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  1. They have investors but not the city owners. But I don't think they are shy of a few quid.
  2. I'd say the rfl should have something like 10 match bans for any kind of Spear tackle as a minimum. Referees need to be told that as soon as a tackled players feet are of the ground then the tackle must be called held. Head tackles need to penalised more stringently and punishments made more severe. Unfortunately a sport like RL will always have the potential for life changing injury but the above would hopefully make all players think twice about the way they tackle. And would Show that the RFL takes the risk seriously. I'd suggest players having some kind of education/course about spinal injuries so that they are fully aware of the damage they could potentially do if they get things wrong. I'd imagine that if the lawsuit is a success especially against the players who tackled him then that will focus all the players minds to not make such tackles.
  3. Nike did all the Australian SL kits they nearly all had a generic design in club colours. Overall it looked a bit naff. I'd say about 90% of Nike football kits use a generic design. It would be good to get a big brand doing all the SL kits but they would need to produce individual designs. How any money from such a deal was distributed would be problematic as there must be a huge disparity between the number of kits each club will sell.
  4. Can't link it but salford have launched their home kit and it looks pretty smart.
  5. It's all because of the disallowed try by Paul lord in the challenge cup semi final. Most oldham fans have never got over it.
  6. I know it's a different sport but if Iceland can beat England at football we should be able to beat Australia with the player pool available, Certainly more often than we do. We can't build pressure and we don't execute skills under pressure as well as them. I don't think SL puts our players under enough pressure consistently to produce the players to do this at international level, especially in spine positions. I'm not for a second suggesting that an increased player pool wouldn't help us though.
  7. Warrington away is lovely.
  8. We just need a world class half back. It's the only real difference between us and Australia and nz.
  9. Johnsons short kicking has been brilliant. Probably he main reason we aren't winning.
  10. The worst penalty you can ever give away.
  11. Don't get the negativity on this. He certainly isn't a world beater but he certainly won't let the dragons down and he has plenty of experience at the top end of the game. Unlike many of catalans recent signings his attitude should be good.
  12. Going to be live on BBC red button and via the website.
  13. The forwards should match whatever is put in front of them and if they play to the best of their ability should be able to get on top of any of the other packs. Our wingers and centres aren't as good but Hall, mcgilvray and Watkins can all hold their own and percival or sarginson don't worry me. If whatever half back combination we pick and whoever plays full back can perform well then we have every chance, if they don't then it will be close but no cigar again. We really need to get our kicking game to be better than it has been too. I think Wayne Bennett is a huge plus for us and I think his presence in our dugout has a negative effect on some of the Australian players. Overall, quietly confident but history warns against it. It's the hope that kills you!
  14. Former rochdale oldham and swinton player steve gartland has died. Thoughts go out to all who new him.