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  1. Billypop


    In the paranoid UK they would most likely arrest you as a paedophile, But well done
  2. Billypop

    Giving up Social Media

    Which part of bumping into people did you miss?
  3. Billypop

    Callum Hawkins

    soshul meeja, innit?
  4. Billypop


    You don't care at all, comrade.
  5. Billypop

    Rant thread

    plan ahead - try planning behind ogay - used to sound like ok dude like let's be honest, or to be honest or to be fair all good good job, or better pronounced gerd jarb comprises of fist bumps high fives yeh yeh yeh; spoken like a goat bro blood...may be UK Only Unervisity, or uni for short tellervision or telly for short
  6. Momentum is nowhere nearly as extreme as Militant was.
  7. We were expecting another airlift like in the late 40s.
  8. That was 60 years ago. People who REALLY remember that are few and far between. I lived in West Berlin in the early 60s. I remember rations and tension very well. Or badly.
  9. Still, Corbyn is a pygmy by comparison.
  10. Billypop

    Giving up Social Media

    Haha, spot on! Mundane is a huge overstatement.
  11. Billypop

    Giving up Social Media

    Seriously, I have better things to do than bump into people on the street while staring at what people had for tea.
  12. Billypop

    Blood Pressure

    I was misdiagnosed so many times, it's scary
  13. Billypop

    Blood Pressure

    Some people may think you are nutty, sadly you may be quite right.
  14. No, isn't going to happen. Corbyn is a pygmy by comparison.