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  1. This free talk is garbage. As mentioned above, it costs thousands to create the coverings for the trucks. Further, these advertisements have value. I thkink it was 1-2.5m pounds mentioned in the press release. Taking the cheapest figure, that's 10k per truck per year, Or 200 pounds per truck per week - and that's the conservative figure. Some say the value is 2.5 times that! Has anybody called an advertising company to find out the market rate for truck advertising? One thing the RFL get criticised for on these board is a lack of advertising. Now they get 100 moving billboard ads free for a year and people whinge about that. Moreover, they didn't give away the whole shop to get it. Other sponsorship avenues that Engage had tied up are free for the RFL to sell with the Stobart deal, so they get advertising and money out of this. It's like an episode of Yes, Minister in here. Sir Humphrey: If you want to be really sure that the Minister doesn't accept it, you must say the decision is "courageous". Bernard: And that's worse than "controversial"? Sir Humphrey: Oh, yes! "Controversial" only means "this will lose you votes". "Courageous" means "this will lose you the election"! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. classic commentaries

    David Woods in last year's Cup Final. "Forget the champagne stuff, this is real ale rugby league. Tough and uncompromising."
  3. Maybe we could apply for a license. The RFL are into expansion.
  4. Roadworks at Stanmore

    A ten minute walk condensed into a 45 minute bus trip. There are currently roadworks on Percival Rd near the intersection of Parramatta Rd. Sydney Water is fixing a mains pipe. Bloody noise has been interrupting my sleep. Go the Bluebags.
  5. Quins..

    I thought quins could have done soemthing at Brentford but that wasn't meant to be. Would like to see the team revisit Brentford if that club ever get their new stadium. There is a critical mass in London that will support rugby league but changing the brand every eight years or is hardly helpful. They are in a difficult position now. Stick with the current brand which many fans find offensive and the antithesis of the code in the interests of stability or risk annoying the existing fan base with another rebranding or move in the hope that it will attract more people.
  6. Someone get Steve Mascord on the line. Her knows all when it comes to this. I'm pretty sure if Manu players last year he'd be ruled out. This makes England look bad on two parts - first, they chose this blow-in in the first place and second, he's not eligible.
  7. His pay would be approved by the RFL member clubs or RFL Council I think. Comparing to the PM s not appropriate. It need to be compared against the chiefs of other national sporting bodies. A large salary is something that may be needed to attract the best available people in the market of sporting administrators. One then has to see a breakdown of that figure. Is it tied to incentives for increasing revenue, government funding, sponsorship. TV money, participation etc?
  8. Wendall, NSW Residents is the best of the NSW Cup. It has no bearing on elgibility for Australia. Wherever he plays, he's behind better players at Melbourne Storm. I saw him play for their reserves against Newtown in the NSW Cup. He's got the goods. He should consider playing at a club where he could get some more first team time.
  9. SoOGB

    The Indigenous v NRL All Stars concept was remarkably successful in Australia this year. A full weekend was dedicated to it, fans got to vote for the composition of the teams and there were several charitable institutions that benefitted from the game. Those ancillary features would be what's needed to help a fixture like this capture the imagination of the public. Put the national team against the International All Stars, made up of the best import, French and Welsh players.
  10. Kamping 4 Kumuls? Great initiative. I've only just read about it but am already thinking of what I can do at my local club Newtown Jets here in Sydney. We have two Kumuls in our team - Tu'u Maori and Keith Peters.