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  1. Apart from 2016 when we beat them in the final!
  2. In reality Mr Rush should have done the decent thing and fallen on his sword. His tenure as chair has been a disaster, splitting the club off the field, and on the playing side he’s already on his third coach in little over a year and the team performance the worst since the dark days of 2007 & 2008. We need to re-capture what the club showed it was capable of during the previous 10 years. Strong, open leadership, a culture of building a winning team and people feeling included. As a gesture the new board should co-opt the three members who missed out when the goalposts were moved at the AGM. These actions will go some way to repairing the damage the AGM did to the club.
  3. Having slept on it I feel even more angry about what happened yesterday, especially having just got off the phone and being told a lot of the volunteers who support the club have had enough and are walking away. Shame on those who have caused this
  4. Tales of hand delivered multiple memberships handed in by one individual in the same handwriting and these turning into votes/proxy’s Changes on rules on the day against the rules of the constitution Allowing people to make speeches attacking hard working members of the club, again against the constitution
  5. You obviously weren’t at the meeting Changing the rules by using ‘proxy’ votes on the day! railroading through changes on the number of those elected but saying that 3 more would be elected in September, presumably once the numbers can ‘manipulated’ again. Allowing Mr ‘Pratt’ (oh the irony ) to attack individuals pretty much this and a lot more
  6. I have to say I have never witnessed anything like the AGM. No doubt those who have got in will feel happy, but all they have done is shown they are desperately trying to cling onto/regain power.
  7. With Widnes appearing to be in meltdown, we must be confident of Matt breaking his duck this Sunday.
  8. It is interesting how the share issue has been twisted over time. The ‘new’ Hornets never had any shares in any stadium, the vote taken by Members was to agree with or try and block the sale by the RFL who had come into the shares because the ‘old’ Hornets had gone bump and had used the shares as collateral. I wouldn’t like to think people are being deliberately disingenuous when posting that the new Hornets had shares, this is simply not true. With regards to Batley and Hornets following that model, when we lost the Athletics Grounds that opportunity sailed and any chance of even a glimpse of that model went when the Old incarnation went to the wall, owing the RFL and by definition clubs like Batley and Swinton £100k+ and losing the shares. Although we have moved away and don’t get to games the same we still follow the club. The last 9 or 10 years as a supporter club have been some of the best that we can remember. Not just the winning cups and stuff but the stability the club has enjoyed. From almost weekly bad news, unpaid rent, winding up orders etc and it was interesting reading an online piece by Ian Watson about Salford, Hornets fans of a certain age will remember what he put in the paper about his time with Hornets. The club is a million times better than what it was. All that said watching from afar the club seems to have lost direction in the last 12 months. But thinking of going back to a model that failed is time and again isn’t the answer in my humble opinion.
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