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  1. GARY....S

    the Stu Dickens commemorative shirt

    can you get them in blue ?????
  2. GARY....S

    pre match drink

    Directions please, on official coach which watering hole (hop pole ????)and how do we get there
  3. GARY....S


    The usual suspects will see you in the south stand then Mart.After a beer or two in the hop pole
  4. GARY....S

    Flat caps n t-shirts

    Cracking caps the badge finishes them off perfect . Well done to all involved
  5. GARY....S

    Robs end of season bonus

    The wife spoke to Rob today he seemed pleased with the caricature(picture)
  6. GARY....S

    couple of shirts for sunday

    My mate was payed by paypal .The guy managed to get the
  7. GARY....S

    couple of shirts for sunday

    Be aware of bids from oz a couple of mates have been ripped off
  8. GARY....S

    Flat caps n t-shirts

    Tried that .only medium on web that would be a little tight to say the least
  9. GARY....S

    Flat caps n t-shirts

    Brilliant didnt think i would be able to get hats n t shirts but can get there afrter work now . Well done the club again for thinking about people that work all day ...
  10. GARY....S

    Songs for Sunday

    Why sing a song about c*s . why not concentrate on songs that will gee our boy's up personally think the c*s song is a waste of time .Dont here leeds utd fans singing we hate man utd in the middle of their games . they stick to backing the team playing in front of them ....(my opinion)
  11. GARY....S

    Liam Welham

    With atleast one Rovers fan in that team
  12. GARY....S

    Robs end of season bonus

    Colin put me down for a tenner the wifes going down for our grand final tickets friday will send it down with her
  13. GARY....S

    Flat Caps

    Cheers Sidnee
  14. GARY....S

    Flat Caps

    Can anyone put a photo of the cap up please . still not recieving emails from the club