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  1. I heard Bruce Johnston's I write the songs for the first time a few days ago. I think David Cassidy recorded it first so can it count as a cover version even though he wrote it?
  2. Great idea Eagles One of these nights Procol Harum whiter shade of pale Genesis Forth of fifth Traffic Old and wise Alan Parsons Project Hotel California
  3. I was listening to MME Blinded by the light album version. Its got a fantastic middle break. I dont know if you have heard it?
  4. I only do a small role helping patients but I really appreciated it. I clapped for others too.
  5. Where I work some people are working at home more than others. It puts pressure on the staff who do come in nearly every day. I think our slogan "be a hero and self isolate" is perhaps a bit insensitive to those that are still working on the front line.
  6. I am working at the NHS now and we have a lot of staff self isolating. As a result I am doing a far wider range of duties than I ever expected. I was Triaging last week which I've never done before. It's only a small role in the wide context but I am pleased to help in a small way. Like others, I get frustrated when I see the shelves empty after work so I am pleased about the NHS shopping hour some stores are doing.
  7. Well done for such an honest apology. I have written things I regret and it's great when everyone rallies around.
  8. I remember enjoying this game as a boy and wanting Leigh to win. Jim Fiddler moved to Bramley where I saw him play a season in the top division.
  9. I would enjoy an analytical progress report on each club's start to the season. I know it's early days but it's always interesting to evaluate teams during a break. Is this possible please? Also I would enjoy reading about seasons from the 70s and 80s.
  10. I wondered this. However it may be more damaging for me to stop exercising. Also I work at the NHS now, in a building where patients visit, so there seems more risk there.
  11. Queen of the South are live on BBC Scotland on Friday evening against Ayr. I'm looking forward to watching it. We watch it on freeview down here on the BBC Scotland channel.
  12. I think if there was more money then the club would have opted for a higher profile coach. The fact they chose Craig suggested to me that they wanted a coach who could be competitive without a lot of money.
  13. There are 2 posts on the Championship thread blaming the referee for Toluouse not scoring more today against Batley. Also suggestions of an anti-French conspiracy. The real reason is Batley have tightened up more defensively under a new coach but it's always easier to blame the referee.
  14. Thanks Bob. I am glad you asked. It's low for me. I changed diet as I had painful kidney stones and I think this is the cause of the weight loss. I was on the upper border for BMI so it's actually more healthy for me. I was the same weight today (70.76 please Shadow) so I've maintained it. I am still eating less though.
  15. Agatha Christie for me when I was 13. I've always read crime novels since. Now I like Scandinavian crime novels in particular. Racing Paper same as David though there was only the Sporting life in my day
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