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  1. Was out with said individual last night and he says he isn't signing
  2. I believe you are incorrect Donald
  3. Pitch hasn't been sorted the other one is a shocker
  4. The crux of the matter with oberseas is that in yhe past you could pick up guys on overseas working holiday visas and give them a chance. The system worked for both parties then as it gave relatively unknowns who hadn't succeeded at home to play over here wuth a chance to get noticed for superleagur or get a decent job locally and make a new life. For the clubs they could find real gems relatively cheap e.g. limmer jt luise ken kerr at town and fats lester etc at haven. There are new rules with border controls regarding suitability which quashed that. This was brought in as a reaction to the "theyre stealing our jobs" brigade so when brexit comes in the aussie players with non uk european passports e.g. Jarrod sammutt will fall under a similar bracket and be more difficult to find and employ
  5. Probably right mr davidson but they were very competitive in a strong cumbria league whereas the CML has been ###### poor this year tbh
  6. Personally I think that Brett is just looking after himself, going and playing closer to home is a no brainer especially if the money is better. If anyone on here got offered a job closer to home for more money would you go? Of course you would just wish Brett all the best and get over yourselves. I believe the reason we got in trouble was the amount of cash we paid players to keep them from havens clutches due to pride. Now haven have done the same with some players and its boom or bust for them this year. Barrow have cut their cloth to suit and have picked up the pieces which is smart on their behalf. It'll be a long road back for Town but if they do things right it can succeed, I believe that we need a set up geared for longer term similar to what Cresta is building at Barrow with the youth team and amateur links to add to the players coming through the amateur game
  7. Yeah but after watching the origin game west cumbria put 50 odd points on Barrow so theres a gulf between West and south at that age and I watched kells beat your 14's so they disnt go unbeaten. However theres nothing wrong with ambition just that kells brow and egremont were streets ahead of the rest of the comp when they stepped up
  8. Snoop that's right the amateur game is in crisis so the whole shooting match needs to get together and see where we can help each other including the pro clubs
  9. Just saying apart from your 14s none of your other teams were anywhere near this year
  10. There isn't any way and bigger clubs will always have a bigger pull that's just the way it is. The only thing you can do is engage the amateur clubs and make Town a bigger part of the cumbria rugby scene as a whole so they will have an affinity with the club, but it's not short term and takes effort.
  11. I was talking about the under 16s
  12. I can only comment for Cumbria but the league is much worse without the conference teams in it, but I can't blame the 3 teams for wanting to play at a higher level and the top 2 leagues in the conference are at that level. As for your team Joe you have a decent 14's but not much else and your first team got to 1 final this year but couldn't win anything in a the weakest league we've seen for years so adding in travelling might be deteimental
  13. Point is they should be left to develop
  14. Yeah big Mac get em signed up so they can train for a season get no game time and go backwards
  15. What youll get with pez n Fitzy is 100% effort and they're both fearless. Downside is they're not very pretty so the team photos will be bogging