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  1. Indeed. Anyone apart from the captain should not be able to question or talk to the ref unless pointing out an injury. Just like in the amateur game. And then he should be referred to as"sir". Bring back some manners into our game and show the rest of the sporting world how to behave.
  2. Mortis

    The Golden Point

    I know, that's why I said they could have taken a short kick off
  3. Mortis

    The Golden Point

    No, it's not a weird way, it's the rules. First team to go a point in front in extra times wins. Fax got into a position (the "territory") to be able to score the winning point and they did. Fev could have taken a short kick off and fought for possession of the ball and six tackles to score but they chose to kick it long and ultimately lost. There are four ways to score (OK, only three would count in golden point) and Fax chose the easiest option. Fev would have done the same if they'd had the chance. RL could always have ten minutes each way and then golden point but where do you stop?
  4. Mortis

    The Golden Point

    The rules are the same for both sides. Unfortunately Fev let the lead slip and Halifax took advantage. Live with it!
  5. Bulls / Northern first and foremost. Second team are Keighley as they were the catalyst for Super League and were right royally shafted after doing everything to get into the top flight and then denied. They also have a Bradford post code Next team would be any team playing the rhinos My amateur teams would be Wyke and the Heavy Woollen Donkeys as I played for both. I really must get down to watch the Donkeys next year or even for the Stable of Origin this year. Go ROTWHWD . I also played union for Wibsey alongside Wolford 76 but keep that to yourselves.
  6. Mortis

    Bradford Bulls Pledge Campaign

    Well, they can park there if they like but no one will see them as it's now part of the big hole Beside, I have seen a bus with "that team to the east of Bradford" plastered all over it driving through Bradford.
  7. Mortis

    Hey, were on the telly!

    Too many to mention but there was one time at Hull. Karl Pryce had signed for Glawster so I put my Glawster RUFC shirt on. I think there was a minutes silence before the match and the camera scanned the crowd. Cue several texts saying "what are you doing wearing a Glawster shirt" and "are you at Hull?". Plus one saying "Oi Mortis, look behind you" only to see fellow Donkey Smiler stood just up from me.
  8. Mortis

    Leeds Rhinos v St Helens

    As a born and bred Bradford lad (well, apart from a short time in Morley as a very young child), I shall be cheering Saints on. Well, I would but I'll be on the ferry to France at the time the match is on. Go Saints!
  9. As usual, some good ideas, some bad ideas and those who are only too willing to rubbish them all because they don't agree with them. How about some positive, constructive criticism for a change? Oh, I forgot, this is a Rugby League forum full of narrow minded, flat cap wearing northerners who dread travelling any further than twenty miles from the M62
  10. Mortis

    how good is this

    1901! It's good to see fashions never change in "that place to the east of Bradford"
  11. Mortis


    I believe they may be. A lot of them are from some placed called "Northern England" which I believe is in Queensland! Those Cockanees can't pull the wool over my eyes... BLIP!
  12. Mortis

    Mine's bigger than yours!

    I used to really look forward to the Bradford - Halifax match. A much better derby than Bradford - that team to the east.
  13. As I keep saying to everyone who slates off the ref - go and do the course yourself and prove you can do it better! If not, shut up and put up! But it is true, they are biased against the mighty Bulls!
  14. Yes, you're right. That was definitely a voluntary tackle by Chris Joynt and "that team to the east of Bradford who we won't mention" were miles offside! Before anyone whinges, I'm a Bulls fan and I'm being sarcastic!