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  1. How close were you to signing for Batley before joining Workington and is there a possibility of you joining them now or in the future?
  2. I like the Batley forum and it was this that brought me here. It's the best place to discuss the club, signings and matches.
  3. I've been watching it Trojan. They went to Darwen one week. I think there was a rugby league world cup match played there?
  4. Does having Vivian Stanshall as Master of Ceremonies redeem it?
  5. My favourite song was Metal Guru. That is on Slider so I guess not as subtle?
  6. Is it not on TV? I had a look but as usual the games chosen aren't very exciting.
  7. I remember reading that he made a solo album around that time. More of a country album than Dr Hook. I dont know if you knew about it?
  8. Terrible injury for Andre Gomes. Really upsetting to see. The players and staff were very quick to react and help.
  9. I did the exercises thanks. I ignored doctor's advice and went to the gym, though I reduced the time and weights. It seems to have been ok. 71.67 today.
  10. Thanks very much for all the helpful quick replies. I will start the exercises today.
  11. Hi Bob and everyone. Last week at the gym I had muscular pain after the gym and the gp referred me to the physio next week. He said try to do some stretching exercises for hips and lower back. I've looked online but I'm not sure which ones to do. I don't know if you or anyone are familiar with these please? I weighed 72.5 which is ideal for me but the Dr said just do the stretching exercises for now and no gym.
  12. Crowds have been good for the 2 profesional teams. Edinburgh usually attract 4,000 to 5,000. There is talk of a new stadium being built with a 7,000 capacity. Edinburgh recorded the third highest Heineken/Champions cup quarter final attendance in history, 36,000 in March 2019. They also hold the record for the second highest. The fanbase is definitely there. Glasgow Warriers also have decent crowds. They usually get over 7,000 for Pro 14 fixtures. I am not sure about the borders or other areas - I only really have an interest in Edinburgh.
  13. Thanks for your reply. Yes it is very good, similar in style to the Wallander books which I like too. It is similar to The Killing I that it features crime and Politics. If you have a kindle it is on offer at 99p in the monthly deals.
  14. I'm reading a Danish crime novel "The Chestnut man". It's by the man who wrote The Killing for tv. Danish Politics is featured and the EU to a certain extent.
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