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  1. Did it last year and actually lasted until mid March. Never felt or looked better (for a long while...) but seriously made up for it over the rest of the year which makes me wonder whether it was worth it.
  2. I don't think we'll see 3D again for sports coverage. Personally, I thought it worked very well for Rugby League - seeing the lines and angles, but it didn't seem to work for football and that would be the driver for whether Sky Sports would continue to carry on with it.
  3. Gosh, I remember that Paul Parker one too.
  4. Off topic slightly but is the RUWC the only event of it's size that the host nation actually pays money to the sports governing body for the privilege of actually hosting?
  5. The IRB won't be happy about this at all and it also gives them some time to throw lots of other spanners in the works - they don't necessarily need a RUWC to do that. As a earlier poster stated, they're pushing hard - and acheiving success in some places - with setting a proffessional league over there.
  6. That's my thought on things. In the current climate and with so many question marks over the future model of TV sports subscription, perhaps RL might not be in such a bad place for a short while.
  7. Really interesting thread. Some predictable comments and some comments from outside the RU/RL world that make me wonder just how RL is perceived. Is RL seriously behind Cricket in summer sport viewing figures? I'd have thought RL would be Sky's saviour in terms of viewing figures over summer, regardless of where it is watched.
  8. Padge: gingerjon: gingerjon: gingerjon:
  9. How do you know they've come from war zones and many have horrific experiences? They've come from France. How long they've been in France and where they came from to get to France is anyones guess. You may well be right, but your assumptions are only the same as those who are also questioning their validity in being given refugee status as 'vulnerable kids' as you so quaintly put it.
  10. I think the implication was clearly that anyone who didn't share his view was racist. It's a bit naive to suggest otherwise, regardless of how many times you underline a word to try and justify someone else's comment. As an aside, since when did being concerned about the actual age of the child refugees be racist?
  11. Good atmosphere and not too crowded in Media City - the Dockyard pub having good mix of both sets of supporters.
  12. Warrington
  13. When is it required to use these military Engagement Officers in the UK GS? What 'lessons learned' are they reporting?
  14. I don't think they're downgrading the severity of the incident, just reassuring the public in light of what happened last week in Nice etc. Which I think is fair enough in the current climate. The gunman who commited mass-murder yesterday wouldn't normally be classed as a terrorist. Unlike Breivik who had links with far right terrorism groups, this guy seems to be a loner who had serious mental issues.