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In Topic: Appalling

03 May 2015 - 08:32 PM

The effort and work rate was good today. Batley also tried to move the ball which is a step in the right direction and I hope it continues even though Batley made errors.

Leatherbarrow was making his first start after his injury so looked like a player playing his first game for a month and clearly needs a couple of games to get back up to speed.

Leak(halfback) and Chandler(centre) both put in a good shift playing out of position but lack the quality to play in these positions on a regular basis. 


The result reinforced what the majority of supporters know. Batley need a halfback, a centre and a player who can organise/ run the game like Handforth or Black. 

Surprised Brown spends so much time sat on the bench. 


Based on current form and the lack of quality in the backs Batley will be relegated but it is a long season and Batley have got time to turn it around.


Surprised the club have not looked to Rugby Union with the season finishing for a halfback/centre. Must be a few ex- Rugby League players knocking about playing for teams in West Yorkshire.

In Topic: Gate on Sunday

01 May 2015 - 09:35 AM

When will the penny drop

That there ain't the folk interested in the batley area
Increasing batley's gates significantly is in possible

You'll get the hangers on and the glory boys turning out on special occasions... Every team does including us

Face up and wake up to reality

And take it from there
For batley is about getting the maximum out of what you have and hope their offspring continental the great work supporting their home town club

Not a pop...just seeing it from outside the box

There is enough people interested in Rugby League in the Batley area for Batley to attract an average crowd of around 1,000 to 1,500. 


Playing the style of rugby Batley are playing, playing players out of position game after game which effects the quality of the rugby Batley are playing and losing games will not attract new supporters or improve the current situation. It also makes it 99.9% impossible to encourage friends, family or the person down the pub to attend a game.


The club also need to do more in addition to the improvements made this season to attract the next generation of supporters for example (weather permitting) having junior rugby league games at half time. 


On Sunday Batley need to win. I predict the crowd will be 450.

In Topic: History repeating

14 April 2015 - 07:02 PM

relegation battle it is then! I just cannot see this team winning games the backs are probably the worst we've had

The forwards are keeping us in most games but we continually lose all the close ones.Our attack is totally sterile

why have we got no moves at all? Most of our tries are like pushover rugby union ones and the rugby we're playing

is as boring to watch as union.Looking at the crowd yesterday it seems people are voting with their feet and who


can blame them. i am finding myself coming away from games feeling cheated and bored,entertainment value zero.

Our home form is simply pathetic one win out of five so much for the mount becoming a fortress it's the same every

year we cannot use the slope.Injuries have played their part but excuses are for losers and boy are we losers.

 I agree with the post from Rod. I have had enough of watching a Batley side with one recognised half back or a second rower playing in the centre position.

Why have the club not planned to cover for Faal(who is injury prone) and a half back getting injured.

In Topic: Hunslet pedictions

18 February 2015 - 08:37 PM

I think this is going to be a tough one, by all accounts they gave a good account of themselves at Featherstone, but I'll go for a narrow win...

Latest news from the Hunslet camp:
Is Rhinos forward Brett Delaney on his way to the Hawks to gain match practice?


The Rhinos have no fixture this weekend so could see Leeds fringe players like Robbie Ward and Keinhorst playing for Hunslet. Expecting a difficult game but on paper Batley do look to have the stronger pack. I will go for Batley to win by 10 points.