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  1. Given leeds seem to have had massive injury problems wich would mitigate their league position a bit this seems a little harsh to me. The guy averaged a GF win every 2 years!
  2. Quite near where I live and grew up, easily the worst moor fire I've seen in nearly 40 years. Can smell the smoke as far away as Manchester city centre. Must be a nightmare to deal with as the terrain really isn't compatible with the job they have to do. Just hope there are no casualties. Surprised the army weren't called immediately as the more people and equipment the better I'd have thought.
  3. Massive risk if true. Been out of the game far to long in my opinion.
  4. Not complaining but how can a video referee not see that drop by hall?
  5. Go for it. Let's give the Americans a shot at promoting a big event and see what they can do. Get a big crowd of locals to come and if the players deliver on the pitch it could have quite an impact. It would be a bold move but I reckon bold is required if we want to get the USA's attention.
  6. See, some people now know who they are who didn't know previously. Sponsorship works! So whenever you have any civil engineering projects give them a call and remember to tell them where you heard about them.
  7. I think a more expansive game style could really trouble Australia, however I think playing that way probably would cause us more problems as you really can't give field position and possession to Australia and not expect to be punished for it. You would need it to really click for it to work. We need to improve our short kicking and game management and also just learn to be more patient on their line.
  8. A good performance until we get near the try line. Our short kicking was poor to non existent and we just can't seem to keep the pressure on when we get the chance with errors early in the tackle count on sets after Australian mistakes or penalties. Defence was great, if offered we would have all took only conceding 6 points before kick off and that's the first times can remember us finishing stronger than they did. Overall it's an opportunity missed but I'd say overall a step in the right direction for England.
  9. Really wanted a cas win but they were dire and Leeds just know how to win at old Trafford and just got the job done. Thought overall the game was poor, nothing particularly memorable or special happened. Think that cas really missed hardaker given the problems they had under the high ball plus who knows the effect that whatever has gone on has had on the dressing room. Thought they made an error not kicking the easy 2 points in the first few minutes, think taking an early lead might have helped the relax a bit. Certain leeds would have taken them if offered. The terrible ball control killed them though, I can recall 3 times they knocked on at the play of the ball! That's how you lose finals.
  10. Terrible news for him to miss a world cup in his home country. England's chances just increased slightly though.
  11. Police confirm 19 dead and 50 injured. Terrible news. Condolences to all effected by it.
  12. Don't know what his rating is. I wouldn't pay any attention to it if I did. Polling 1000 people is never going to particularly accurate.
  13. Opinion polls aren't worth anything. Remain was nailed on. Hillary Clinton was nailed on.
  14. Having just read a breakdown of the Conservative manifesto I am at a loss as to how it would encourage anyone to vote for them.
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