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  1. Try having a look at https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/ there is a bank account tool on there where you can enter your requirements more precisely than on here and it will show you the best fit for your criteria.
  2. X-Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolescents The Jam - The Great Depression
  3. Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now The Jam - Life From a Window Jack White - Alone in my Home The Stranglers - Curfew
  4. In my humble opinion To Have and Have Not is the better of the two. Just. The other Bogart/Bacall film that is a must watch is The Big Sleep where their on screen chemistry continues. And, Lauren Bacall in her day .
  5. What I think is going to develop into the best back line in the competition. I can't think of one quicker.
  6. I see Phil Clarke is sporting his "All because the lady loves Milk Tray" outfit this evening.
  7. Getting the commentary only here with no stadium sound. It's a bit weird and off-putting.
  8. I find that I manage to see the main articles that interest me on my free subscription.
  9. I know it's been a bit damp lately but did Phil Clarke really need to come to St Helens by U-boat?
  10. One of our own: Pilkington Recs legend "Jethro" Geoff Philips I was fortunate enough to play under his stewardship of the Pilks 'A' team in the 1980s. A true rugby league character; very well know and well loved in the rugby league community of the north west. RIP big fella.
  11. Good news all round; the choice of coach and the fact it's full time.
  12. 1. That was International Harvester I think. There was also David Brown in Huddersfield. 2. That was my parents; they didn't have a great deal of money coming in, but they spent what they had on a reasonably decent house, though it was far from posh, just a bog standard Wimpy estate house.
  13. However the amount of total debt required to buy a house and for a deposit was far less back then: In 1970, the average weekly wage was around £32 (£1,664pa). A property could be bought in places for £4,975. A price to wage ratio of 3 years wages. Today the equivalent (by average earnings and house prices) is wages £35,000pa but the average house price is £233,000 giving a ratio of 6.65, over twice as much in real terms. Of course the gap is far wider in certain parts of the country, London and the South West. And much larger deposits are normally needed these days, 10% usually being the minimum for a first time buyer. Plus private rents are often much higher relatively than they were back in the 70s; the monthly cost of renting a terraced house in a not that great area of Liverpool isn't that far off the cost of my mortgage on a house that is worth something like 3 times the value. Yes there is a housing shortage, but according to George Clarke, The Great British Property Scandal: Every Empty Counts there are something like a million unoccupied properties in this country for one reason or another. Get those back into a decent state of repair/on the market and things would be much better.
  14. Same here; I'm on my second Motorola, an E4. Great phones for the money. The only thing that isn't comparable with a top of the range phone is the camera, but I've got a couple of proper cameras for when I need to take proper high quality photos so for me it's no big issue. It runs all the apps I use, both for business and socially with ease. I keep on top of the slowness by regularly flushing ###### from it using CCleaner, that way speed is fine for me.
  15. It seems particularly cruel when someone possessed with such intelligence and wit succumbs to dementia. So sad.
  16. I'm the same. If we ever have plans that involve both eating and drinking then it's always drink first; I can't drink on a full stomach.
  17. That's the way we always distribute the work in our house; I cook, she cleans up while I relax with something nice to hand. This evening it will be a rather nice port.
  18. Just me, the Mrs and her 90 year old nan today. As it's just the three of us it'll be fairly low key. The nan is a vegetarian, has been for almost 50 years and the Mrs is vegan. I'm very much neither. But tomorrow we have the Mrs favourite niece and family coming round, so we're making that the big day. For tomorrow I've done my usual and invested in a free range bronze turkey. They're by no means cheap, but the difference in quality is worth every penny. They only need a fraction of the cooking time; you can even serve it slightly pink. Once you've tried one I doubt you'd ever go back to a bog standard dry supermarket job. I'm the head chef and can't wait as I really enjoy doing a special meal for appreciative guests.
  19. Merry Christmas everyone. Now get off here and immerse yourselves in the real world for once!
  20. Liverpool are now champions of the world.
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