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  1. 52 minutes and someone has finally scored. Jake Bibby in for Wigan.
  2. I get that, but I bet whoever came on as their replacements was kept on for more than 8 minutes and gave another player a rest as well.
  3. 8 by my counting; which, unless he got injured, is ridiculously breif in such an intense game. What was he meant to do in 8 minutes?
  4. He gets that one right, but funnily enough it was just as grounded as Kev Brown's effort before.
  5. Very happy with that, especially the zero trys conceded; they deserve that for the defensive effort.
  6. Back to the game ; IMO Wigan deserve their lead. Their defence has, mainly, been outstanding. Hull have really struggled to get out of their own half, only managing 40 or so metres from their 5 tackles. Wigan have (mostly) kept their cool and taken the chances that came their way. Hull forcing a little bit in attack.
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