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  1. It's one ground i can't stand been for RL and football. Give me Batley, Dewsbury, Barrow, Haven and Town any day.
  2. I'd love to be a fly on the wall lol.
  3. It was frowned upon we we used it ,how times change lol.
  4. I agree entirely ,Union or any sport.
  5. What progress ? We're no nearer beating Australia now then when SL was set up twenty odd years ago.
  6. Good player Morgan, hope he does well at Wakefield and glad he 's well away from McDermott.
  7. How have cas been screwed? They wanted a new ground but wernt prepared to pay for it. Excepted council or a shopping centre development to pay for it but both fell through. Can't see why they can't upgrade WR they've had plenty of Sky money and some healthy crowds over the years.
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