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  1. RLWC 2013 to be a disaster....

    the article says "Such scenes could occur again, causing cloud storms in major modern cities such as London, Paris and New York". Well we'd better keep all the matches oop north then, maybe at grounds in towns which were built along that ancient stretch of Roman road (emsixtytwo way)!!
  2. R.I.P. Chris Percival

    May I also offer my condolences to the Percival family at this tragic time. R.I.P. Chris.
  3. Either they were ###### or fed up of singing "oh when the saints"
  4. How many pounds is david solomona overweight?

    Nearest guess! What's the prize? ok I'll say about
  5. Do we deserve to be in the National Papers?

    M62 my a7se! The towns and cities were built first not the other way round!
  6. any links?? would love to see some footage.
  7. SoOGB

    Here we go, let's throw cold water on the idea then, might as well take me bloody ball home!
  8. SoOGB

    Origin; the place from where someone comes. Castleford and Fev are towns in their own right, yes they may be in the metropolitan borough of Wakefield but we're talking 'roots' here just as Leigh is not really 'in' Wigan. Players representing their town or city of birth is surely something to be proud of and as a Widnesian I'd be more than interested seeing Richie (if selected) representing our town just as the Oldham folk would be of Sinfield and Eastmond. As for probs vs possibles, not interested, who would you shout for? and the east/west thing where do you draw the line? (don't say the pennines, means nothing in Wales or down south) For me there already is a town vs city rivalry and I think it would bring out a bit of ferocity in such an encounter.
  9. SoOGB

    City vs Town Origin City Origin Hull Leeds Bradford Wakefield Salford Liverpool (Graham) London Sheffield etc, etc Town Origin Wigan St Helens Warrington Castleford Huddersfield Widnes Leigh Halifax etc, etc I think that would give players the incentive and the fans too! I would watch a match like that. Imagine a SOO style intro with the players saying their name and where they come from; "James Graham - Liverpool", "Louie McCarthy Scarsbrook - London", "Richie Myler - Widnes", "Kyle Eastmond - Oldham". I can see that would interest fans outside the super league too. Can't think of why it's not been mooted before? We've got to forget anything that involves players from other countries, it's got to be British vs British so we can have at least 40 of our top players testing themselves out against each other. Reds vs Blues, East vs West, Probables vs Possibles doesn't do it for me but I'm a proud 'townie' and would love to put one over those 'city slickers'.
  10. "Rugby"

    what happened to the term 'rugger'? - always used in our family to describe the union code, 'soccer' for the round ballers and 'rugby' was ALWAYS the game played by Vinty Karalius, Wally Hurstfield, Frank Myler, Ray Owens and co!