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    WANTED Strong, fit, young, handsome men. To Take part in a Tug-o-War team Or to just be there At Lee Brigg WMC, Normanton, On SUNDAY 14th August (12noon -5.00pm) For Tracey Milners’ (Swiftys mum) Special fun day. Proceeds between Fev Rovers and St. Wilfred’s RL boys team to send them to Australia (not permanently). For more information ring Tracey on 07988731826
  2. Another excellent report. I don't need the DVD now!
  3. Vic Johnson


    Starts at 5.30pm on Sunday (19th). This is a first for Rovers and needs a good support from the regular fans. This is very much a community activity and hopefully, subject to weather I suppose, we hope to bring people into the club who might not normally come in. If you know anyone who might be on their own or could do with a bit Christmas cheer then bring them along. The children from the Buccaneers and the Starlight Dance Academy will give us a nativity and good old fashioned carols will be sung. Hope you will support this event. Thanks.
  4. Vic Johnson


    Come along on a Wednesday night to Featherstone Rovers and watch the Scholarship training. See if you can pick out a future RL star. Drive into the training car park and watch from the comfort of your vehicle. Call in to SUE'S SCHOLARSHIP CAFE for a hot drink (including free biscuit). Sit in or take back to the car. All welcome and we need the money!
  5. Vic Johnson

    A proud moment

    I was invited to Wakefield Cathedral yesterday to watch Tracey (Swifty's mum), receive a posthumous award for Gareth. The principal of Wakefield College spoke very well about Gareth and his involvement in Featherstone Rovers. He was given the highest award possible and Tracey, dressed in cap and gown proudly accepted the award to massive cheers and clapping. It seemed a fitting end to a year dedicated to Gareth Swift.
  6. Vic Johnson

    Champions 2010

    This thread will go nowhere. In a normal world because we came top of the league, we would be promoted automatically and play offs would not exist. But this is the mad world of rugby league where anything can happen /change/be added/ removed/ turned round...etc at the whim of the RFL.
  7. Vic Johnson

    next season

    Feeling a bit better this morning. The players were gutted last night but all said they would come out of it stronger and so will we. Now, things to do, 1. Get my season ticket for next year. 2. Plan a Christmas Concert. 3. Get 'Hall of Fame' tickets. 4. Prepare for Bonfire night. 5. Get Scholarship dinner tickets and so on...... Theres a lot for all of us to do to keep this club right on the top of all thats good in RL. COME ON ROVERS.
  8. Vic Johnson

    grand final match day

    Bob, will you PM your address for me. Cheers.
  9. Vic Johnson

    Looking back

    I wanted to see a thread from the beginning of the year but didn't know the date. A troll through is fascinating. The up's, the down's, the moments of triumph, the times of sorrow. The joking, the arguing it's all there in the forum log. I throughly recommend it to you. The forum is a little piece of club history. What a year this has been for Featherstone Rovers.
  10. Vic Johnson

    Theres no need to insult us!

    Ah! I see. Thanks Mark.
  11. Vic Johnson


    Quote from 'Nosey Parker' column today, .......'Many former players will be in attendance with John Freeman, Dame Shirley Bassey's cousin by marriage' .......... In wales this makes him famous? Who are you related to that we might want to come and see you.
  12. Vic Johnson

    Theres no need to insult us!

    Quote from Danny Lockwood , page 21 This weeks League Weekly-'....with the slope to come, flat capped fat ladies were singing all over Featherstone!
  13. Vic Johnson


    I was hoping that we would be pulling in a few more supporters but those who were there really made some electric atmosphere. For me, this was rugby at it's best. Not technically perfect but full of passion. This team is really buzzing. With virtually all the same team next year, including KB, I think we are entering a new phase in the history of the club and I know I just want to be there. We must somehow pass this enthusiasm to more people and get more bums on seats. I am hoping that Warrington will a turning point and fans will want to start following more the club more regularly.
  14. Vic Johnson

    Flat Caps

    I wish you could be there Bob. If you open your window a bit you might be able to hear me shouting for our team.