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  1. It allowed them to potentially throw their hat in with scotland for the 4 nations earlier this year though. They even suggest NZ IS their true nation, in this instance though, it was never going to call. Same applies though, stop the swapping, stop all this nonsense.
  2. NZ, tenious but technically still heritage, McGuire never actually played for France but was involved in a couple of squads while at the dragons.
  3. you forgot Justin Murphy, Artie Shead, Vincent Wulf Casey McGuire and the Bentley brothers
  4. Did Sam Bugess come off the bench in that game and we restored a little bit of credibility?? the first half was woeful. Inglis was walking through at one point IIRC
  5. 2004 was pretty bad wasnt it. My memory is of Luke Rooney scoring at etihad in one of the pool games to win it for the Aussies. I actually had a ticket to the final but on the night before I was as Ill as I have ever been, ended up giving the ticket away and my mate had to suffer the defeat. I was so Ill I slept through it all!
  6. Highs: Like Lounge room Lizard said Its great to see so many nations playing the game as I remember a 4/5 team world cup. The 2008 and 2013 World cups were real international high points for me. a little off kilter but also, I remeber going to headingley to watch an England/France Tonga/Samoa world cup qualifier double header, I had never seen a 2nd tier nation like Tonga or Samoa in the flesh, the game was no classic but I felt then we might be on to something. England/GB Highs are few and far between tbh but 2006 has to be up there Lows: as an Englishman there are a few, most have been posted and are obvious but one really sticks in my mind that hasnt been mentioned. The 1992 World cup final- a ten year old me watched the game on the TV and thought Derek Fox had booted us to victory, in what felt like the last second of the match Steve "effing" Renouf scored out wide and crushed a ten year olds dream. Menninga might as well have booted my heart over the posts with the conversion. I still hate renouf to this day. Edit: the Wales/Aussie semi from 2000 has to be mentioned too!
  7. I love this thread.
  8. Comparing the WC games at DP against Workington's attendance or what they may be able to achieve on the back of those games is like comparing apples and oranges. Wrongly people seem to assume that ALL the people who attended the WC games at DP were from West Cumbria. I travelled from Barrow for both games, many other people I know from the south of the county went to the games, god forbid there was even some scottish people there too and as is the case at many RL games there were shirts from the Lancs and Yorks clubs too. Keith is quite right when he says that the allure of these games was top level players who you usually would not find in this neck of the woods. As Workington and Whitehaven, and of course Barrow are unlikely to attract these kind of players you will never see that kind of attendance for those clubs.
  9. before my day NWC side Hindpool were called corporation combine. Think it had something to do with the council. I always remember it on the changing room door when you used to get changed in the cellar of the pub across the road. Great days.
  10. Liam Harrison Injuired or not selected?
  12. Not this year they don't mate they packed in too, more stirling work from the raiders junior development.
  13. He is on the standby list mate.
  14. Thirded I will miss the diary so much as I have read pretty much every month since i was 18! I have always been interested in the state of the game in France, but Cliff also tells us about the things going on beneath the results and goings on in the LER, an insight into the fabric of the game in France. So, Thank you Mr Spracklen