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  1. Roby must have a serious high tolerance to pain! I struggle for days after a 30 mile bike ride never mind 80mins of rugby.
  2. Welsby is a great player but he needs to sort his posture out, he has serious head forward.
  3. If Saints get through they will be missing Knowles (who must be banned for that) and Warmsley, the Leeds forwards will be relieved.
  4. It’s for Wigan to learn from their defeat to Leeds when they let Leeds nullify Field and French. If they have them it’s a Wigan win.
  5. Should get a big audience with people trying to escape the mandated misery. As long as it’s not as bad as the dross served up last night then it will be a good day for the game.
  6. Players are going to get wound up when the referee has been useless, and very one sided.
  7. Pryor reminds me of Senior in his last few seasons, offering absolutely nothing and making up for it by going after the smaller players.
  8. Oledski is OK against smaller forwards, as soon as he comes up again aggressive forwards he gets bullied.
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