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  1. Initially I was against but I think you have made a good point here and changed my mind. We have had a lot of non competitive games recently and I think it is important to keep Sky onside as they are vital for the game. Also I would like to see Wakefield, Huddersfield and Castleford have a final competitive opportunity this year. It would be an exciting climax if all teams were involved. As you say, the top 4 would still have an advantage.
  2. I did think this at the time but then was the moment to speak out. I do think it would be better if Leeds do come fourth but: I think he should have played a full strength side against the Catalans in what was obviously a 6 pointer. Also there was no need either to play a weakened side against St Helens on Friday.
  3. One of the Hull teams is more likely. They already have the fan base and have been close. They have underachieved since the 80s. Castleford, Huddersfield, Salford have all had their moments too. You can't judge these clubs fron the perspective of being a Leeds fan. The supporters don't expect to win something, or be challenging every year. If fans wanted this then they would just support a guaranteed successful side instead.
  4. What sport would we have attended then though in the north? We, or our ancestors, wouldn't really have felt comfortable at "Union" grounds amongst their more affluent support, regardless of the type of rugby played. The clubs and grounds would have been in areas we aren't familiar with, Ilkley, Harrogate etc. Maybe we would have invented another variant? I think we should feel proud of our northern heritage in the same way that other sports such as Gaelic football, Aussie rules do about theirs. Certainly teams such as Toronto draw crowds playing the older local teams and I think we need to embrace this more.
  5. I thought Jack Broadbent played well when he was at Batley. I didn't watch the match tonight but I did see him play well against Warrington. It would be great to have him back on loan if we ever start up again.
  6. It's always difficult for the side playing against a young team, who often consist of players a lot better than they are given credit for. It's never straightforward and whatever the score it never feels enough.
  7. I understand your point. I think French and Coote on current form would make the Australian team. If they have players better than those 2 then they really must be special. I think Ratchford at Warrington is the only player who has the same all round skills set and he runs them very close. In fact I did think he was Australian until recently he was so good. French was unplayable tonight and Wigan were great to watch. Farrell also played well I thought. Salford weren't at their best but still put some good moves together.
  8. Do you think so? I thought both were good in attack but poor in defence. The Castleford players admitted they had switched off in the first half. I really enjoyed the game and wanted Castleford to win, but even I could see the defences weren't as committed as they had been earlier in the season when there was something to play for.
  9. I think spitting openly to the ground too is something that is dangerous and needs to be minimised. In all sports not just rugby league.
  10. I enjoyed the game but the tackling was very half hearted. Having no relegation does take away the intensity. It's not a problem this year with Covid, as it is great to see any game, but I think long term is different.
  11. I was interested in the thoughts of posters about the referring decision. In fairness I did get some constructive replies that understood this - well one!
  12. Yes, I can see this from your post! I follow my team and attend their games regardless of the competion and whether we have a realistic chance of winning. I prefer/preferred the Northern Rail trophy, Yorkshire cup, the 1895 cup to the challenge cup, where certain teams only enter at the last 16! Some Leeds fans on here were referencing their 50 point win against HKR yet in the end needed a very disputable decision to even win against a team with Covid issues.
  13. Because it's a competition as a whole not just a final. My team entered the tournament, and I was interested and attended until they went out. I think my lack of interest in the final is a sign of how the challenge cup is now very devalued but that's another story altogether.
  14. I am actually a proper fan who attends games (or did prior covid) at Championship level. The demographics of the fans at golf and racing are actually similar to rugby league.
  15. Yes, I said before I only watched the last 10 minutes and that was intermittently. Regardless, that wasnt in the 75th minute when Salford were in possession in Leeds half with 4 tackles to go.
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