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  1. This thread will go nowhere. In a normal world because we came top of the league, we would be promoted automatically and play offs would not exist. But this is the mad world of rugby league where anything can happen /change/be added/ removed/ turned round...etc at the whim of the RFL.
  2. Feeling a bit better this morning. The players were gutted last night but all said they would come out of it stronger and so will we. Now, things to do, 1. Get my season ticket for next year. 2. Plan a Christmas Concert. 3. Get 'Hall of Fame' tickets. 4. Prepare for Bonfire night. 5. Get Scholarship dinner tickets and so on...... Theres a lot for all of us to do to keep this club right on the top of all thats good in RL. COME ON ROVERS.
  3. Bob, will you PM your address for me. Cheers.
  4. I wanted to see a thread from the beginning of the year but didn't know the date. A troll through is fascinating. The up's, the down's, the moments of triumph, the times of sorrow. The joking, the arguing it's all there in the forum log. I throughly recommend it to you. The forum is a little piece of club history. What a year this has been for Featherstone Rovers.
  5. Quote from 'Nosey Parker' column today, .......'Many former players will be in attendance with John Freeman, Dame Shirley Bassey's cousin by marriage' .......... In wales this makes him famous? Who are you related to that we might want to come and see you.
  6. Quote from Danny Lockwood , page 21 This weeks League Weekly-'....with the slope to come, flat capped fat ladies were singing all over Featherstone!
  7. I was hoping that we would be pulling in a few more supporters but those who were there really made some electric atmosphere. For me, this was rugby at it's best. Not technically perfect but full of passion. This team is really buzzing. With virtually all the same team next year, including KB, I think we are entering a new phase in the history of the club and I know I just want to be there. We must somehow pass this enthusiasm to more people and get more bums on seats. I am hoping that Warrington will a turning point and fans will want to start following more the club more regularly.
  8. I wish you could be there Bob. If you open your window a bit you might be able to hear me shouting for our team.
  9. ...So long as it's a fair game and the Referee hasn't been instructed about who must win.. (Sorry, wash my mouth out. ) It only seemed as though the Barrow match last year was rigged. Trust the RFL? Of course I do.
  10. You'll be there Bob. You might not be able to shout as loud as some but you'll be there with all the right thoughts for the club. (Have you thought about connecting a voozewotsit to your air bottle!)
  11. Not directly related to the main point, but I was interested in your by-line. I too have tried to change my name but cannot for the life of me find a way to do it. I am given to understand that this forum does not allow it but others do. It's all a mystery to me!
  12. Will someone work out for me where the league table would be without bonus points please?
  13. Until the 'new' stadiums came along it was normal to mix in with with fans from the opposing team. Now we have segregation in the new places, Sharing a your love of the game with others was always part of the day. In fact I can't think of many occasions where trouble has started between rival fans at PO.
  14. It couldn't have been easy being a Barrow fan today but thet were a lovely bunch of people and very friendly.
  15. It didn't sound very genuine to me! I think Sidnee and Lowfield have got it right.
  16. Just been watching the video. It's gone all up market. Really good presentation and good camera work. As usual, Martin tells it as it is. Excellent value for
  17. Fantastic. Lets hear of some more PROUD MOMENTS.
  18. Kyle, Jon steel, Jonny grayshon & Zak, giving their time to train the kids. All the work done in schools with Laurabeth & Ryan Sheridan, Doug and Barbara Wilford working with kids many of us wouldn't go near, Dave Downs working with people who find it hard to keep control and understand the world they are in. Matty Dale, Danny Allen and so many more volunteers all working to try and make a better world for so many people. Robin Sharp and his team bringing young people to the game of Rugby League. Daryl Powell, determined to develop an academy worthy of any club. I feel so proud to be part of such a wonderful community as FEATHERSTONE ROVERS. Thank you, all of you and God Bless the lot of you. (Thats an official blessing by the way).
  19. I've got a great idea that will change the way the RFL is seen worldwide. Lets invite the 2012 Olympic Committee to follow the way we run Rugby League? This is what we do. We invite athletes from all over the world to come to London and have a knockabout in the new stadiums we have built. After a while we choose say, ten or twelve athletes to go forward to the 'Super Athlete' stage. (These will be chosen by who is wearing the nicest colours). Then, these few selected athletes run up and down a few times. It won't matter who is first or last because the winner will the one who has the best smile on television. I believe this will bring in 100's of millions of viewers from all over world in the same way that thousands are flocking to watch non-competitive Rugby League. We can invent athletes, anyone even if they have never run before. This way we will see a lot more sporting disiplines taking part in absolutely pointless sports. We wont have to follow particular atheletes or countries, we wont have to get excited about watching nail biting endings. All we would have to do is sit in front of the television and simply watch. Seriously though, without competition and fire in the belly to succeed any sport is pointless. Even my Grand Childrens' Primary School now have winners and losers in their sports day. Someone, please, at the RFL wake up and make this wonderful game a game worth watching.
  20. Sidnee, just make sure you never lose your sense of humour, it's priceless.
  21. Is this new stadium for the use of Castleford and Wakefield exclusively? Even if we didn't want it, it should surely include us in it. We are a third of the council tax payers involved in Rugby League. We should have the right to use the stadium on equal terms. Are we being consulted by the Council on our needs?
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