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  1. Tonga - What now for them?

    Guess the tier system could do more damage than help in the future. It was in place when it was obvious these nations wouldn't get close to the big three. Like you say Fiji have got to the semi final of the last three World cups, when do they become a T1 nation? We said it after 2013 and were repeating again, we really need an International program so ALL nations get more games. So, I suppose in summary The RLIF/ARL/RFL never had any idea what to do to allow a nation to become tier 1 and will sort it out on the fly!
  2. Can England beat Tonga?

    In 2006 Tonga arrived in England for the Federation sheild they played England A after a scratchy game v Samoa at headingly (I was there!) and in the final at Hull? the Tongans totally lost it discipline wise and lost the game. I also watched Tonga lose a warm up to Cumbria!! Fast forward 11 years and some of us are unsure whether or not our first team can beat Tonga, who are a different proposition to 2006, this is in no way a criticism of any forum member but just noting how much International Rugby League has come in only 10 years and for me surely another sign that the big three are under threat from the pacific Islands.
  3. Awesome! I hope a large number of the players in these squads for this comp are available for those games next year
  4. They can play whoever really for me Scubby, they just have to play. I would happily see Italy play Lebanon every year in Australia, I know the thought of that makes the purists baulk but these nations need games whatever. Based on this competiton Lebanon V PNG would be great, and the authorities know - put the game in PNG people will show up no doubt. But I guess the logocal choice would be a pacific cup with Fiji Tonga, Samoa, Cooks, PNG? Again more games, against whoever and oportunites to take on Aus,NZ and England will hopefully keep guys with the smaller nations
  5. I thought that was amusing considering PNG have almost set some kind of record for number of dummy halves on the pitch at once (Aiton , Segayaro, Batiste) however, in that instance nobody wanted to do it!
  6. I guess you can only beat whats in front of you. As much as people have got exited about the Port Moresby crowd PNG are actually quite poor, its one thing blasting 50-60 past the likes of Wales and USA but I think they came up against a side far superior in England and we did what was needed. I am sure we will be better (have to be better) against Tonga. Other than agreeing on the thread about Bateman its really all nailed on who goes where should everyone come through fit as we look better with Brown in the side and Widdop at 1. Thought walmsley was really good again against a very physical pack so some good tests for the forwards today.
  7. easily the best game of the round for me a great clash between two very different styles of rugby Lebanon can be very proud of their effort. I said in the build up that if you were in the Lebanon squad mentally you would rather play Tonga than NZ and the score showed that. Lebanon threw caution to the wind with their crafty spine and for me if they had a little more up front when Twal and Mannah took a break I think they would have found it easier, and they were so very unlucky with the VR Again the problem will be when origin/city/country calls for Moses, Licha, Twal et al if Lebanon have no more meaningful games following the WC
  8. Following last weeks result I really thouhgt the kiwis would rip Fiji up and get back on the horse after a huge upset. You really have to take your hat off to the Fijians even accounting that they should have scored more points and the beleguered kiwis' form (or lack of it) has really ignited this competition. I loved the brutal defence down the middle by both sides which you are bound to get given the lack of tries but by no means was the game just about that. have to echo whats been said SJ has been poor and given his comments in the media, him kidwell and the rest of the kiwis need to have a good luck at themselves. Think I am right in saying the Kiwis come to the UK next year, It is imperative that Tonga/Samoa play games too, hopefully this would stop any number of Tongans/Samoans coming back into the NZ fold. Following these results I believe that regular games for the Islands could hugely damage the kiwis status in the top 3 in the future. And I am really glad it wasn't England beaten back to back by teir 2 nations because for many years, I thought we would be the first!
  9. Mad, the scottish family stood next to me at DP for the Italy game must have been make believe
  10. this ones the only game from round three I havent seen and I wouldnt go out of my way to watch a 60-0er but you know, Port Moresby, Im gonna miss you
  11. Sorry I said ""hundreds" and then replaced that word with "loads" how you have arrived at "I cant read or comprehend my posts" suggests to me that your one of those guys who will just keep going until I get bored and off You know as well as I do that the championship is a a tough league, streets ahead of the French LER so therefore there must be a number of players ready to play for any English club that might find itself in SL in the championship. Quite simple. You seem to think that bringing another French club into SL would give France more players to choose from however, I know that the French LER is a poor standard of competition. Throwing these players into an environment that they are not ready for will not benefit them as you will be spreading the thin layer of French players over two teams and that will not improve the French one bit. BTW you dont have to talk with me if its getting a bit too much for you though, I dont mind!
  12. what are you going on about?? There are loads of guys in the English championship who want a shot at SL and many who will get it one day. You cant say that about the LER! Think about what your saying, and have a look round, does any other SL team have as many foreign players as Catalan? the old wakey side had less aussies
  13. well we finished 6th in 2011 and fourth in 2012