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  1. How bad is the NCL + RFL media and promotion of this Final , 6 days away and still nowt on website .....
  2. Hunslet/Swinton supporters games

    Cheers Mark and the Swinton supporters , for your help
  3. Hunslet/Swinton supporters games

    Cheers for that i'll pass the msg on , thank you
  4. Hunslet/Swinton supporters games

    Its long shot is this but one of the Hunslet fans who played in the 1st away game over at Swinton early 2000 , was asking if there was any PICS from this game or any other games between the 2 sides , Swinton supporters played in the Folly Lane strip and Hunslet played in Hunslet 2nd strip (Chocolate/White) , i seem to remember the the number 7 for Swinton was in his early 50's then , also a lad called Mark , Horse , thats all the names i can remember , glad if anyone can help cheers Rick ......
  5. Prob gunna go watch Warriors , then i'm at a BBQ at 4'ish , best of luck Brassy for the game mate....
  6. If it was a league game , they'd would have had a team , why enter if your not gunna play !!
  7. Thato Heath

    A good Knock-on won in the end lol
  8. A new low

    Totally agree , also like we've seen with Chelsea , Leicester when players don't put a shift in to get a coach sacked , not saying thats what happened with Coyle and the players but players should go see the board if they've got a problem ....
  9. Today's game

    No it was'nt Ian or his family lol , but if whats true about the players being overweight and dont seem bothered , even when Eaton and Coyle were there , i do think the board should be asking questions to the coach about fitness before it gets to this stage , a board cant just sit back and watch this happen and do nowt about it , thats how i thought the DR saga dragged on and the club are still feeling it now ....
  10. Today's game

    Most of the fans were there and did watch DR rugby at sls when it started Steve , but when someone on the board quoted , that they only buy a pint and packet of pork scratchings , which was'nt true , they put a fair bit of money over the bar , and we can do without them type of fans someone said , no one ever said they'd come back when DR was gone , i dont go due to money , but people can't be expected to pay £15 a game , i've watched em play bad for years near that price , but i would'nt pay £15 a game to watch teams no better than mid NCL teams and to watch £2 upwards .....
  11. Fryston Warriors

    I spoke to Phil Sharpe after the game , and he said BARLA had brought a bag of 7 balls , and both Old Boys/Fryston will have used theirs as well , but should'nt have play stopped for 10 mins waiting for a ball at a final....
  12. Fryston Warriors

    On the Barla site it gives the result as 10 v 39 , but everyone was saying it was 10 v 37 , i was willing to give Fryston the chance that their coach was saying that they'd changed , but after yesterdays display , nothings changed in my mind , still the same club who live in the 1970's style of pub rugby .....
  13. Fryston Warriors

    Fryston Warriors 10 v 37 Hunslet Club Parkside ft....... Fryston let themselfs down today with discipline once again , 2 sent off and 2 sin bins and also had an extra player on at one stage , Old Boys did'nt bite and stuck to their game plan . A final run by BARLA and only 2 balls , play was stopped for 10 mins due to no rugby balls , MOM was Jamie Fields , closely pushed by Craig McShane (fullback).....