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  1. More chance of grinding out result with this coach than with Rowley which will be handy in the playoffs
  2. Not many people gone to watch this series vs NZ so theres a whole new audience out there somewhere for next time
  3. This feels like a reversal of the norm to me. What i mean is when a player hissy fits or gets wind that another club is after him he often downs tools and refuses to play and even stays away from the club,when this scenario happens can the club with hold his wages and make him rot at home till the contract is up ? PS,just asking a question im not trying to justify anything
  4. Ouch ,you really do know how to throw an insult
  5. Ive no recollection of Leigh ever being involved with wigan before 2012. At the end of 2011 the club owner Arthur Thomas had business problems and had to pull out,the clubb then needed to raise 10s of thousands of pounds to keep going,unfortunately it was working with wigan to become their farm club at the same time.Needless to say it raised the money but lost a lot of fans at the same time
  6. I wouldnt touch either to be honest. Laroyer is a trier but on the whole is not very good and Evans is just a sick note
  7. 2012 & 2013 before Beaumont took control of the club and binned it off
  8. So most people that go to ru internationals aren't necessarily big on club ru
  9. In my defence i was just thinking about internationals not so much playing club teams
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