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  1. Unfortunately he is injured more often than not, which is probably why Leicester would accept this deal. I think he has the skills to succeed but his body will prevent him from being on the field consistently; which will prevent him becoming anywhere near good enough of a player for the money they will throw at him. I can't see this as being money well spent.
  2. I was having a debate the other week with my brother in law about why I've ditched my car and he claimed, with loads of sources which I admittedly didn't read, that air travel was in actual fact a far greater cause of man made climate change than cars. Only this morning I was reading about Jordan running out of water. I think the direction of travel if you pardon the pun will increasingly be towards minimising unecessary global travel as the effects of global warming become increasingly more severe and frequent. But who am I to argue the point with a Green Party Official.
  3. Some good points Cheshire. Given the pace of climate change and the increasing pace of opposition to pollutants, particularly air travel, I wonder whether the idea of setting up a transatlantic league will seem quite anachronistic before very long. It's very easy I agree to get on your high horse and criticise this and that without examining one's own practices, but actively establishing a trans atlantic league which involves multiple air miles seems to be actively heading in the wrong direction.
  4. Given the damaging effects of air travel on the environment, surely the last thing we should be looking to do is to increase our carbon footprint by creating a transatlantic league. Sorry, but on environmental grounds alone, I don't think it's the right thing to do.
  5. Not sure about that. The only logical justification for including a team literally thousands of miles away on another continent would be to drive expansion. They certainly have been presented as saviours of the game in the Northern hemisphere by some posters on here, rightly or wrongly.
  6. I think I probably misread an earlier post.
  7. It's a very valid question. My worry would be that without the buzz, adulation, status etc of being the boss of the Wolfpack, why would he continue to invest?
  8. I'm not sure Jordan's off the field lifestyle merited a sizeable contract at Leeds.
  9. Ages ago people were talking about a few League clubs in Valencia? What's happened to them?
  10. I could have sworn Jamal Fakir played in that game or is my mind playing tricks on me?!
  11. He got a lot of stick when he left Liverpool, from England fans in particular which I always found a bit strange, but also in the media where he was sometimes potrayed as being money grabbing for leaving Liverpool. Even as a Liverpool fan I found this a bit harsh, but I didn't exactly want him to be a roaring success either. Even if some of the stuff he has done recently has been heavily promoted by his agent, he does seem to be turning into a fairly impressive bloke. He's no age at really and most of the twenty four year olds I know aren't brimming with maturity
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