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In Topic: 23 May: Catalans Dragons v Wigan Warriors KO 6pm (TV)

23 May 2015 - 09:46 PM

Here's what I reckon...
2) Catalans have gone down a different route from us - with Dureau, Henderson and the sublime Carney they have wonderful players capable of shaping any game and playing any conditions. If I was in 4th or 5th I would be looking over my shoulder in a concerned manner;
3) for us, it is right to stick with young. British players. So Williams and Powell were taught a lesson by Carney? It's a price worth paying if they develop into great players. They may not, but rather than run off to the NRL I will accept the odd off day;

5)!how can Stevereed retain that level of rage - it's not as if any Wiganer gives Hull KR a moment's thought. Thank god they're playing a derby next week so he can turn his fury on OF;

7) as for Wane, he has done so much for the development of young English players as to deserve far more than the contempt heaped upon him. He is a decent man wihp loves our game. If he does keep his job, next year he' have Sam back to add inspiration to the structure 8)

2. as you are in 3rd I would start looking over your shoulder...bit complacent are you not?

3. its not as if Wigan havent pulled in NRL players over the years,often after English teams have brought them over.

5. Dead easy. Doubt any Wigganer gives any thought to us junior sides,thats how arrogant they are. Not a Derby the Derby!

7. Not convinced WANE has done a lot for youth development but the contempt he receives has a lot to do with his comments to the press.

In Topic: 23 May: Catalans Dragons v Wigan Warriors KO 6pm (TV)

23 May 2015 - 09:21 PM

No doubt they had a great time, we always do win or lose. The match comes round too quick even if you arrive on Thursday and it seems so depressing come Sunday lunchtime.


Pity most of them couldnt make it to Leigh last week, probably too expensive with a trip to France to fund. If only they had known Wembley was off the agenda and even Old Trafford looking a bit iffy.

In Topic: 23 May: Catalans Dragons v Wigan Warriors KO 6pm (TV)

23 May 2015 - 07:35 PM

You'll have to remind me on that one mate.


always bite...you well know they beat Hull 46-10 then Rovers and Cas around the start of the season....3 big scalps! 

In Topic: 23 May: Catalans Dragons v Wigan Warriors KO 6pm (TV)

23 May 2015 - 06:47 PM

Seems like a lot more points being scored this season suggesting a much more entertaining package being offered. Also with the exception of Wakefield...and didnt they start off well....every week it is difficult to be certain of the way the results will go, hence teams turning round 60 -nil results, in both directions. Every minute counts....


Signing off as a happy Rovers fan living in Cardiff but watching the next 5 games,4 at home and one away at Magic. Who came up with this fixture schedule and when are we to play Salford at home? The RFL ruling granting Cas the fixture date change with Rovers says player safety is paramount so a Sunday -Thursday turnround is not permitted!

Or are they just trying to get rid of Sunday....only 1 game tomorrow, time was when it was our traditional day (after Saturday.)

In Topic: 23 May: Catalans Dragons v Wigan Warriors KO 6pm (TV)

23 May 2015 - 06:23 PM

Would you like some salt with that chip? :P

Funny how you react that way! They can dish it out .....


Like OF I would have been happy with a Wigan win as it keeps Cats in the fight for a top 8 place but with a game in hand and a run of home games Rovers shouldnt worry too much about the cut. And with Hull winning next week and being a form team with a game v Wakefield in hand they should be safe too. For me its Cas,Widnes,Salford and Wakefield who need to improve.