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  1. What is the future ?

    Still waiting ALAN SMITH !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. What is the future ?

    Yesterdays game between Hunslet Warriors v Blackbrook did't take place due to Blackbrook not turning up , earlier in the season (12th Aug) this happen to my team Hunslet Club Parkside (Old Boys) when they did'nt turn up to our place , this fixture was given a new date of 14th Oct , been told now that this fixture will not take place , thought i'd seen the last of this when we we're in the yorkshire/pennine leagues , hope this is'nt the future for the NCL......
  3. cup final programme

    Mate of mine downloaded about 30 on line , day before the final , there was'nt any on the day for sale , only place you could get them was on line .
  4. Great day out for the Hunslet fans , all the team played their part in this win , in the 1st half Jamie Bradley was outstanding , everyone was commenting how good this lad is . After the game , please to see the St Pats players and fans shaking our players/fans hands and wishing us all the best for next season , the clubs a credit to the game , the venue was also better than last year for food and drink service , the PA announced that the final would be back at Batley next year , Milford this Saturday , Bring on the Treble
  5. How bad is the NCL + RFL media and promotion of this Final , 6 days away and still nowt on website .....
  6. Hunslet/Swinton supporters games

    Cheers Mark and the Swinton supporters , for your help
  7. Hunslet/Swinton supporters games

    Cheers for that i'll pass the msg on , thank you
  8. Hunslet/Swinton supporters games

    Its long shot is this but one of the Hunslet fans who played in the 1st away game over at Swinton early 2000 , was asking if there was any PICS from this game or any other games between the 2 sides , Swinton supporters played in the Folly Lane strip and Hunslet played in Hunslet 2nd strip (Chocolate/White) , i seem to remember the the number 7 for Swinton was in his early 50's then , also a lad called Mark , Horse , thats all the names i can remember , glad if anyone can help cheers Rick ......
  9. Prob gunna go watch Warriors , then i'm at a BBQ at 4'ish , best of luck Brassy for the game mate....
  10. If it was a league game , they'd would have had a team , why enter if your not gunna play !!
  11. Thato Heath

    A good Knock-on won in the end lol
  12. A new low

    Totally agree , also like we've seen with Chelsea , Leicester when players don't put a shift in to get a coach sacked , not saying thats what happened with Coyle and the players but players should go see the board if they've got a problem ....
  13. Today's game

    No it was'nt Ian or his family lol , but if whats true about the players being overweight and dont seem bothered , even when Eaton and Coyle were there , i do think the board should be asking questions to the coach about fitness before it gets to this stage , a board cant just sit back and watch this happen and do nowt about it , thats how i thought the DR saga dragged on and the club are still feeling it now ....