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  1. With all the openness and honesty we've come to expect from the charlatan. Nigel Farage REFUSES to publish a Brexit Party manifesto until after EU elections But no doubt the gullible mugs will lap it up. Again. And no doubt he'll do a disappearing act once the hard work needs doing. Again. It's all so predictable.
  2. Britain told it is losing influence in Washington "Obsessed by Brexit, the UK has ‘vanished’"
  3. In the books Holmes never once said the phrase "Elementary, my dear Watson".
  4. Indeed. "Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."
  5. For that to happen someone would need to explain it to me first!
  6. The other rule I'd change is the one that means play has to stop for a player to receive treatment for an injury. If the trainer was allowed on to the pitch during play it would instantly kill off 99% of the playacting.
  7. This visualisation demonstrates what I've been saying for a long time on here about the UK's chances of going it alone in world trade.
  8. Those issues didn't come from anywhere, they were always there. They're called reality. Unfortunately for you the brexteemists never faced up to reality prior to the referendum and now it's come along to bite them in the bum.
  9. For those stupid enough to consider voting for the Farage adoration brexit party here's a reminder of what he stands for: Nigel Farage: NHS might have to be replaced by private health insurance He's also very lazy and bad at his job.
  10. And yet here we are trying our damnedest to exclude the free, democratic, sovereign UK ourselves.
  11. Not an insult, an observation. You have had what Lammey said explained to you, but you continue to demonstrate that you can't or won't understand what he said.
  12. Isn't Churchill something of a pin up boy for the hard right ERG mob?
  13. Whatever happens with the climate and mankind's impact upon it there will need to be some very serious and grown up debates to be had on the subject. Unlike one or two posters on this thread who are only interested in cheep, childish insults and name calling.
  14. There's a difference between hearing and comprehension. Obviously.
  15. In relation to Oxford's post, is there a font in existence small enough but also visible to the naked eye to put him into perspective with the other PMs listed?
  16. Sorry to be pedantic but the planet's future is fine; it's mankind's existence on it that is under threat.
  17. Would be? Already is. It's Farage's one and only argument; everyone else is doing it wrong. Of course he's not prepared to offer any details of how he'd overcome the obstacles that have stood in the way of everyone else.
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