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  1. Although we didn't get to the GF again i think we've been 'spoilt' by winning virtually every week and this season is back to reality, its certainly going to be different ( but not for the first either) losing plenty.
  2. A few retired and the squad proved again they weren't quite up to the mark so it was pointless keeping them all again,anyway we couldn't afford to keep them all if we'd have wanted to. We've got to cut our cloth accordingly and fans have to belive the club - rightly or wrongly.
  3. Looks like it,it could change yet who knows lol.
  4. Used to it, but this season is about rebuilding and we simply don't have the money to splash out as in recent seasons,fans have got to realise that. Imho some of the players we've retained have pleased me and we will have to give them our support regardless who we have,no pressure this coming season for a change.
  5. I've just had a look at admission prices and it says +16 - £20 but doesn't have a lesser price for +65, so i wonder if that's going to be across the board instead of the £25 and £20 as was stated end of last season, children under 16 are £5. I couldn't see many paying £25 so maybe the club feel the same ?
  6. Hopefully but it's like Huddersfield a mainly football place.
  7. Exactly, just a guess at the final league table NOT the play offs that will come eventually.
  8. Choosing ours this year ,probably Batley but only the league game,Dewsbury and York.
  9. There's time yet,Rome wasn't built in a day.
  10. Fair enough but he was given his final league positions in the table.
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