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  1. Wouldn't it have been the Council or Government though? Kirklees was one of the areas worst hit by the new wave. So maybe that was a factor? I'm just waiting for a Toulouse exile fan to start worrying about whether we are all vaccinated now
  2. The official announcement was that the game was all ticket due to concerns over capacity and covid safety.
  3. The Batley game had to be made all ticket due to Covid. This had a big impact on the attendance.
  4. Thanks, I am interested in the betting and enjoyed your post. I wonder what odds Batley will be in the semi final?
  5. It's good you are interested. I hope you will support Batley lol. I must admit I always want St Helens to win as I like Alex, he was very nice to my stepdaughter at a Batley game.
  6. Tom Gilmour is the playmaker for Batley and Luke Hooley at full back is playing well. As you say, Dewsbury is the main rivalry for Batley. Though it's a friendly rivalry. The ground and the unique slope is very interesting for a neutral. It has a real charm and uniqueness.
  7. As a neutral I felt sorry for Warrington and Ratchford who have given so many outstanding performances this season. Their best players didn't perform but Williams is outstanding and won't be as bad again. I have a feeling that Powell will turn them into winners.
  8. Life's been good (and live version) There'll be no more ah
  9. I think whoever plays downhill in the second half has an advantage. In big games the matches are usually tight initially, and the side playing downhill can soon find the time going very fast in the first half. Especially if the teams are well matched.
  10. Those on the main forum who have switched support to them from Toronto seem to think so
  11. That is a good emblem. It has the Greek colours and the Spartacus image.
  12. Batley won't be moaning, we played Featherstone when we could have cancelled due to COVID because of the integrity of the game. We play better away from home anyway so I doubt we will be worried if we have to play in Toulouse. We have won there before. We will be going there to win and I am sure Toulouse will expect this. Of course we have a very difficult game first against Bradford at home so I am speaking theoretically. Edit I just read if Whitehaven beat Halifax we could be at Featherstone, if we win of course.
  13. I am not sure as I follow Batley, though we do have a cricket pitch next door too I did used to go to Headingley both for the rugby and cricket.
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