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  1. Yes agree , not good enough for a set up like this .....York Acorn 22 v 28 Hunslet Club Parkside....
  2. I seem to remember Fryston trying this at Queens and a Fryston player came off 2nd best (broken jaw) , even the Frystons ground is called the Graveyard....
  3. I,m looking through you .....Rubber Soul Album
  4. Hunslet RLFC 18 v 19 Hunslet Club Parkside ft
  5. Sunday 29th Jan , 3.00pm SLS .......Adults £10 , Concessions £5 , kids free.... Hunslet RLFC v Hunslet Club Parkside NCL....
  6. I would,nt rule any of the above mentioned out of playing again HGG
  7. Were running 3 open age teams this year all summer , 1st , 2nd and Academy , about 3 1st teamers have hung up their boots but in the amateur game its never a cert , is it , in Craig Miles , Pat Banks and Luke O,Malley , but the squads looking good for the up coming season....
  8. Sorry neutralfan only just seen the msg , Hunslet 4 v 10 Oxford rflc....
  9. Sunday 15th Jan ......11.30ko... Hunslet Club Parkside v Oxford RLFC.....Station Moor ....Opp Gardeners pub.
  10. Churchill said in ww2 that Hitler and Stalin were both evil , but he had to make a choice which one to side with , i think same appies with what going on in the America , which is for the better!!!!!
  11. Do Oulton get chance to contest this or is that 100% official......
  12. Yes agree that the Oulton question should have been sorted before the Div 1 weekend games , if a 2 point deduction is awarded , it would see Oulton down and Hunslet Warriors safe.....wrong for the clubs to be waiting on the outcome.....
  13. Been on the NCL Twitter site , wheres the final try !!!!! like to see if it was...
  14. Hunslet Club Parkside for the first time won,t be running a winter team , but next summer season we will be running 3 open age sides , and as far as Hunslet Warriors go they need to win their final game and other results go their way .......
  15. Is there any truth in that players can only get picked or go on so many tours ,and once their quoter his full then they can,t be picked or tour no more????