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  1. The crucial thing with all this recruiting is that we're also keeping a good core of existing players. Hopefully we should have a slightly bigger and stronger squad next season.
  2. There's about 8 inches of snow in my back garden at the moment. Unlike Sam, I am in England. The difference between places is amazing. On Friday I left the Boro with about 4 inches of snow in places, and went to Brum via Elland. Once past York there was no snow at all. For us to get snow here, and not a flake in the Pennines is unbelievable.
  3. He can be livid if he wants. But he has to keep it in his own head. Outwardly, accept the call and move on. IMO backchatting is a sign of weakness from a player.
  4. I love the way the work of Brian Noble is being ignored. He took Wigan from being a club right at the foot of SL and got them to withing inches of a GF. Without those foundations, Wigan would not have won yesterday. A GF win does not come about form one season, it comes about from years of dedication from a lot of people.
  5. This is such a big shock. He was definitely a player who polarised opinion, but even his biggest detractors would admit he was a very good player. He always gave everything he had. He must have been in such a low place to think there was no way out. RIP Tezza.
  6. And on the night Wigan were awarded the league leaders shield, what did SKY sports see fit to show? South African club union.
  7. Wow, he should try for the high jump at the Olympics.
  8. Picked up the trophy and walked off in a thoroughly ###### off manner. Can't blame him, his team had just lost a very close final.
  9. The reaction of Gary Connolly in 2003 (I think) show's why. Although, if the assembled press had awarded the Lance Todd to Jamie Peacock as they should have done, it wouldn't be an issue.
  10. Wigan with nothing to play for, Bulls wanting to finish on a high, Beavers last game. No brainer really. Bulls by 20, Beaver hat-trick, another 4000 pledges within 2 hours of the final whistle.
  11. Are you saying touchies never make mistakes?
  12. You don't think playing a CC QF with a popped shoulder and three separate muscle tears in the same shoulder shows a commitment to play?
  13. I'm talking in the SL era, are you? I'm not living in the past, and I appreciate that Odsal needs work, or the Bulls need a new stadium. However, Odsal is not as bad people like yourself make out. Hilton Park was a hovel of a stadium, Odsal is too big and too exposed. it has all the facilities needed for a modern stadium, but just doesn't look as good as the JJB and the KC. As has been said, the Bulls have trying very hard to get a stadium. We've had funding and plans done, but the rug was pulled by a Bradford based company. We've tried the supermarket option, that didn't work. We don't have a sugar daddy and we don't have a council willing to build us a stadium. Are you really saying that the club and it's fans should be relegated from SL just because they have not had the same 'luck', for want of a better word, as Hull FC, Wigan and Wire? VP is not an option. When we were there last our crowds dropped, despite sustained success on the pitch. Moving to VP will see the club die a slow death, just as doing nothing to Odsal will see the club die a slow death.
  14. We got over 24,000 people in that stadium for an SL game once. We used to average over 15,000 in that stadium. I don't think Odsal is the issue.
  15. You can't compare the two. The young Saints players have been introduced into a team with a winning mentality, with a settled core of players and playing some good stuff. The young Bulls players have been introduced into a team that has lost all but 2 of it's players over the last 5 years, that has been playing poorly and as a result has lost more than it's won. You could easily say the Saints kids aren't that good and their shortcomings are hidden by Cunningham, Roby, Wellens, Puletua, Pryce etc. The young players at Bradford are not surrounded by those types of players.
  16. And it's also not as if the Bulls aren't working towards getting as good a score as possible the next time around. As far as I am aware the Bulls are the only club currently doing a dry run license application through the RFL. What are Leight doing? Or Cas? Or Wakey? You can't just conjure a stadium out of thin air, and like Hindle says, it's not for want of trying. Unfortunately one of Bradford's "flagship" companies did a pretty good job of stuffing that one up. We also don't have a sugar daddy to help us out. The irony is that the best sugar daddy we, or anyone in RL for that matter, could want owns the company that was instrumental in the previous stadium plans falling through.
  17. Well I never, English players as good as Aussies, who'd thought it possible.
  18. And when they do report it, they do it wrong. The video of Mick Potters comments the website was originally in the union section. They've changed it since, but can you imagine them making the same mistake with other sports?
  19. Indeed, but I can't see having two young, inexperienced centres along with Platt who is also inexperienced at centre, being a recipe for success. We have re-signed Sykes, but he's not exactly the player I'd like Wardle and Crookes to learn from.
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