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  1. Featherstone snap up Ben Hellewell

    Looks handy, some interesting signings I can barely keep up with them!
  2. Try cutting and pasting it into your URL. George Riley just shared it on twitter!
  3. Player ratings

    Featherstone Rovers: 28. Hepworth - 9 2. Powell - 8 3. Smeaton - 7 Chappel - 8 5. Saxton - 7 6. Kain - 8 7. Finn - 8 16. Morrison - 7 29. Hemingway - 7 15. Haley - 8 11. Grayshon - 7 19. Divorty 8 13. Dale - 8 Substitutes 8. Tonks - 7 10. Dickens -7 12. Spears - 7 14. Welham - 6 Felt bad for welham, as I like the lad but didn't make his Ark yesterday. Tonka is my fave player in this squad but didn't make his usual impact!
  4. Todays the day!

    come on rovers, lets sort this fax team out and win this trophy you deserve it with all the hard work you have put in!
  5. Benny kaye

    wow great news!
  6. It makes yer proud

    Great to hear, what a club we belong to! Up the mighty mighty featherstone rovers!
  7. New contracts

    great news tonka is my favorite!
  8. Referee v. Whitehave

    Good post, we need to chill a bit witht he referees. Yeah some are worse tha others but moaning on a public forum is not going to change this!
  9. MOM - Leigh

    Smeaton Tonks Spears all awesome, shame Welham didnt chase that big lad down the wing to score though or I would have put him in 3rd
  10. Featherstone V Leigh.Thurs 7.30pm

    the lads did well, Smeaton MOM for me as well, although Tonks, Welhem, Kaye, Finn (kicks were awesome) Dickens and Hardacker were outstanding. Well played lads we are actually nearly there!
  11. Thanks to your fans ..but

    God play another record. I was not going to reply to this because I did not want it putting back at the top of the forum listings, and therefore back into the public eye, but I am sick of the same posts. I notice that we never got this sort of posting anywhere near as much last year. Is it that all our fans used to be well behaved all season last year, or is it that it makes people feel better when they lose to us if they can have a moan on the forum about SOMETHING they consider legitimate. If this really bothers you report it officially. if your post was really to thank us publicly then you would have left out the bit about some idiot shouting abuse, but it was obviously a moan about that fan that you have tried unsuccessfully to disguise as a compliment to our fans.
  12. OT - Micks caricatures

    Mick My mate Owen should have contacted you about your work? Ive sorted it anyway hopefully it comes off for you.
  13. OT - Micks caricatures

    thanks bob I've sorted it now!