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  1. I think Demis Roussos's best performance is on "The Four Horsemen". Free I really like, the ballads and slow songs show their versatility. Fire and Water is their best album I think.
  2. I think Viva Hate is a terrific CD. There was possibly a hint of future controversy in the song Bengali in platforms. The remaster sounds great. I agree with you about the emotion and humanity.
  3. It's great that you mention Ross County. The ground has a bigger capacity than the town of Dingwall but of course the target area is the whole of Ross and Cromarty hence the name. It was Dundee they replaced this year. Dunfermline in their first promotion 2012. They've never replaced Rangers. I'd argue the other way in that Ross County are similar to Toronto as they stop a central belt having all the teams.
  4. They have a team in the Kontinental Hockey league
  5. It isn't the case though that one thread is for positive comments and the other for negatives. Both are a mixture so everyone is entitled to post on either.
  6. 19 for me 2 I'd never have got.
  7. Did 90 minutes at the gym. 72.58. Thanks Shadow.
  8. For me it's not Toronto or the real Canadian fans but comments from some UK based "supporters" here people object to. Their comments about the North are inappropriate and the same as the ones used to insult us by Union fans.
  9. It's about more than that though, especially for fans that attend games. Unless fierce rivals, usually fans will support the local side, especially if underdogs as that's the natural inclination. I've been to support Featherstone in semi finals before in matches against other Yorkshire sides, especially Leeds. I'm not going to suddenly switch to Toronto. Anyway even if I wanted to it doesn't work that way, its usually emotion that decides.
  10. Was it the Union Jack flag? I think that was there because they were an English side playing in France.
  11. To be promoted would mean they would have won away at all the 4 sides above them in the play offs. If I remember correctly you are a Leeds fan, so you will appreciate it is a tremendous achievement as they did something similar?
  12. I thought it was the best game of the weekend of all sports. Toulouse were very adventurous and I thought tried to do the fancy stuff too early without establishing a foundation first. Featherstone seemed more committed in defence and their kicking to the line was more precise. I think the travelling to Toronto may have disadvantaged Tolouse which is a problem when such distances are involved. I think Featherstone deserve to be promoted now after winning convincingly away from home at the 4th, 3rd and 2nd placed clubs.
  13. He was a great player for Batley. A real fans favourite. It's good to see him playing so well.
  14. I understand what you are saying. But a slow runner can compete in a marathon if he has stamina. However he can't be competitive in sprints. In the same way there is only one player at the breakdown in sevens so it is very fast. A slow prop wouldn't be effective. It's different qualities needed for each type of game.
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