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  1. Quite near where I live and grew up, easily the worst moor fire I've seen in nearly 40 years. Can smell the smoke as far away as Manchester city centre. Must be a nightmare to deal with as the terrain really isn't compatible with the job they have to do. Just hope there are no casualties. Surprised the army weren't called immediately as the more people and equipment the better I'd have thought.
  2. The flash gordon movie is a great B movie. Pla net terror is a good modern take on the genre. Any film on Syd channel is guaranteed to be so bad it's good.
  3. Cheers. Was taken on a back street somewhere, its great when you find things off the beaten track.
  4. Taken somewhere in Tenerife. Really like this for some reason.
  5. I think the two divisions spliting to three mid season could be brilliant. The key to it working is if the caps are close enough to give meaningful competition in the middle division. As stated by others it would produce so many more games with something riding on them plus the top players would play more intense games each year. If this becomes reality it would need to be executed very well though. More details of funding etc need to be made public to make a proper judgement though.
  6. not really safe for work but gave me a few cheap laughs http://www.insultgenerator.org/
  7. No utd fan but i think Mourinho is the only one with the balls big enough to follow fergie.
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