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  1. Of course it's relevant. Womens RU is a sport in it's own right and it is not a major British sport. The BBC, and now ITV, would like it to be that way, but by simply broadcasting the game on prime time Saturday night TV doesn't by default make it so because of the sport the women play.
  2. Is Womens Rugby Union a major sport? Serious question.
  3. Jerry the Berry

    General Election thread

    I agree. This forum is becoming a very unpleasant place to visit - or comment - for any view that isn't left of centre. Shame on TRL for allowing it to happen. As the common denominator for us all should be a love of rugby league, it's even more saddening to witness.
  4. Jerry the Berry

    General Election thread

    Fair enough - I understand your point here Trojan, but the referendum was always going to be a yes/no wasn't it - a 'tiny majority' was never going to have any impact on the result either way.
  5. Jerry the Berry

    General Election thread

    Had the UK voted to remain, I very much doubt many - if any - ordinary folk would still be moaning about it nearly 12 months down the line other than perhaps Farage and his bunch of merry men and women. But I can cerainly say not I, despite the guff that was being spouted from the Remain campaign as well as the Leave campaign.
  6. Jerry the Berry

    General Election thread

    And? Would you have made this statement (and equally would 7 other TRL forum members have 'liked' it) had it been the other way had a 'tiny majority' voted to remain..... Nope.
  7. Jerry the Berry

    London Bridge

    This looks potentially horrendous.
  8. Jerry the Berry

    General Election thread

    Thanks JB. I wasn't aware of the edited video, but was wondering if Corbyn's previous links with (and quotes regarding) the IRA and Sinn Fein were what Marauder was referring to. Personally, I'd have thought any connection with either of the above from Corbyn - especially from a 'sympathiser' viewpoint and as someone who has refused to call the IRA terrorists would have meant many service personel (or particularly ex serving) would not wish to have him as PM.
  9. Jerry the Berry

    General Election thread

    The 'fake news' you referred to implied that it could affect the voting choices of ex service men/women, so I was wondering what 'fake news' you were specifically referring to that could influence this group of people - genuine question.
  10. Jerry the Berry

    General Election thread

    What fake news are you referring to Marauder?
  11. Jerry the Berry

    Dry January?

    Did it last year and actually lasted until mid March. Never felt or looked better (for a long while...) but seriously made up for it over the rest of the year which makes me wonder whether it was worth it.
  12. Jerry the Berry

    Sky RL gimmicks that have come and gone

    I don't think we'll see 3D again for sports coverage. Personally, I thought it worked very well for Rugby League - seeing the lines and angles, but it didn't seem to work for football and that would be the driver for whether Sky Sports would continue to carry on with it.
  13. Jerry the Berry

    Sky RL gimmicks that have come and gone

    Gosh, I remember that Paul Parker one too.
  14. Jerry the Berry

    2025 World Cup awarded to North America

    Off topic slightly but is the RUWC the only event of it's size that the host nation actually pays money to the sports governing body for the privilege of actually hosting?