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  1. Do they just go home and assume the technology will be fine ?
  2. Still cant get in, they must be struggling with this new technology ?
  3. Like it or not it's brought a lot of publicity as its the sports headlines on bbc and sky. Also the fact that Wigan announced their fixture with them will be a PRIDE day.
  4. There seem to be quite a few recent articles on the DT site which is good news, maybe they're warming to us.
  5. Sales at Warrington seem to be doing well... "Magic Weekend sales through the club have now surpassed our total figure for last year. "
  6. Quite appropriate timing as the BBC RL page main article is about Scott Moore - good article as well
  7. Not gone down well on fb but Ive no issues with it. He is a household name and already made the 5 live news bulletin.
  8. Cant get my head round why the Beeb give tennis so much prominence as it is quite a way behind the rest, maybe its due to participation numbers.
  9. Sorry to harp on about lack of marketing but I was out with 2 ardent sports fans last night (they went to London for the NFL game, just for the experience). They both live near Formby a short merseyrail journey to Anfield. Had they known the game was on at Anfield they would have gone ! Perhaps they didn't look hard enough lol
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