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  1. Sheffield Game

    Very well done Dave Naylor. Combining the video with highly entertaining commentry from the OCR guy has set a new standard for us all to enjoy. Apologies to the OCR guy for not knowing his name.
  2. Oldham Match

    On the day, I noticed it was quite unique that a game should last 100 minutes. We shouldn't complain because we were privileged to watch Jarrod performing his carefully timed and composed kicking. His graceful routine was rudely interrupted on one point by an impolite Oldham lady demanding: "Get on with it" So rude I know, but it was the best laugh of the afternoon. We all look forward to him progressing his career, possibly as a contestant on Strictly.
  3. Leigh Game

    I hate blaming refs too. Grimshaw scored a try slap down middle under the posts. Roper placed the ball down to kick the conversion. The Ref pedantically insisted he place the ball six inches further to the left. Hopefully, the referees assessor may have noticed?
  4. our leader

    The subject of money was raised at 28:45. 30:25 - Oldham and four other clubs get £150k 30:45 - Bradford get £850k 36:50 - Rochdale and Div one teams get £75k 44:15 - Halifax get £700k I knew nothing of any of this and found it informative.
  5. Jamal Chisholm

    At the game there was a steward, with dark glasses, parading the touchline, with a digital camera perched on his shoulder. Very spooky. Perhaps he could help with this issue. If not, I suggest he stick his creepy technology back up to where the the sun doesn't shine.
  6. George Tyson

    I just happened across this:- You may already know this but I didn't.
  7. Gloucester All Golds

    Ash Haynes broke his leg.
  8. Sorry TBozz.

    I put three line breaks in my message and they didn't appear in my first message to you.

    I guess it wasn't down to you.

    Sorry again.

  9. Excellent report TBozz.

    Please don't take the huff because I'm getting on a bit and my eyes aren't quite what they were.

    It's just a suggestion but could you please consider putting a line break between paragraphs. It would make it so much easier for me to read.