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  1. I don’t support either team but would go to this, just for an excuse to go back to Barcelona.
  2. Can’t see Hardakre being on too much money, he won’t be skint, but Wigan will have asked him to prove himself before getting a tasty contract.
  3. James Haskel seems to be a go to person for health and fitness, but he would get smashed in RL. He wouldn’t be able to accelerate from a standing start and would end up exposed and smashed all over the pitch.
  4. Union players are just stuffed gym tops now. I remember SL going down the route in the late 90s when Bradford were the team to beat. The sport has become about core strength and fitness, no point have over sized food heads.
  5. I have been saying this for years, there is a reason that the discount stores are doing well. We started a race to the bottom when the Tories came into power in 2010 and we are so far down the road with it we can’t turn back. Walking around dead towns like Doncaster and Keighley tells you all you need to know about how things really are. Leeds looks to be doing OK as it is a trendy city centre, but drive any direction for 1 mile from the centre and it’s the same story. All of the well plaid industrial jobs have been replaced with min wage, 0 hour contracted warehouse jobs, or apprenticeships in ‘Warehoue opporations’. These jobs have made it easier for the Tories to bleat on about low unemployment and ‘making work pay’, but it simply isn’t true.
  6. Unless they fill the Camp Nou on the first occasion it will be a waste of time. ^^^^^^Sarcasm^^^^^^
  7. I think the daily mail hates anyone who is seen as ‘new money’. They have no issues with inherited wealth, but they can’t abide ‘muck with brass’.
  8. I hate to say it but maybe the game needs to move on and leave clubs like Keighley behind. Modern sport is a business, there is no room for nostalgia.
  9. Could we make it a 3 way tournament. Surely SL teams could live without a couple of players for a week.
  10. We should be arranging and publicising a mid season test against the Kiwis for 2019. It could be played during the State of Origin. Agree a venue and advertise the hell out of it.
  11. The players looked shattered, it’s been a long season for the SL players, and the 2nd test would have taken it out of them. Myler was next to useless and the less said about the constant high tackles by the Kiwis the better.
  12. Myler should be nowhere near England again. Rather than take on the Kiwis he has forced passes, losing momentum in the process.
  13. It looks like most of the England team have one ars3 cheek on a sun lounger. Can’t blame them, it’s been a very long season.
  14. Have the producers told Chappers to try and keep Sinfield’s contribuiton to a minimum?
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