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  1. And Del Monte on board as new sponsor providing pineapple ring accompaniments.
  2. Rimmer needs a deep dive to objectively harness covalent information.
  3. Great thread. Tonga game was immense I can only really remember the last gasp no try for Fifita. My personal RL choice is the closing minutes of cowboys broncos NRL grand final esp the 5 minutes waiting for JT to scratch the paintwork. Just incredible sporting drama.
  4. I was one of them, a number of the group had kids / moved out / moved on. Might be worth ringing up the Maple Leaf in Covent Garden, they showed TWP v Broncos in the championship final last year. They may have more than one sky feed as it is a sports themed place. Good luck.
  5. Indeed so, he is a good player with lots to come. Sad to see him leave the Broncs but Ashall-Bott is a good acquisition and is a good prospect at 21. Another significant talent leaves the capital which is not surprising so an element of bitter sweet but I hope he pushes on and realises his potential.
  6. Kudos to Salford. I enjoyed the game. I’m also enjoying all the coverage they are getting esp. with Watson as guest on last nights game, and to hear how he has revitalised certain players. It’s a wonderful story and I hope they progress next year. Whoever joins Saints in the grand final it’ll be one hell of an occasion and regardless of the result v Wigan, it will cap a remarkable season.
  7. Then frown and shake head disapprovingly avec a small tut..
  8. He who dares, the written off road show goes all the way to the last week. Well done London ?
  9. Cribbins and a Pike is worth a like. Cribbins and a Common Bleak would have been optimal.
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