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  1. 2016 Four Nations (Merged threads)

    For me it has to be an ambitious programme tempered with realism. One with a large a geographical spread without being "pin in a map' planning. Also we have to look at the bigger picture. It has been flagged up that this test series against the Kiwi's was the first time we had played at home since the world cup. With the mid-season Anzac text looking like being missing from the calendar the Kiwi's won't have had a home test for a few years ahead of the world cup in 2017. This coupled with the fact the NZRL are looking for some cash for me it is an obvious choice to include a round 1 fixture in New Zealand (as has been done previously). With this fixture being played at a more TV friendly time down under it should also increase the appetite for TV companies down under to prioritise the tournament. With a limited marketing budget this also reduces the dilution of resource when promoting individual games in the UK. It also has the added benefit of reducing the time down under players spend away from their families. I think I am also correct in saying that when England face Scotland it will be the first time these two nations have faced each other at a full Rugby League International. Interestingly though the first ever "Rugby" international was between Scotland V England in 1871 when Richard Osbourne played who would become Rochdale Hornets first ever captain a couple of months later. Also soccer's first ever was between Scotland and England in 1872. So I think we should mark the historical nature of this game by playing it at the Birthplace of the game in Huddersfield. Round 2 As has been said during this series, the National team should play in the Nation's capital. We have had a lot of success with double headers in recent competitions (World Cup & 4 Nations) and the Olympic Park seems to have had a big thumbs up by fans, so a targeted attendance of 54,000 has to be achievable for a game in the Nation's capital. Round 3 Hull has always supported International Rugby League and as such deserves a fixture as a reward for that ongoing support. England V New Zealand would seem the best fit. Scotland are slightly more problematic, but we have some great learning from the 2013 World Cup. The games at Workington proved to be a massive success, well supported with enthusiastic crowds. Cumbria deserves a fixtures as a hotbed of the game and our nearest hub to Scotland. Final I believe the final should be played at a prestigious venue, given the fact the regular fixtures I have covered West Yorkshire, London, East Riding and Cumbria the one area of the game which is a hotbed is Greater Manchester/Lancashire. The Etihad is a modern accessible stadium, which is regarded as a premier venue nationally and has the kudos of Internationally known. Again the learning from the 2013 World Cup is sell out the final and the group games take care of themselves (with a little help!). These fixtures take the game on the widest practical geographical spread, taking the games to where the fans are. It still is a major task with near to 200,000 tickets to sell, or put another just 60k less than the ill fated 2000 world cup which had 31 games! So my fixture format would be. Round 1 New Zealand V Australia-Auckland England V Scotland-John Smith's Stadium, Huddersfield Round 2 England v Australia-Olympic Park, London Scotland v New Zealand-Olympic Park, London Round 3 England V New Zealand- KC Stadium, Hull Scotland V Australia- Zebra Claims Stadium, Workington Final 1 v 2-Etihad Stadium, Manchester
  2. Warrington & Rochdale

    "Swinton are doing it the proper way." Your words not mine.
  3. Warrington & Rochdale

    Without this descending into a slanging match what you are saying is a team who don't play in their named town, don't train in their named town who as far as I can tell don't have any players from their named town are somehow deemed to be "doing it right"? Hornets will only training in part at Warrington with training also in Rochdale, they will be playing in Rochdale and have increased the number of local players offered contracts. They have taken on a new facility in the town and are working hard to get it up to scratch but as it has no floodlights it is of no use as a training venue during the winter months. They have launched a charitable foundation whose motto is "to get More People Playing More Rugby League More Often".
  4. Warrington & Rochdale

    Where do Swinton train??