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  1. Terrible news for him to miss a world cup in his home country. England's chances just increased slightly though.
  2. Police confirm 19 dead and 50 injured. Terrible news. Condolences to all effected by it.
  3. Don't know what his rating is. I wouldn't pay any attention to it if I did. Polling 1000 people is never going to particularly accurate.
  4. Opinion polls aren't worth anything. Remain was nailed on. Hillary Clinton was nailed on.
  5. Having just read a breakdown of the Conservative manifesto I am at a loss as to how it would encourage anyone to vote for them.
  6. Watching a game on the BBC has been a more enjoyable experience than watching one on sky for a good fewyears in my opinion. They seem much more positive and talk about what is happening rather than something that happened half an hour ago. Even johnathan Davies seems a bit better recently.
  7. I'd say that, as long as GB is used only for foreign tours, this could help the likes of Wales and Scotland. Players can play for these sides and still get to go on tours. Under the current system the only way these players could do such a thing is during a aussie based world cup or to opt for England. Stronger home nations will only help England as we could get some meaningful tests played locally.
  8. Over 6000 is a great result. Sounds like the locals enjoyed it wich is even better as I'm sure they will all spread the word to family and friends. Really encouraging start for them.
  9. Not read the thread. But this seems to be an ideal game to test such an idea out. Long term this model is likely to be the future of broadcasting live events so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I'd say the price is fair. If I'm able to watch the game I will definitely pay up and watch it.
  10. Video of oldham street match winning try vs the bulls. It's a great try, the scorer is on loan from Castleford and looks a real prospect.
  11. I always think of the fullback from Salford in the late eighties /early nineties when it comes to skull caps. Steve Gibson I think he was called? Might have been Australian. Croker from Canberra always wears one but takes it off to kick goals.
  12. Great last minute win for oldham vs the bulls today. Probably to early in the season to call it a 4 pointer but a very valuable 2 points all the same. 10 years ago I'd never think that we would ever be playing Bradford in a league match never mind beating them.
  13. Powell must be the next coach for me. He seems to be a coach that can get more from his players and he plays a good style. Wane would be my next choice but I think his style of rugby might not be as effective against top international opposition as Powells would be. After those two money of the candidates fill me with confidence. Ian watson at Salford seems to be doing OK but needs to keep improving his salford side to be a serious contender.
  14. Total waste of time signing such a long contract in sport. If players want to leave they will leave. What if his form disappears or he gets seriously injured? Great that he is staying in the game of course but the length of contract just seems daft.
  15. I've found watching the live stream games has been a revelation. The single camera footage and lack of replays gives a kind of virtual terrace feel to watching. Being able to hear individual loud mouths in the crowd only adds to that feeling. The lack of replays is quite refreshing as focus is always on what is happening on the pitch rather than a forward pass 10 minutes ago. Surely similar broadcasts to this could be put on for games below SL. Clubs could even do this themselves and charge fans to watch. Priced right it could really help some clubs increase revenue assuming existing contracts don't prohibit clubs doing so.