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  1. What's the general consensus on George williams? My impression, only having seen bits and pieces, is that he's a solid nrl performer but nothing more than that. Is he likely to stay in the nrl? I'd like to see him return and hopefully come back here a better player who can raise the standard back in SL
  2. Surely it would have to be reasonably substantial otherwise where's any investor going to get any money back? I can't see anyone putting money into the Wolfpack now. There;s no return and even if there was it would be years away and negligible. I genuinely feel sorry for Wolfpack fans,but nobody else comes away from this debacle with any credit.
  3. I missed that Stan Robin was leaving to Villeneuve?! I thought he was one of Toulouse's better players..what's the story there?
  4. Given this seems to have been a problem going back months..not a one off..I think she's entitled to cause a stink. Clearly this keeps on happening and they have been allowed to get away with it..hence it keeps on happening.
  5. A bit of a random question, but my pond yielded shed loads of toads recently. It looks like there is more toad spawn in the last couple of days. I've googled everywhere but cant find an answer to: Do toads breed at the end of June in the UK?
  6. Football is king in Southport. There was very little interest in rugby of either code when I grew up there.
  7. Just finished a book called 'Legacy: Gangsters, Corruption and the London' Olympics'. It was a bit of a slog in places, but the picture it paints of corruption,nepotism and cover ups in the police, local authorities and possibly even at Parliament level was illuminating. When it comes to the Met and the various departments a lot of it sounds even more incredible than parts of Line of Duty. It makes you wonder how much of that is replicated across the country.
  8. My initial reaction was oh no not another one. But, if they can establish a genuine rivalry maybe there is a glimmer of hope. A lot of football and rugby clubs developed off the back of status rivalry amongst towns and benefactors. I certainly would have anymore transatlantic teams for a long time .
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