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  1. I think you must have missed this thread and my comments. Apologies for posting again but I do think if you make such comments then you have to accept when posters provide evidence to the contrary. I could have provided numerous examples that you missed. Next time before you suggest something similar please can you check all of the threads. What you have seen and what I have written are two entirely different things. https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/342772-danny-baker/
  2. Why are you admiring his opinion? He was accused of an insensitive racist tweet about Muhammed Ali. Surprisingly he also thought the behaviour towards Shilpa Shetty in the big brother house wasnt racist in 2007. Everybody else did. Maybe you missed this?
  3. I re read the post about Danny Baker. You actually explicitly said you didn't think he or his comments were racist. Naturally I differed. However, I didn't imply anyone who didn't agree with me was racist or call people defenders. Now I know you and other posters will say Trump's comments are far worse. But to me Danny Baker's comments were more closer to home and therefore more offensive. Bearing in mind that we shouldn't judge how offended someone is, can you see what the problem is here?
  4. Have you not seen my avator? What religion do you think half of our family are? Are you really seriously suggesting that I look at family and notice their colour is different? There have been some bad posts here today but I think for sheer recklessness and inappropriateness this one is the worst. I hope you feel ashamed. And the others who made similar assumptions. I do have to deal with racism on behalf of family sometimes. Maybe that is why I dont feel the need to post for approval here. I suggest people think more before posting.
  5. I think I will go too. It's time consuming having a point of view of your own and not running with the pack. I suggest you try it sometime.
  6. I don't. If I did I wouldn't be as disliked as I am on here.
  7. Moral compass? How do you help the poor and refugee children in your town Steve? It might be best to think before posting in future. I don't like advertising that I help but sometimes someone will post a comment so crass and without basis that I feel I have to.
  8. Of course I do. I live in a very multicultural area where I have the opportunity to help others. I am sure you have chosen to live in such a town too, so you can help at the food banks and with all the refugee children we have. When you do then feel free to criticise.
  9. I am just showing you that I confront inappropriate behaviour as you admit I did with yours.
  10. If you are saying that I defend Tommy Robinson then the forum really has gone crazy. I've more reason than most on here to fear his group. Can you and others just think for a minute before throwing out casual racism insults that the people you are targeting might have real worries about friends and family.
  11. I would remove the last paragraph also. Unless you feel confident you can prove it in a libel court.
  12. Yours was undeniably threatening. To a woman also. You are showing now that it wasnt a one off.
  13. Yes you can't cope. Previously you looked up a poster online to intimidate her. Remember, you had to remove it after I objected.
  14. I understand Steve. But I think we should be above that and not lump them together as he has. They have very different views over some issues. People here are behaving the same as Trump himself.
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