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  1. It's the second night in a row the referee has decided to be the star by giving dramatic decisions. Kendall had a horrendous last ten minutes.
  2. Huddersfield's complaints about the pitch might cause doubt in their players. Wakefield should give a response after last week.
  3. Yes muddled is a great word to describe it. If what you say is correct, and I think it is, then he must have had some doubt himself but unfortunately he didn't then clear it up.
  4. There is no evidence to show he was onside either. That's why we are discussing it. If there was anything conclusive there would be no connection. If you find any then I will happily admit I am wrong.
  5. He didn't though Lee, he said "they are all onside" in a frame where the try scorer wasn't in picture. Others have said this previously in the thread.
  6. One of the three, the video ref completely forgot he was on the field and thought someone else scored the try. Therefore his judgement isn't reliable.
  7. Yes but of course it continued until we saw the winger who in my opinion, and lots of others, couldn't possibly have been onside. The fact he was so far ahead the video referee forgot about him is to me, very illuminating. Until there is real evidence though, it is a judgement call. Which is why there are differences of opinion.
  8. I think the key issue is that the video referee identified the wrong player when saying everyone was onside. That in itself causes doubt. I can't understand how he forgot or misread the play, I think all of us knew the scorer wasn't in picture.
  9. I don't think people are making anything up, it just seemed improbable that the winger could have been so fast as to make up that ground and be so far ahead of his centre and the defence. Sometimes Chris Kendall calls offside on the grounds the player couldn't possibly be so far ahead. It's possible to admire George Williams and Warrington yet still think it was offside. The first 15 minutes they were unplayable and had a great intensity. I never thought the game was over.
  10. As a neutral who had no bias he was clearly offside. You could see from the replay behind the goal, he appeared later in the shot miles in front of everyone else. The touch judge obviously had a feeling there was an offside as he checked it but unfortunately he checked the wrong player! When he said they were all onside, the try scorer hadn't entered the picture yet.
  11. I think as Paul Rowley inferred, the referee tonight got excited by the intensity and cheering of the home crowd. I think the RL need to assess his performance and that of the video referee.
  12. Yes, That is what he said "Nobody is saying he was onside". There was an angle shown from behind the goal after the game where he materialised well ahead of where could be expected had he been onside. He wasn't even sprinting, he was stood still when he took the ball. I have heard Chris Kendall give offside before and say that "he would have had to be Usain Bolt to get so far ahead". The real crime was the error by the video referee identifying the wrong player.
  13. That was an unbelievable error. He didn't watch the replay the whole way through. The winger was so far offside he only came into the picture at the end. It really was shocking. He also must have known the centre wasn't the player who scored as he was looking at the 8 point try. It doesn't matter whether Salford crumbled or not. To award an 8 point try by identifying the wrong player offside is embarrassing.
  14. I couldn't believe it, he checked the wrong player! The winger was so far in front he wasn't even in the picture!
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