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  1. Not read the thread. But this seems to be an ideal game to test such an idea out. Long term this model is likely to be the future of broadcasting live events so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I'd say the price is fair. If I'm able to watch the game I will definitely pay up and watch it.
  2. Video of oldham street match winning try vs the bulls. It's a great try, the scorer is on loan from Castleford and looks a real prospect.
  3. I always think of the fullback from Salford in the late eighties /early nineties when it comes to skull caps. Steve Gibson I think he was called? Might have been Australian. Croker from Canberra always wears one but takes it off to kick goals.
  4. Great last minute win for oldham vs the bulls today. Probably to early in the season to call it a 4 pointer but a very valuable 2 points all the same. 10 years ago I'd never think that we would ever be playing Bradford in a league match never mind beating them.
  5. Powell must be the next coach for me. He seems to be a coach that can get more from his players and he plays a good style. Wane would be my next choice but I think his style of rugby might not be as effective against top international opposition as Powells would be. After those two money of the candidates fill me with confidence. Ian watson at Salford seems to be doing OK but needs to keep improving his salford side to be a serious contender.
  6. Total waste of time signing such a long contract in sport. If players want to leave they will leave. What if his form disappears or he gets seriously injured? Great that he is staying in the game of course but the length of contract just seems daft.
  7. I've found watching the live stream games has been a revelation. The single camera footage and lack of replays gives a kind of virtual terrace feel to watching. Being able to hear individual loud mouths in the crowd only adds to that feeling. The lack of replays is quite refreshing as focus is always on what is happening on the pitch rather than a forward pass 10 minutes ago. Surely similar broadcasts to this could be put on for games below SL. Clubs could even do this themselves and charge fans to watch. Priced right it could really help some clubs increase revenue assuming existing contracts don't prohibit clubs doing so.
  8. If torontos crowds are anywhere near what the seem to be predicting I reckon that having the wcs there would be a great idea. 3 games over a weekend Friday night in vancouver Saturday in Montreal and the wcc match in Toronto on Sunday with the wolfpack playing a curtain raiser before it. Imagine if 2 years from now the wolfpack were just about to start there first season in SL and we could show them three games like the Warrington vs brisbane one and say this is what you have to look forward to. I really think that to succeed in Canada and the USA we need to be bold.
  9. Introduce optional penalties. The offended against team can either kick for touch with the tackle count resuming or reset the tackle count and play on without a kick to touch. If you kept penalties as they are now just for foul play you could hopefully reduce high shots etc too.
  10. While the number of clubs wanting to join our competition both here and abroad is encouraging and exciting it will probably be best to see how successful toronto are before making any grand plans. Assuming they are viable then they can provide a model for other new foreign clubs. Clubs like Manchester rangers would be simpler to add to the mix. Being hopeful, if the number of clubs does grow then the RFL will have to look at the league structure and be prepared to be flexible with it. Luckily fans and clubs are used to this changing fairly frequently. I'd imagine that should the Canadians and Americans really make a go of it then some sort of conference system would be the best system in the long run.
  11. Anyone saying it was pre season for brisbane, Warrington have played one competitive match. One. Hardly fully battle hardened. Brilliant result for Warrington and SL. Hopefully it's a result that can help the WCS concept wich looked a bit shaky prior to tonight. Hopefully wigan can put up a similar performance tomorrow.
  12. It used to have about 10 minutes on league and a similar amount on NFL. unfortunately the other 100 minutes weren't as interesting.
  13. I just hope that on the 60 minute mark one of them says "they have to try something different now. Maybe the little chip over the top!" Willing to see how they go in the role but it seems like a missed opportunity to have freshened the format up a little bit.
  14. The proof will be in the degree of success Castleford have. In all sports I admire teams that play with flair however I admire teams that win more. Super league defences aren't good enough to create outside backs and half backs capable of breaking the toughest defences at international level. For me super league needs to tighten it's style up, more games need more grind, scoring opportunities need to be rarer forcing players to be more clinical. Basically we need our players to be under more pressure for longer and we need to get away from having regular games where the losing team has scored 30 points or more.
  15. An evening or two on YouTube would be a decent way to discover some iconic games and players from all over the world. Watching the difference between a johnathan Thurston video and a Greg inglis and a sam burgess would show you what different positions on the pitch do plus you would see our sport at its most incredible. Welcome aboard. You have made a good choice. All thats left to decide now is wether to be an expansionist or traditionalist!