.
  10. They did have a go, showing the Pig chasing the Butcher was funny.
  11. Pride Park is quite a distance from the centre. Also, as with a lot of small UK cities the centre is dead. It should stay at Newcastle and build it up as an event. It needs more marketing in Newcastle, as when the NFL is on in London.
  12. Prior should be in the bin for that. He knees the ball on purpose!
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