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  1. Top & bottom of shirts are prime advertising space now with players name & numbers on the back. Add Town as well and it's pretty congested. If we sacrificing Town on the back to bring in extra sponsors to put better players in those shirts that will do for me. No brand ? The blue V On white is as iconic as it needs to be for most folk to associate that shirt is a Workington shirt.
  2. Does it hurt you to say 'we' when talking about Haven....?
  3. Ginock1


    Dya not know ? You usually do.......
  4. Somehow Bradford will end up in Super League out of all this! ?
  5. Nobody's forgetting anything about Sam. He's a good player, a solid player , is he X factor full back, no, is he reliable, relatively mistake free , yes and supports well which is where his tries generally come from. Not sure if he'll get full back as Haven have signed Burns back on. Another poster said burns will play centre, but they've got Parker, mossop, Taylor & possibly Holliday for that position. So could be a wing birth if Sam goes there which is a backward step after he became No1 full back here. Good luck to him if he goes. He will have his reasons. Never heard a bad word said about him.
  6. Of that there is no doubt. However as I say as long as we work with the other sporting teams and short term loss can be offset with long term gain. Good relationships are worth it, sometimes mixing in new circles can lead to new and exciting developments. We have a great club, lets hope a millionaire from the 1920s is there, they'll be worth a bit now!
  7. It's a fair point from both. As the committee has taken the decision and showed good will towards the Zebras it is a good opportunity to ask for a reciprocal agreement where the Zebras hold an event at D.P Or even suggest a mixed cross code game at Derwent Park as a fundraiser for Carl providing the coaching staff agree. Be harder match than playing BARA like last year in any case....even if it's just for getting back into contact as first hit out...
  8. Youve resigned Tim Spears , he's your pack leader isn't he ?
  9. What will be will be. You can't make people fall in love with town, the players who jump back & forth eventually will have an end life and will have no respect from either set. I'd rather walk up to the likes of Carl Forber or Tom Curwen and say thanks for your efforts and know nothing about it was false.
  10. Delighted to see that, committed and proud to play for his local club. Great news
  11. Wilkes lasted 5 mins, Penky maybe 10 Singleton 15. No miracle, no smokescreen they just had a go. And it told ,we were out on our feet at 70. A word for the lads , the effort was amazing. The support was also fantastic. Really enjoyed the season.
  12. The focus has to be on the game now. There has been traditional media work with local radio, TV & press. The message to me anyhow has been clear. Alot of time ,effort and focus on a lot of things going on behind the scenes. All unfortunately to no avail. Decisions have been made by Rfl and now the focus is on the game. Players were offered to forfeit and declined , they are fully focused on giving it their best shot. That's all I need to know. We know where the game is, we know the team needs us. Up the Town
  13. Sorry quoted RahH by accident. Maybe not depleted enough not to name 17, talk of Bracek Hansen & butt missing but could be all kidology & smokescreens. Thank you to all the directors and volunteers who have tried in vain as well as doing their jobs to mediate with the RFL, unsuccessful yes but unnoticed no. But now things ain't changing at this stage so now we need to put all focus into the game. New heroes can step forward. Tom Curwen & Dawson can step out of the shadow of Ollie & Fui and become stand out players, not just good but real leaders. Jamie will step up & if he and Carl can control the game we can do this. Good luck to the players. Big hearts, strong minds Up the town
  14. 100% agree We would not have gelled into the team we've become if 3 of those 5 lads were persevered with. The other 2 were fairly told to find game time elsewhere which instead of wasting a full season getting very,very limited game time we done the right thing by them however hard it was for them to hear it. Bailey was good for us cue interest from Leigh so he went. What are you talking about here. The club is not a bottomless pit of money oldrake but you expected us to pay 3 lads all year just in case we may need them. Get in the real world.
  15. Can you put the link on please can't seem to find it.
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