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In Topic: 6th round cc

Today, 03:19 PM

Damn, so close!


Leeds v Huddersfield (Saturday) & Wakefield v Leigh (Sunday) will be the two BBC matches.


EDIT: This is confirmed

In Topic: 6th round cc

Today, 03:19 PM

Has it been confirmed we'll get two on the BBC at this stage - in recent times we've been knocked down to just one per round before the quarters - but the BBC are showing one less stage, so perhaps we'll get two games to make up for it?


I agree the Wakey/Leigh match will be on Sky

Aye, it's been confirmed that there will be 3 matches shown

In Topic: 6th round cc

Today, 02:46 PM

Leeds v Huddersfield (BBC, Sat)
Wigan v Hull KR (BBC, Sun)
Wakefield v Leigh (Sky, Fri)


Not been announced yet, but that's my prediction

In Topic: Belgium V Czech Republic

Today, 10:05 AM

2 match series? Do the Belgians know?


I asked them for a list of their upcoming fixtures and they only mentioned "2 mai vs Holland and 21 June Malta"

In Topic: RLWC2017 qualifying starts next month

Yesterday, 04:03 PM

Wasn't that floated as an idea because the Russians (and/or someone else?) didn't like playing sides stacked with heritage players? Not sure that was ever practical really, and I suspect there would've been more, and potentially louder voices arguing against it. The only way to have a completely level playing field is to run a comp based entirely on domestic or homegrown players - something the RLWC is never likely to be.

I just think that as long as the team that qualifies is broadly similar to the team that plays in the WC, that's fine