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  1. Thanks for explaining. I can understand the points you make.
  2. I think after Phil Hughes' death the bouncer should have been banned. Had Steve Smith been seriously injured it would have been unthinkable.
  3. I agree with you. I thought it was fair that the injury to Steve Smith didn't result in Australia losing.
  4. Hi, yes very sad. It must have been terrible for his parents and family to hear the news. They would have been so proud of his debut then to hear the devastating news.
  5. So sad. He had a wonderful achievement making his debut then this. It is awful to think of his family being told.
  6. I weighed 74 kg at my check at the doctors. The gym scales must be showing slightly less than actual as yesterday I was 2lb less.
  7. Yes definitely. That was my first game at Batley.
  8. To me it shows just as equal a commitment going to home games and less fashionable away ones. I also think Batley isn't the type of club that attracts many fans that can afford to travel to Toulouse or Toronto.
  9. It's a key game for Batley this week. They were very competitive throughout the game at Sheffield and a repeat of that standard is necessary but with a quicker attack. Rochdale appeared to play better last week against Dewsbury so it will be tough. The aim must be to be safe before the final game at Barrow as going there needing a result will be very difficult.
  10. Niels

    Diskin out!

    Hi again. I saw the game on a stream. They just looked so slow in attack. The moves were signposted. I read the coach's comments. Similar to what I asked you last time, if he saw what was happening why couldn't he change it?
  11. Apologies for not recording a weight Shadow. No gym for 2 weeks - work and a baby lol. I did 2 hours Saturday at the gym. Surprisingly but pleasingly I am still the same weight, 72.12. Thanks very much.
  12. Thanks that is an excellent summary. In had read about the 5 but hadn't realised it would have meant Stokes on non strike. I think the fairest way of that rule is to declare the ball dead once it hits the bat. 15 is a good score for the team batting first in the super over I think as it means the batting team need at least 2 boundaries and maybe 3. As you say, a wicket changes everything. Was it you who noticed that the last ball was a full toss?
  13. I wonder if they considered him bowling the spare over? The commentators discussed it certainly. What do you think?
  14. My favourite county are included but combined with 2 others who are usually rivals. I prefer the individual counties.
  15. I think in the light of today your comments were very perceptive. I had lost faith too early I think .
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