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  1. I like the optimism but not so sure about that. I hear the BP deal is on track and due any day now.
  2. Also gutted. Seems completely at odds with the comments publicly made by Frank Rothwell. What a real shame.
  3. Due to be completed over the next couple of weeks and well ahead of our new season.
  4. What a real shame if that's the case Tony - particularly after Frank Rothwell's positive comments in the press. Let's hope that's not yet another bridge that's been burned.
  5. That would be far too much like commonsense As a game, you just know we'll find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot.
  6. Take it that's a no then
  7. If your aspirations are to be a full-time professional sport, the comparison is anything but futile......in fact it's the only real one you can make. Define 'working' or what you consider to be your success criteria.
  8. Happens in football all the time. Why is that considered a failure of the sport?
  9. I’m pretty sure Herbie picked up on that fact my post was very much tongue in cheek There are some very over sensitive people on this forum
  10. Whingers? Really? Not seen any of that on here. Just supporters that care about their club and desperately want it to succeed. Nothing wrong with criticism as long as it’s constructive. Much prefer that to absence and apathy.
  11. Squad building going well, back to training shortly (at Little Wembley?), anybody heard anything about BP for next year?
  12. Good shout and what a team that was. Fordy, Brett Clark, Johnny Cogger, John Fieldhouse and a young Tommy Martyn to name just a few.
  13. Really solid player and a good signing for you
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