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  1. Cue more cribbling over whether they get any sky money. Be good to see him back in the game. Up the Crib.
  2. Fantastic performance from London, taking it to the wire. They never know when they’re beaten. What a scrap at the bottom of the table.
  3. Agreed and get a booking in early for Karl Howman or Pam St Clement for 2022.
  4. You lose your rucksack an hour prior to the 2020 challenge cup final. Who do you call to find it: Colt Seavers Jim Nettles Tosh Lines
  5. Did he do a Christian Gross and show his one way train ticket?
  6. Anyone referring to champagne as ‘bubbles’. Just no.
  7. Sir sir tiger were off sard when he bit me he’s gotta go
  8. That’s spot on. Remember seeing him get run over trying to tackle Corbyn Sims on a charge last couple of years on the end of a high shot. He wasn’t happy letting his side down leaving the field concussed. Fine player indeed and one that stands out in terms of skill and mental resolve.
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