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  1. I bet his body is shot to pieces, I can imagine he will need plenty of surgery once he retires.
  2. League will never get the PR that Union gets from the media. A good example was on BBC breakfast, where they interview Bill Beaumont and Matt (can remember his surname) about the Question of Sport anniversary. It turned into a general interview about rugby union, which I suppose was always going to be the case.
  3. It really is time to let some teams drop out of SL and let the serious clubs continue to develop the game. If the game was to take a long look at its self after Covid19, it is probable times up for Wakefield, Salford and even Huddersfield. Cas would survive by the skin of their teeth. Even if it means playing a reduced league for a couple of seasons whilst new teams of the larger championship clubs get a model in place for a SL franchise.
  4. The reaction to this on social media is all the proof needed as to why RL will never really take off. If we are being honest, it’s the fans of the games who hold the sport back.
  5. And we have Leeds Rhinos trying to shrink the cap! Some teams have no ambition beyond stating in SL.
  6. Already trending 2nd on Twitter, that a hell of a lot of valuable publicity. Other teams need to take notice.
  7. You have to give it Hanley, he always has a lovely young lady on his arm.
  8. Even at his current age I wouldn’t want to fight Tyson!
  9. Any one here tried intermittent fasting? Thinking of starting a 12 hour fast after my evening meal, increasing to 16 hours. I have been doing plenty of workouts (lost count of how many KB swings I have done), but can’t seem to shift some belly fat.
  10. The regulars try far to hard to be funny. Needs putting out of its misery.
  11. 1996 was a great game. Robbie Paul running the show.
  12. With a large audience, with some newbies, hopefully it will be a cracker. A couple of small dust ups won’t do any harm.
  13. It was probably agreed before the game that if Hull lost Radford was to go. Hopefully Radford will find a role elsewhere, and Hull can bring a decent coach in.
  14. McDermott and Shaun Wane have a lot of depth to them and both sound like their childhoods weren’t easy. I am sure that there is a connection with leadership expectation and upbringing.
  15. Will Perry is very good, he is not afraid to ask some deep questions. Wilkin and Flanagan make very good side kicks and help bring a bit more out of the main interviewee.
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