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  1. Whinging Aussie.

    What was the score today Colin? The first derby I've missed in years. Remember, Australians are responsible for the longest whinge in history (and not just sporting) the bodyline series and it's never, ever their fault. And well done Dewsbury. You're (statistically) comfortably better than us for the first time in about 15 years. Although 'young un', we have plenty of opportunity to get fourth in this daft new system so now is not the time to start scratching your own backs. We have a habit of hitting form late in the season.
  2. Sheffield v Batley

    Blues Ox. You place yourself up there with Paul Mennell and Gareth Potts. You must be a player.
  3. I think you'll find only Sper Duper Duper League fans would think this is a good idea. The thought of Dewsbury V Bradford A or Oldham V Wigan A would kill the 'smaller' clubs off once and for all. It's about as good an idea as the RFL suggesting to Sky they pull all their money out.
  4. England Team To Face Cumbria

    I work with a Bradford fan, Tony. Our standard Monday morning conversation after a Paul Sykes game at number 6: Terry: Morning Steve, good game yesterday ? Tony: Huummpph. Not really. Terry: Oh dear. How many time did Sykes throw the ball straight into touch ? Tony: Just Three Terry: Oh, er, is that all. What devastating piece of information does Sykes hold on McNamara which our National Coach couldn't possibly allow to be released?
  5. Widnes Vikings

    No, I will allow you to stop. My congratulstions were sincere, so there's no need to get eggy.
  6. Jeremy Smith signs for Wakey

    If it's the ex-Melbourne man, superb. If it's the ex-Salford man (as it probably is), appaling. There are miles better English half backs in the Championship than him. A rotten signing.
  7. Danny McGuire crocked

    What do you mean 'try to' ? It was a brilliant piece of cheating. Two superb bits of cheating (the other being Bailey provoking Radford), led directly to two Rhino victories and a home semi-final.
  8. How bitter are you. I suggest you and all like minded 'anti francise fans' stop moaning and give us some peace and quiet. Maybe you could all meet at the hotel accross from the LSV and create a new game, breakaway from the RFL and create a third code of rugby. Maybe call it Rugby Leigh.
  9. Crikey Lobbygobbler, can't you put another record on. Whilst I don't particularly like the franchise system, it does give a proper structured pathway for clubs to gain SL status and does, in my opinion, keep the 'lower levels' of our wonderful game competitive. Saying this, I find it difficult for a Leigh fan to have a moan about promotion and relegation considering the RFL let them remain in the Championship this year after being fairly and squarely relegated in 2009. Two clubs who are quite happy succeeding in the Championship (and with a fraction of the Centurians resources and their 'duel registration' players) ended your League and NRC campaigns, and in your one tilt at Super League you achieved the sum total of 5 (five) points. SL entry is all about jumping through the right hoops at the right time. Widnes appear to have done this, the rest of the Championship are either not interested or are quite simply not prepared for Super Dooper Dooper League. Tick the right boxes and you'll get there. Simple.
  10. Super League dream team

    Why, oh why, does Keith Senior always make it into these ? He's not even the best centre at his own club.
  11. Mark Smith released by Widnes

    Not suprised really. Can be brilliant for 10 minutes every few games. Disapears from games and has a tendancy to defend behind the markers and gets exposed once teams realise this. Another small step for Widnes towards Duper League by showing they'll give youth a chance ? I reckon he'll be at Leigh next year.
  12. Wow! What a salary! That's over 55000 medium BigMac meals and 13609 KFC Dipping Platters. A big dog's gotta eat!
  13. Bottom falling out of Leighs push

    I've just wikipedia'd Leigh and some interesting people came from the town, here goes: Pete Shelley, Georgie Fame, James Hilton, Ian Millward, Paul Rowley, Budgezilla, can you hear my Budgzilla ? Your boys took one hell of a beating!
  14. Bottom falling out of Leighs push

    Can you quantify this please ? I think you're the ignorant one hear ? 9 Leigh Centurions 20 9 0 11 4 420 572 -152 1,984 31 10 Toulouse Olympique XIII 20 9 0 11 3 556 582 -26 2,372 30 11 Doncaster RLFC * 20 1 0 19 5 257 955 -698 669 -1 Thank God the RFL took pity on you.
  15. Bottom falling out of Leighs push

    Okay, lets get things straight here. First of all, Leigh shouldn't be even be in this divison. Two, you can only beat what's in front of you and (according to an ex-Leigh player I was talking to) that was the best they had Leigh had without the duel-reg and Paul (Bibey hasn't been breaking any pots) Three, Leigh seem reliant on their duel-reg players rather them being the luxuary tthey are at Batley (feeder club for Warrington and Wigan?) Four, Batley are no fools. We have a top coach and a very good group of players. Five, hanging thier hat on the NR Cup is pathetic. And fianlly, I think I speak for most Batley fans, that if we don't tick one (or both) Supler Leage boxes, we will be squarely behing the Rovers in the play-off. Illusions of grandeur form Leigh. License - No chance!