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  1. Just because the RFL have been instrumental in getting a Bradford club resurrected, doesn't mean that they haven't been woefully inept in the process. Personally, I don't think they've covered themselves in glory with regards to the Bulls since the first administration under Hood.
  2. This is the same RFL who gave the go ahead to the OK Bulls, but with a years SKY funding withheld.
  3. Anyway, when's the press conference?
  4. Absolutely. However, if his comments regarding the RFL not asking him basic questions are true, then it just reiterates my belief that the Chalmers bid, if that is the successful bid, was always going to get the nod, as it had been previously approved by the RFL. If that’s the case, why waste two weeks asking for submissions, waste other peoples time and money, continue the uncertainty for staff and players and give other clubs the opportunity to sign the Bulls best players? For me, the RFL are not fit for purpose. Wood and Rimmer should have been allowed nowhere near the RFL after the mess they made of running their clubs. Is it any surprise the game is in the mess it is when you consider the mess that was made of Halifax and the Huddersfield/Sheffield merger?
  5. Exactly. Looking for businesses on Companies House means nothing. It costs £25 and a bit of time to do it yourself. I was half tempted to list a Bulls related company on there myself, just for mischief.
  6. If it is Chalmers, and it's pretty well known that they were the approved RFL over Christmas, why the whole charade over the last 2 weeks? We could have stopped all this hassle, and the Bulls would still have had a decent squad.
  7. And the RFL have take one last chance to act like morons. They've agreed the buyer, they now who it is, but are not telling the players. According to Martin Sadler they're phoning LE for information. Absolute farce.
  8. Like the time London went into admin and received no punishment whatsoever.
  9. Is the possible relegation another Bulls specific punishment, as this has never been threatened before.
  10. Dunno. But why punish people who are blamess?
  11. Nope, the owners are at fault. But the RFL approve the owners. It's like club chairmen who sack coaches 'cos they're rubbish. But who hires the coach? And shouldn't they take some responsibility?
  12. I would also like to point the finger at the RFL for withholding a seasons worth of sky money. I would love someone to explain to me how withholding £1.2m from a club with financial issues was a good idea. I can't any club without a sugar daddy survive that.
  13. Surely the RFL have to take some responsibility for this. Three times they have approved ownership of the club to people who have passed the fit and proper persons test. And three times it's gone to #### up. Yes the people owning the club are massively to blame. But they wouldn't own the club if the RFL hadn't approved them. It also amazes me how people think 'the club' should be punished. When you punish the club you punish players, fans and employees. The people who caused all this, i.e. the owner, has buggered off into the sunset and got off relatively scot free. Meanwhile you have staff and players looking for work, fans without a club and club people won't invest in because they've been punished to the extent that they aren't competitive.
  14. Where did I criticise Leigh? I didn't. All I asked was what will happen if there's nobody else to fund a team to the extent that Leigh have been funded. It's not socialism, it's about the current system being flawed. Yes I know the richest teams invariably win, but the concept of the middle 8's means that you have to build an SL quality team in the championship. Leigh have done it, and fair play to them. Can you seriously see anyone else doing it?